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In this dedicated Fortnite bug tracker, we will provide you with the latest information on the reported issues along with their current status. Additionally, we will also track service outage and other developments.

We will update this tracker as and when new Fortnite bugs and issues surface so make sure you keep an eye out for the latest information.


Fortnite bugs and issues tracker
Date (last edited on) Bug/issue Status
December 29 FPS Drops and low performance issues after Chapter 3 update Workaround
December 12 Refer a Friend program not working Fixed
December 12 White Screen bug Workaround
December 12 Cosmetic Challenge Bundles not visible Investigating
December 12 Network connection lost error spectator mode Investigating
Date (last edited on) Bug/issue Status
March 02 Healing while in tent is disabled Fixed
December 12 Snow VFX Removed Investigating
December 12 Storm will start before the indicated UI timer Investigating
March 02 Husks can damage objectives through player built structures in Deliver the Bomb Fixed
December 12 Flying at the border of the island sends you away from the map Investigating
December 12 Most items from Consumables Tab can not be registered with Capture Item Spawner Investigating
Date (last edited on) Bug/issue Status
June Login and matchmaking issues Fixed
December 13 Players getting removed from games Investigating
December 14 Infinite jumps when shooting Dualies after Web Slinging Investigating
December 15 SAC Device not working in Creative while placed inside of the Skydome Device Workaround
March 02 Creative Island makers can’t publish their Island in Support-A-Creator 2.0 program Fixed
Date (last edited on) Bug/issue Status
March 01 Audio issues on Xbox Fix released
December 17 Issue with turbo building on Android Investigating
December 17 Unable to redeem Blizabelle outfit Investigating
December 24 Stinger SMG and MK7 rifle overpowered, nerf needed Unacknowledged
December 27 Unable to interact with a tent as manage inventory button is not working Workarounds (1, 2)
Date (last edited on) Bug/issue Status
December 30 Winterfest gifts notification issue Investigating
December 30 All Winterfest gifts are from MJ from Spiderman Unacknowledged
January 04 Crew subscribers not receiving Golden Look Board Glider Aware
January 05 Too transparent storm on Nintendo Switch Aware (Workaround)
January 10 Creative Islands missing objects or items placed near the island borders Acknowledged
Date (last edited on) Bug/issue Status
January 18 Certain Devices are now missing from Creators’ islands Fixed
January 14 Fortnite Telescope parts challenge bugged Investigating
January 15 Mark an enemy with a Flare Gun not working Intended behaivior
January 15 The Scientist’s Quest to ‘Destroy and collect telescope parts’ is not tracking properly Fix coming soon
January 17 Disabled Brutus, TNTina, Meowscles, Skye, and Midas outfits from competitive playlists Intended behavior
Date (last edited on) Bug/issue Status
January 24 Color blind mode not working or settings reset Fixed
January 20 Aim assist issue while using motion controls on Nintendo Switch Investigating
April 27 Quadcrasher control issue while flying (can’t use movement keys) Fixed
January 21 Season quests not updating Season Bonus Goals milestone Investigating
January 21 Support-A-Creator UI not showing up in pre-game lobbies Investigating
Date (last edited on) Bug/issue Status
January 21 Low vending machine spawn, challenge cannot be completed Unacknowledged
January 25 Games and points not counting towards tournament score Fixed in future game update
March 02 Character’s outfit/skin turns ‘hologram’ blue in lobby Fixed
March 03 The sliding/Crouch button missing on Mobile Fixed
March 21 Low-res or poor quality texture trees in Performance Mode Fixed
Date (last edited on) Bug/issue Status
February 05 Players can’t see Haven’s feathers or in-match Quest progress Fixed
February 04 Double tapping a Build Piece icon not working as intended Workaround
February 14 Not receiving verification emails when creating an account Fixed
March 03 Fire effects are displayed as yellow rectangles in certain areas on Xbox Fixed
February 17 Longer loading times and corrupted uploaded maps in Creative mode Fixed
Date (last edited on) Bug/issue Status
February 19 Stuck on ‘downloading keychain’ and crashing on Xbox Fix released
February 19 Some devices running Android 12 experiencing performance issues and seeing black squares on screen Fix released
February 19 Destroyed beds not counting towards quest completion Workaround
February 22 Winter Ski Bundles are being sold without their respective Back Blings Fixed
February 24 Players not getting verification emails on time Fixed
Date (last edited on) Bug/issue Status
February 23 Some players are unable to log-in on Xbox consoles Workaround
March 14 Screen turns black for some players in Creative Mode after completing a match Fixed
February 24 Cosmetic items in ‘Show Your Style’ Set are disabled from competitive playlists Intended behavior
March 01 Map & lobby in STW looks unusually bright for some players Investigating
March 01 Fortnite Save the World Destroyed Beds not counting towards Venture Challenges Investigating
Date (last edited on) Bug/issue Status
March 03 ‘Travel 25 meters with Spider-Man’s Web-Shooters in 3 different neighborhoods’ challenge not working Replaced with another quest
March 05 Players may not always get a Crowned Victory Royale Emote or see the Victory number increase Investigating
March 09 Bushrangers leaves shed excessively after sliding or moving quickly Fix coming soon
March 10 ‘Back’ button is replaced by ‘X’ button on mobile with touch input Intended behavior
March 11 Wolves and Raptors missing combat passive abilities Fix coming soon
Date (last edited on) Bug/issue Status
March 15 There’s a large gap b/w Back Blings and the outfit when using Halley or Leelah Fix coming soon
March 16 Creators unable to copy/paste barrier device if it extends outside of the Island barrier Acknowledged
March 21 Players with multiple Movement keybinds unable to operate a tank Potential solution
March 22 FPS drops due to DirectX 12 after Chapter 3 Season 2 update Fixed
March 22 Crashing on PC after Chapter 3 Season 2 update Fix underway
Date (last edited on) Bug/issue Status
April 02 Unable to use Ziplines between platforms or wind turbines Fix coming in next update
April 15 Fishing Collection Book progress resetting Fixed
March 24 Save the World Storm Shield Bases reset after leaving Investigating
March 25 Xbox players unable to move when pressing a button on the mouse Fixed
March 25 Boats and Cars stutter when driving in Battle Royale or Creative Investigating
Date (last edited on) Bug/issue Status
March 31 Low mesh setting not working on PC Fixed
March 28 Some items are missing Guard tags in Creative Acknowledged
March 29 Mainframe Break Pack not available in-game store Workaround
March 30 Wins not counting or updating in Career tab Acknowledged
April 30 Resistance quests not showing up, disappearing or unavailable Fixed
Date (last edited on) Bug/issue Status
April 25 Controller stuck on vibrating after leaving a boat Fixed
April 01 Players spawning in sky due to Spawn Pads settings Investigating
April 01 Dialogue pop up device not opening for players during matchmaking Investigating
April 01 Player counter device fails to detect players when they respawn inside of the zone Investigating
April 01 Tracker device not updating correctly when multiple teams are using it Investigating
Date (last edited on) Bug/issue Status
April 01 Performance issues when using vending machine while playing in Creative Island Investigating
April 14 Unable to slide when tactical sprinting Fix coming soon
April 06 Tactical Sprint cancels build Unacknowledged
April 08 XP earned in Creative from Accolades are not showing Fix coming soon
April 09 Exit game option missing Acknowledged
Date (last edited on) Bug/issue Status
April 11 Vaults around Seven Outposts do not open Fix coming soon
April 13 Assassin’s Creed Bundle banner not available Investigating
April 13 Jetpacks appear lootable off the wall in competitive playlists Fix coming soon
April 14 Week 3 Resistance Quests are locked Acknowledged
May 9 Crew Legacy Set not unlocking Fixed
Date (last edited on) Bug/issue Status
May 31 Builds not resetting in Creative mode after each round Fixed
May 9 Some template Islands do not load or loads blank Fixed
May 17 Anvil Rocket Launcher UI missing Fixed
May 12 Some props in the Agency Upper and Lower prefabs shown as blank tiles Fixed
June 2 Matchmaking not working or broken on some Creative maps Acknowledged
Date (last edited on) Bug/issue Status
April 28 Physics not functioning properly on some skins after v20.20 update Fixed
April 26 Wu-Tang banner not showing up or missing Unacknowledged
April 28 Fortnite Mobile crashing after Chapter 3 Season 2 update Unacknowledged
April 28 Split-screen black screen when opening map or quests Acknowledged
May 31 Wielding Lightsabers appear to fall under terrain when attacking Fixed
Date (last edited on) Bug/issue Status
May 04 Channels getting reset when using the Elimination manager in Creative Mode Acknowledged
May 04 Omega Knight challenges appearing as ‘completed’ wrongly Acknowledged
May 05 Unable to place Traps immediately when pressing ‘place’ button Workaround
May 6 Unavailable on iOS Available via Xbox Cloud Gaming (Workaround)
May 7 Showing Epic account name instead of console name Unacknowledged
Date (last edited on) Bug/issue Status
May 10 Players getting ESP-BUIMET-003 error while connecting to servers Unacknowledged
Aug. 19 90/45 FPS settings missing and performance issues on Android Fixed
May 16 Water appears to be floating on ground in several locations Acknowledged
May 17 ‘Cloud Download Failure’ error Fixed
May 18 Players winning Victory Royale in Arena are not granted Hype until final elimination Investigating
Date (last edited on) Bug/issue Status
May 19 Unable to log into xCloud on mobile devices Workaround
May 23 Supply Llama challenges not tracking Acknowledged
May 25 PlayStation players getting error when making purchases in-game or from PlayStation store Fixed
May 26 Players can’t place prop movers and manipulators when they don’t overlap with props Acknowledged
May 26 Lobby background stuck in blue color Acknowledged (workaround)
Date (last edited on) Bug/issue Status
May 30 Countdown timer for COLLISION event appears in wrong location Investigating
June 10 Template Islands starts without items or structures Fixed
August 9 DMR issue where players can see through an object if they are standing close to it Fixed
June 7 Game crashing when players are near Timber Trees when it is cut down Investigating
June 9 Obi-Wan’s Message dialogue appears in English instead of language selected in the game settings Workaround
Date (last edited on) Bug/issue Status
July 4 Survivors are missing from rescue missions Fixed
June 10 Chests buried in sand cannot be dug up Unacknowledged
August 5 Players may accidentally activate an item when they Swap it while also activating a Rift-To-Go Fixed
June 17 ‘Get headshots with Two-Shot Shotgun’ challenge not tracking’ Acknowledged
June 20 ‘Save The World’ not loading or inaccessible Acknowledged
Date (last edited on) Bug/issue Status
June 24 Stuck on loading or ‘Connecting’ screen after v21.30 update (PC) Fixed
July 1 Social Tags are not saving correctly for PS players after logging out Fixed
July 12 Players unable to access Server Replays Fixed
June 29 Players getting multiple ‘Friend Accepted’ notification pop-ups Fix coming soon
July 6 Players not getting Victory Crown Unacknowledged (1, 2, 3)
Date (last edited on) Bug/issue Status
July 29 Game crashing when exiting the Discover menu quickly Fixed
July 27 Audio resets to 0 or sound is not working Fixed
July 15 Memory costs increased since v21.20 update Fixed
July 8 PC players getting ‘Application has hung’ error message Investigating
July 25 Graphics appearing as low quality after recent update Fixed
Date (last edited on) Bug/issue Status
July 18 Game crashing for Xbox players during voice chat party Fixed
July 8 Switch & Mobile players losing functionality after Mantling or Sliding Acknowledged
July 11 Granted ‘Falcon Stance Spray’ not available for some players Unacknowledged
July 12 Replays not available on Xbox Acknowledged
July 13 Game becomes unresponsive after the launch Acknowledged
Date (last edited on) Bug/issue Status
July 8 Nintendo Switch players unable to do anything after using mantle Investigating
July 21 Issue where buttons’ settings are being reset in Creative mode Fixed
July 19 Reticle too small or too large Workaround
July 20 Players unable to switch device used for Voice Chat Workaround
August 3 Purchases are not working through Xsolla Fixed
Date (last edited on) Bug/issue Status
August 10 Chest loot may appears several meters away when opened at certain locations Fix coming soon
August 11 PS5 players unable to assign items to Creative hotbar using L2+ button Fix coming soon
August 15 90 FPS option on Android Expected with upcoming update
August 29 Some Android devices not applying selected FPS settings Fixed
Sept. 13 Health & shield bar not showing correct value Fixed
Date (last edited on) Bug/issue Status
September 02 Mecha Team Glider is missing from Mecha bundle Fixed
August 25 Players unable to see results of tournament leaderboards due to visual bug Acknowledged
August 26 Failed to build manifest for Host Investigating
August 31 Issue causing increased consumption of island memory in Creative mode Investigating
Sept. 1 Localization reverted for islands in Creative mode to resolve stability issues Fixed
Date (last edited on) Bug/issue Status
September 9 Some NA East Late Game Cash Cup matches not counting towards overall score Acknowledged
September 19 Fortnite Crew subscribers not getting Chapter 3 – Season 4 Battle Pass Acknowledged
September 20 Fortnite crashing after Chapter 3 Season 4 update Alledgedly Fixed
September 19 Option to fift Battle Pass to another player is missing or unavailable Unacknowledged
September 19 Striker Burst Assault Rifle included in competitive playlists Fixed
Date (last edited on) Bug/issue Status
September 19 Fortnite Crew subscribers not receiving Battle Pass Investigating
September 19 Players with Quest Packs like Inferno or Graveyard Drift not seeing Quests in their tab Fix in works
September 20 Reboot Rally quests not tracking correctly when playing in splitscreen Acknowledged/Workaround
September 30 Issue causing excessive memory usage when playing on PC using Performance mode Fixed
September 20 Late Game Arena has been temporarily vaulted Intended
Date (last edited on) Bug/issue Status
September 20 Game freezing on PC Workaround
September 29 Game crashing on Nintendo Switch during extended play sessions Fixed
September 22 Xbox controller not working Acknowledged (Workaround)
October 07 ‘Destroy Chrome Structure’ quest not working Unacknowledged (Workaround)
October 14 Players not receiving their refreshed refund token Acknowledged (Workaround)
Date (last edited on) Bug/issue Status
October 14 Explosive Goo Gun re-enabled in Creative Intended
October 14 Elite Cup weekly leaderboard using wrong elimination points Acknowledged
November 2 Crashing issues with Intel series GPUs in DirectX 12 Workaround
November 2 Players unable to matchmake into public Creative games with 100 players Workaround
November 2 Week 6 quest ‘Deal damage to opponents while at max health and shields’ not completing Acknowledged
Date (last edited on) Bug/issue Status
November 2 Week 6 quest ‘Phase through a chrome wall and deal damage to an opponent within 30 seconds’ not completing Acknowledged
November 2 Crafting Sideways weapons while a chrome blob in Zero Build Horde Rush disables weapon usage Workaround
November 3 Selected playlist is ‘Disabled’ while it is downloading data Fix coming soon
November 3 Levels earned in Save the World not counting toward the Chrome Punk Goals Investigating
November 3 Players unable to download v22.30 using mobile data on Android Workaround
Date (last edited on) Bug/issue Status
November 3 Squad Comms disabled when Hiring A Character Intended
Jan. 6 Shockwave hammer is overpowered Weapon re-enabled
December 9 Unable to jump after bouncing with Shockwave hammer Fix coming soon
December 8 Players dying a lot more than usual after new season update Unacknowledged
December 8 Players are unable to sprint Workaround
Date (last edited on) Bug/issue Status
December 19 Hurdling disabled due to a ‘teleportation’ bug Acknowledged (workaround)
December 21 ‘Deku Smash’ disabled after players report it being overpowered Acknowledged
December 23 Proximity Chat feature Requested
December 26 A ‘Featured’ section of Item Shop is missing Fix coming soon
February 3, 2023 Falcon Scout controls labeled as ‘unbound’ Workaround
Date (last edited on) Bug/issue Status
June 19, 2023 ‘Crowned Victory’ counter bugged or not working for some Unacknowledged

Service Outage

Fortnite servers do go down at times in different parts of the world. Interestingly, Fortnite shut down its servers in China last month on November 15. As a result, players from the region are now unable to log in to the game.

Hereby, we will also be updating the tracker when the servers go down and are back up.

Fortnite outage tracker
Date Outage information
Dec. 30 Fixed
Jan. 22 Fixed
Jan. 28 Fixed
Feb. 02 Fixed
Feb. 15 Fixed
Date Outage information
Apr. 21 Fixed
May 6 Fixed
May 10 Fixed
June 22 Fixed
July 6 Fixed
Date Outage information
July 8 Fixed
July 18 Fixed
August 17 Fixed
August 30 Fixed
September 06 Likely fixed
Date Outage information
November 17 Fixed
January 11, 2023 Fixed
Other developments and announcements

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