Fortnite, the most popular battle-royale game, has been available since 2017. Many players have been hooked on its gameplay mechanics that include third-person cameras, many weapons, and even building.

Veteran Fortnite players can boast dozens (or hundreds) of achievements, milestones, and wins. Those stats are registered in the Career tab, which you can access at any time.

The Fortnite Career tab includes stats such as number of matches played, number of wins, times you finished in the last 25 survivors, and times you finished in the last 10 survivors.

However, currently many Fortnite players are facing issues in the Career tab since wins are not counting or updating stats (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8).

Fortnite wins not counting or updating in Career tab

According to multiple reports, the wins obtained in Fortnite are not counting or updating for many players in the Career tab.


The issue seems to be affecting both ‘solo matches’ and ‘squad matches’. Also, it seems that everything started from the latest update that brought the new ‘no build’ mode.

Career solo total points not working

I’m playing on a Nintendo switch. No matter how many solo matches I play or win, my solo career total points always stay at 1,096. It has been like this since I started playing several years ago. I have over 200 wins so my score should be much higher. Duos and squads scores are correct. Please help! I’ve tried contacting epic support multiple times and they don’t understand what I’m trying to explain to them and told me to post here.

Squads Wins addition count not adding to Squads Wins.

Hi, I have a bug in my game for Career tab. I just got 3 wins in squads today and they did not register in my total Squads Wins count. I have 30 Wins still even though it should say 33 Wins as I just got 3 more Wins. I waited the time for the next update and this did nothing. Please can you help me. Thank you.

Same issue happened years ago

This issue is not exactly new for veteran Fortnite players. There are similar reports from several years ago, so it seems to be a bug that reappears from time to time (1, 2).


Has this not been the case for legit 3 and a half years now? Could’ve sworn career tab hasn’t been counting my wins correctly since season 2 ch1, thats why I always use fortnite tracker.

Epic Games is already aware and working on a fix

Although the error has been present for years, it is only now that there is an official acknowledgment on it from Epic Games. The company is working on a fix, but there is no ETA for it yet.

We are aware of an issue where wins are not counting correctly in the Career tab. We are working on a fix and will provide an update once resolved.

We will update this story once new details about the matter emerge.

NOTE: You can also check the Fortnite bugs/issues tracker.

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