Fortnite, the successful battle-royale game from Epic Games, constantly receives new content to keep players interested.

Among the new content there are items, skins, maps, weapons and challenges. Through the challenges, players can earn XP points, new items and more.

‘Get headshots with Two-Shot Shotgun’ is one of the challenges currently available in Fortnite. However, it seems that many players are facing problems completing while trying to complete it.

More specifically, Fortnite ‘Get headshots with Two-Shot Shotgun’ challenge tracking is not working correctly (1, 2, 3, 4, 5).

Fortnite ‘Get headshots with Two-Shot Shotgun’ challenge not tracking correctly

According to multiple reports, the headshots achieved by Fortnite players are not being properly tracked as they do not count towards progress in the ‘Get headshots with Two-Shot Shotgun’ challenge.


It appears the weekly challenge to Headshot opponents with the Two-Shot Shotgun 5 times is currently bugged and isn’t properly tracking headshots Im aware that yes, the challenge is working for SOME people but it still isn’t properly tracking headshots most of the time #Fortnite

Week 2 challenge bugged

Is anyone else having trouble completing the “headshot opponents with the two-shot shotgun” it’s not counting for me I went in to build, no builds, and team rumble nothing works. Is anyone else experiencing this?

A Redditor offers more specific details about the conditions under which the bug appears:

it happens when people have already completed the milestones for headshots. I haven’t complete the milestones yet and managed do the challenge by blast wolves with riders on them from front of them with gold two shot I got from my tree, and that actual marked the challenge complete for me. Wolves are class as opponents since a few season back so they count.

Official acknowledgment

The Epic Games team is already aware of the issue. In fact, the company reveals that there is a fix ready for rollout in the next Fortnite update, although there are no details of an ETA for it yet.

We’re aware of an issue where the ‘Get Headshots with the Two-Shot Shotgun’ Quest does not track progress if players had already completed the ‘Get Headshots’ Milestone. This issue is resolved in our next game update.

At the moment, there is no workaround to help mitigate the issue. So, players can only wait for the rollout of the next Fortnite update.

We will update this story as events unfold.

NOTE: You can also check the Fortnite bugs/issues tracker.

Featured Image: Epic Games

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