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It is customary for Google to release a new stable version of the popular Android OS at around this time every year. Android 11 is this year’s edition and despite having been around for months, only Pixel devices have received the stable version so far.

A handful of other non-Pixel devices are also in line to receive the stable update to Android 11 in the coming weeks, among them OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro, Xiaomi Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro, Oppo Find X2 and X2 Pro, just to name but a few.

Of course, a huge chunk of eligible devices from various vendors and those locked to carriers around the world will have to wait until later this year or even in 2021. Nothing surprising here, unless you are new to Android.

Samsung Galaxy S10 series likely to receive Android 11 update in 2021

Something else that is also not surprising as far as not just Android, but software in general, is concerned, is the presence of unwanted guests. After every major OS update, various bugs, issues, and problems are bound to pop up here and there.

Android 11 update is no different – so expect a reasonable number of Android 11 bugs, issues, and problems.

Some bugs/issues/problems get acknowledged almost immediately and bug-fixing updates pushed sooner than later where applicable. Others could take weeks or even months to get attention from OEMs.

In this article, we keep track of these developments (but only related to stable Android 11 builds) and let you know the status as and when there are any new updates from responsible parties.

New updates will be added in the section below

Update 1 (September 15)

IST 06:27 pm: It seems that the Android 11 update has messed up the quick settings panel. Users are now reporting that the quick settings panel now only shows two rows of toggles instead of 3 even when no media is playing.

IST 07:43 pm: Several users are reporting that their Pixel 2/2XL devices are restarting at random after installing the Android 11 update. Google has not yet acknowledged the issue, however, there’s a potential workaround that you can check out here.

Update 2 (September 16)

IST 10:31 am: It seems that the random restarting issue is affecting other Pixel smartphone owners as well. Apparently, users with the Pixel 4 series and Pixel 3 series are also reporting of the issue. Moreover, Google has not yet acknowledged the issue publicly.

IST 02:35 pm: Several Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL users have reported that the Android 11 update has broken the face unlock function and prompts users to clean the top bar. To know more, head here.

Update 3 (September 18)

IST 01:17 pm: In a video posted on YouTube, a Pixel user shows that the media controls often disappear from the quick settings panel. Rather than being able to access the controls with one swipe, users have swipe down twice. At present, it seems the Google Podcast app is the most affected.

Update 4 (September 22)

IST 02:57 pm: Even though Android 11 has been out for several months to allow developers to ensure app compatibility, the users of the DJI GO 4 app have realized that the app does not run on Android 11. Fortunately, DJI is working on Android 11 support for the app. More on this here.

Update 5 (September 24)

IST 12:00 pm: Based on new developments, it seems that some Pixel 4a units are affected with a nasty bug that came along with the Android 11 update with results in touchscreen sensitivity issues, unresponsive scrolling, and phantom touch issues.

A report suggests that the issue seems to be affecting Pixel 4a units with screen protectors installed the most. Further, affected users claim that downgrading to Android 10 or removing the screen protector solved the problem even though a Google employee claims the issue maybe hardware related.

Update 6 (September 25)

IST 11:02 am: Google Pixel users on the stable version of Android 11 have spotted another major bug. A new report suggests that the recent apps screen appears to be broken. A swipe up and hold from the homescreen just displays a bouncy animation.

Further, when performing the same gesture within an app, users have noticed that a blank wallpaper appears and there are no signs of the recent apps. Fortunately, the issue has been acknowledged and a fix is already in the works.

Update 7 (October 05)

IST 06:49 pm: Many Google Pixel owners are having all sorts of issues with the Spotify application after installing the Android 11 update. Check out all the details here.

Update 8 (October 06)

IST 11:29 am: The first update after after the initial Android 11 rollout is now live for Pixel devices. This new update brings a few bug-fixes and improvements including the fix for the touchscreen issues on the Pixel 4a.

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Update 9 (October 07)

IST 01:24 pm: The Android 11 Chat Bubbles issue is yet to be fixed by Google. In a recent development, the company has confirmed that the issue is currently under investigation.

IST 05:35 pm: Apparently, the October update for Pixel smartphones has also fixed the broken recent apps/multitasking view which was prevalent earlier.

Update 10 (October 10)

IST 10:10 am: While Android 11 brings a bunch of new features, it also carriers several bugs. Several Pixel users are reporting that the battery is draining excessively after installing the Android 11 update. See more details here.

Update 11 (October 12)

IST 10:10 am: Many Google Pixel users who’ve installed the Android 11 update are claiming that they aren’t able to use Bluetooth controllers on Cloud Gaming services such as Google Stadia, Nvidia GeForce Now, and others. For more details and a workaround, head here.

IST 10:13 am: Recent reports also indicate that Pixel device owners are experiencing intermittent Bluetooth connectivity issues when trying to play audio via Bluetooth in their vehicles. Full story here.

IST 04:14 pm: More users are beginning to report about the excessive battery draining and performance issues on their Pixel smartphones. Most recent reports appear to be from Pixel 3 series users.

IST 06:37 pm: According to several reports from users, the navigation bar and status bar both fail to hide when an app launches in fullscreen mode. Check out all details here.

Update 12 (October 14)

IST 05:35 pm: Apparently, the TuneIn Radio application might be responsible for the excessive battery drain issues on the Pixel devices after installing the Android 11 update. More details here.

Update 13 (October 15)

IST 12:41 pm: It seems that some Google Pixel users are disappointed about the fact that Google has removed the screenshot button from the Power Menu and moved it to the Recents screen. See the full story here.

IST 06:17 pm: Apparently, many users are reporting that the DND (Do Not Disturb) feature is broken after installing the Android 11 update. The issue has been reported and a workaround is available too. More details here.

Update 14 (October 17)

IST 10:13 am: According to several user reports, the gesture navigation feature appears to be broken on Google Pixel phones running on Android 11. For more details and a workaround, head here.

Update 15 (October 19)

IST 01:15 pm: Apparently, the Bluetooth connectivity issues are affecting Pixel 4a users the most. However, there are a couple of workarounds that have helped users fix the problem. Check them out here.

Update 16 (October 21)

IST 04:35 pm: Several user reports indicate that the SBI YONO app does not run well on Android 11 devices. Fortunately, SBI has shared an official workaround for users to make do for the time being. See more details here.

Update 17 (October 26)

IST 07:38 pm: Many Pixel owners are reporting that the Nearby Share option is missing in the Google Photos app after the update to Android 11. Google has not acknowledged it yet, however, there are a couple of workarounds for it. Full coverage here.

Update 18 (October 28)

IST 06:28 pm: It has now come to light that several Pixel 4a users are experiencing screen flickering issues when using certain applications. Further, the image is distorted when viewing Stories on Instagram. Know more about the issue here.

Update 19 (October 30)

IST 05:16 pm: The latest MIUI System Launcher update brings a few fixes along with it. One major bug that has been squashed is that which resulted in a black screen when opening apps on Xiaomi devices running Android 11. Full coverage here.

Update 20 (October 31)

IST 10:56 am: It appears Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL users experiencing multiple audio/sound issues after they installed the Android 11 update on their devices. Head here to know more.

Update 21 (November 03)

IST 07:49 pm: The November patch for the Google Pixel smartphones is now rolling out and it brings along a host of bug fixes and improvements to the devices.

For starters, it apparently brings fixes for Android Auto and it also has fixed the bug which silenced starred contacts too in DND mode. A host of other bugs have been fixed too. Check out the complete details in the image below.

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Update 22 (November 06)

IST 10:35 am: It seems that the Android 11 update has broken the default launcher setting on Pixel devices and OnePlus smartphones since the system prompts users to select the default launcher every time they try to go back to the homescreen. Full details and workarounds here.

IST 10:47 am: Some Google Pixel users who have installed the Android 11 update are noticing that the device freezes at random especially during media playback, using the camera, and while gaming. Head here for more details.

Update 23 (November 07)

IST 12:24 pm: It has now come to light that several users are reporting that applications are also crashing randomly on their Pixel smartphones after the Android 11 update. It’s likely that this is due to poor optimization. Head here to know more.

Update 24 (November 17)

IST 07:39 pm: Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL users on the Verizon network are reporting that they are encountering a “No response, timed out” error while making calls to other Verizon numbers. Head here to know more.

Update 25 (November 19)

IST 10:20 am: Some Google Pixel 3a/3a XL and even Pixel 4a users are claiming that after the device screen is locked, the audio playback on apps such as YouTube Music and Spotify gets choppy or completely stops. More details here.

Update 26 (November 23)

IST 05:30 pm: It seems that Pixel 5 users aren’t the only ones troubled with low volume or volume fluctuating issues since the issue appears to have popped up on the Pixel 4a and Pixel 2 on Android 11.

Further, a ‘Platinum Product Expert’ on the company’s support site has indicated that Google is aware of the issue and a fix for it is in the works. Full story here.

Update 27 (November 24)

IST 12:10 pm: It seems that many Pixel device users are encountering issues with the Auto-rotate feature after installing Android 11 (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6). Google is yet to acknowledge the issue, however, since it rolls out new updates every month, there’s a possibility that it might be fixed via the next OTA.

IST 01:55 pm: Certain bugs on Android 11 that were present since launch are yet to be fixed. One such bug is the one that prevents users from force closing apps from the recent screen. The issue was reported in September and some users are still troubled by it.

However, according to some affected users on this thread, the problem goes away after powering off the device completely and then turning it back on.

IST 04:35 pm: It seems that the Fling Velocity issue reported when Android 11 was first announced has been fixed by the developers according to details shared on Google’s official issue tracker.

The development team has fixed the issue that you have reported and it will be available in a future build. (Source)

The fix will become available to users via an upcoming software update, possibly the December patch.

Update 28 (November 27)

IST 02:15 pm: Many Google Pixel 3a users are reporting that they are running into issues while trying to charge the phone. For some, the phone does not charge at all after installing the Android 11 update. Further evidence suggests that the issue may also be affecting other Pixel devices. Full story here.

IST 07:25 pm: Googe Pixel are claiming that they started experiencing Wi-Fi connectivity issues after installing the update to Android 11 on their devices. Head here to see our full report.

Update 29 (November 28)

IST 10:30 am: Many Pixel users who have updated to Android 11 are claiming that the Google Messages application has stopped working as it should. Some say that the app does not receive new messages while others claim that it becomes unresponsive. Head here to know more.

Update 30 (December 03)

IST 09:40 am: Google Pixel owners are reporting that they are experiencing hotspot/tethering issues after installing the update to Android 11. Head here to know more about the problem and find some workarounds.

Update 31 (December 05)

IST 01:55 pm: Apparently, some Google Pixel users are still seeing the persistent “Charging connected device via USB” notification even after updating their device to Android 11. The problem appears to have been around for many months now but apparently is yet to be fixed.

Update 32 (December 08)

IST 05:20 pm: The Android 11 update has reportedly broken the proximity sensor on the Goole Pixel 4a and possibly other devices . Head here to check out our detailed coverage on the matter.

Update 33 (December 15)

IST 05:10 pm: Some Pixel 4a users are reporting that the Android 11 update triggered some touchscreen issues that have not been addressed even with the December patch. Check out all the details here.

Update 34 (December 16)

IST 10:23 am: It appears that the December patch fixed the Google Pixel DND exceptions issue that was introduced with the Android 11 update on Pixel phones. Head here to know more.

Update 35 (December 26)

IST 02:50 pm: As per recent reports, the Google Maps navigation remains active in the notification panel for days even after exiting the application. Users are facing this issue on devices including the Pixel 2, Pixel 4a, and Galaxy S20 running Android 11.

Why can’t I close Google maps? It remains active in my notifications menu.

Maps notification not clearing

Same here on my pixel 4a. Pretty annoying

Update 36 (December 28)

IST 05:00 pm: A recent report has highlighted several bugs and issues that are present on the Android 11 update. Also, the report outlines several inconveniences that users are facing after the latest OS update.

The list of bugs includes the Bluetooth device connectivity problems, Google Maps navigation notification issue, and much more. On the other hand, users are finding the camera shutter sound inconvenient among other things.

Update 37 (January 06)

IST 03:20 pm: It seems that Samsung and OnePlus users are also experiencing issues while trying to use gaming controllers with their phones after installing Android 11 on their devices. More details here.

Update 38 (January 21)

IST 10:53 am: Android 11 isn’t behaving too well with controllers, and in certain cases refuses to recognize them or let them be remapped.

And as per this thread on the Android Issue Tracker, the bug was acknowledged by Google even before stable Android 11 arrived in September. However, fast forward to now, and it has still not been fixed.

Update 39 (January 22)

IST 04:25 pm: A new report (in Chinese) has surfaced detailing benchmark results of the Sony Xperia 1 II and Xperia 5 II running on Android 11. Like with Samsung phones and others on Android 11, the benchmark results have dropped considerably. Sony is yet to address the issue publicly.

Update 40 (January 23)

IST 10:40 am: Google mysteriously recently deleted the main discussion thread for the Google Pixel 4a/4a 5G touch issues even after promising a fix for the same to be rolled out with the February security patch. Read more here.

Update 41 (January 25)

IST 16:41 am: Many users now report that Android Auto is no longer detected after installing Android 11. Others claim that wireless mode has completely broken down in their 2021 Ford F-150. The issue seems to be affected mostly Samsung devices. Read on.

Update 42 (February 03)

IST 12:14 pm: The February security update has claimed to improve on the Pixel 4a touchscreen issues. While its effect isn’t really clear as of now, you may check this out for further details.

IST 12:23 pm: Android 11 has introduced a new level of security called Scoped Storage which necessitates user consent for apps to access sensitive files. This has led to annoying 2-step prompts in order to perform a task as simple as trashing images on Google Photos.

The app also now requires users to approve changes made in other synced devices, which earlier could be done automatically. The good news is that there’s a possible fix.

Update 43 (February 06)

IST 01:19 pm: Thankfully, the blokes at Google have acknowledged the Android Auto issue with the Ford F-150 wherein it fails to work wirelessly. A Community Specialist stated that they are have prepared a workaround for the bug with the Android Auto app version 6.1 which is set to release soon.

The Ford team has prepared a fix to address this issue, please contact Ford customer care for more details. In the meantime, our team has also prepared a workaround to fix this issue in an upcoming release of Android Auto app version 6.1. Thanks! For those running Android OS 10 or below, please wait to upgrade your phone to Android OS 11 to prevent this experience until the fix is released.

Update 44 (February 08)

IST 11:40 am: An individual has apparently found a solution for the gaming controller issue on their OnePlus 7 Pro running on Android 11 via the Open Beta program. You can check out the workaround by heading here.

Update 45 (February 12)

IST 03:35 pm: Some users who are just switching to Android 11 are experiencing a Device is too hot error when backing up files on Google Photos and the issue has been escalated. Details here.

Update 46 (February 20)

IST 06:12 pm: Following the Android 11 update on a range of devices, there has been a slew of complaints about Android Auto not working, causing device reboots, and Waze speedometer issues. Thankfully, all the bugs have all been escalated and are being worked upon. More details here.

Update 47 (February 24)

IST 06:18 pm: Google has finally fixed various Android Auto issues on Samsung Galaxy S21 series, Pixel 3 XL, & 2021 Ford F150 with the latest 6.1 update. For details, head here.

Update 48 (March 08)

IST 13:18 pm: Following the Android 11 update, OnePlus users have been complaining about translation-related issues. OnePlus staff says the problem has to do with AOSP. For more details, head here.

Update 49 (March 10)

IST 10:48 am: In an update to the issue tracker, Google notes that the issue with Android 11 forgetting Wi-Fi (WPA2 Enterprise) certificates from cert-store when modifying a Wi-Fi config is now fixed.

Update 50 (March 12)

IST 05:38 pm: The Android 11 update is apparently breaking third-party launchers more than we initially thought. A recent report on Google’s Issue Tracker highlights a bug which results in third-party launchers to freeze for around 2 seconds after using the swipe up gesture.

A Google employee has stated that the issue has been passed on to the engineering team and will share further details if and when they become available.

Thanks for reporting this. We have passed this issue onto our engineering team and we will update this issue as more information becomes available. (Source)

Update 51 (March 15)

IST 05:50 pm: A report (in Japanese) has highlighted that the low benchmark score issues after installing Android 11 on the Sony Xperia devices can be fixed by adding the benchmark apps to the game enhancer and setting it to performance mode.

Further, the benchmark apps must also be removed from the power-saving mode in order for them to run without the system throttling them. While the report is specifically for Sony phones, it’s likely that the same might be the case for devices from other OEMs.

Update 52 (March 16)

IST 11:12 am: According to Google, the issue where Android 11 file system becomes noticeably slow when accessing files stored on public storage wont be fixed since its intended behavior.


Update 53 (March 20)

IST 11:55 am: An individual has shed some light on an issue that is possibly only affecting the Pixel 3 on Android 11. According to details shared on Google’s issue tracker, some apps aren’t able to launch after swiping them away from the Recents screen.


The individual has shared the steps to reproduce the issue and a Google employee has now confirmed that the problem is being investigated further.


Update 54 (March 23)

IST 12:55 am: One of the Google Pixel users has reported that the Wi-Fi connected with WifiNetworkSpecifier gets disconnected automatically. The issue has been filed at the Google Issue tracker and has been forwarded to the devs to take a look into.

Update 55 (March 26)

IST 12:55 am: After a long wait, the Bluetooth connectivity issue on Google Pixel devices has finally been assigned to the concerned team for investigation. More details here.

Update 56 (March 31)

IST 16:55 pm: Google has fixed an issue raised by a Microsoft SwiftKey user. It should be available in upcoming Android 11-based updates. The problem is related to cleared text reappearing & Incorrect behaviour when cursor is put anywhere in the middle of the current text. See more here.

Update 57 (April 10)

IST 05:41 pm: There appears to be a bug in Android 11 that prevents users from saving photos and videos if they’ve got more than ten thousand existing media files.

The issue has been confirmed by Sony, however, some Samsung users are also experiencing a similar issue after updating to Android 11. More on that here.

Update 58 (November 02)

IST 2:21 pm: Google is rolling out a new November patch to Pixel devices and this build fixes notification issues. Users facing the issue of the duplicate notification on Android 11 might therefore want to hop onto Android 12.

    NOTE: This issue/bug tracker will be updated continuously and the “New” tag in a section indicates the latest additions.

Android 11 stable update-related bugs/issues/problems reported so far and their status
Date Device Description of problem Status
Sept. 9 Google Pixels Chat Bubbles in Messages not working Under investigation
Sept. 11 Google Pixels Fling velocity is significantly less fluid Fixed (Pending update)
Sept. 12 Google Pixels Broken Android Auto Partially fixed
Sept. 13 Google Pixels Missing drop-down menu when using Spinners in overlay Reported to Google
Sept. 14 Google Pixels Screenshot/select buttons missing from 2-button system navigation Resolved (Intended behavior)
Date Device Description of problem Status
Sept. 14 Google Pixels Apps restarting when background location permission is denied Reported to Google
Sept. 14 Google Pixels Media Recorder doesn’t respect video frame rate Reported to Google
Sept. 14 Google Pixels Some apps like Instagram, Camera and Keyboard not working properly Reported to Google
Sept. 15 Google Pixels The quick setting panel only shows two rows of toggles even when no media is playing Won’t be fixed
Sept. 15 Google Pixels Randomly restarting after Android 11 update Potential Workaround
Date Device Description of problem Status
Sept. 16 Google Pixel 4/XL Face unlock does not work Reported to Google
Sept. 18 Google Pixels Media controls disappear Unknown
Sept. 25 Google Pixels Recent apps screen broken Fixed
Oct. 05 Google Pixels Spotify app issues Reported to Google
Date Device Description of problem Status
Oct. 17 Google Pixels Navigation gestures issue Reported to Google
Oct. 21 All devices SBI YONO app Reported to SBI
Oct. 26 Google Pixels Google Photos Nearby Share option missing Reported
Oct. 28 Google Pixel 4a Screen flickering issue Reported
Oct. 30 Xiaomi devices Black screen when opening apps Fixed
Date Device Description of problem Status
Oct. 31 Google Pixel 3/XL Audio/sound issues Reported
Nov. 06 Google Pixels, OnePlus 8, 8 Pro Default launcher setting broken Workaround suggested
Nov. 06 Google Pixels Screen freezing and app crashing issues Reported
Nov. 17 Google Pixel 3 & 3 XL “No response, timed out” issue Reported
Nov. 19 Google Pixel 3a/XL Audio playback issues when screen is locked Workaround
Date Device Description of problem Status
Nov. 23 Google Pixels Low/fluctuating volume Acknowledged
Nov. 24 Google Pixels Auto-rotate not working Unacknowledged
Nov. 24 Google Pixels Unable to force close apps via recents screen Workaround (refer Update 27 above)
Nov. 27 Google Pixel 3a (likely others) Charging issues Unacknowledged
Nov. 27 Google Pixels Wi-Fi connectivity issues Unacknowledged
Date Device Description of problem Status
Nov. 28 Google Pixels Google Messages issues Workarounds
Dec. 03 Google Pixels WiFi hotspot/tethering issues Workarounds
Dec. 05 Google Pixels “Charging connected device via USB” issue Unacknowledged
Dec. 08 Google Pixels Proximity sensor issues Unacknowledged
Dec. 15 Pixel 4a Touchscreen issues Improvements with Feb. update
Date Device Description of problem Status
Dec. 26 Multiple devices Google Maps notification issue Unacknowledged
Dec. 27 Multiple devices Benchmark performance dip Unacknowledged
Jan. 25 Mostly Samsung devices Android Auto broken on 2021 Ford F-150 Fixed
Feb. 03 All devices “Allow Photos to modify this photo” prompt Workaround
Feb. 12 Multiple devices Google Photos “Device is too hot” issue Escalated
Date Device Description of problem Status
Feb. 20 Multiple devices Android Auto not working & issues with Waze Fixed
March 08 OnePlus devices Broken translation and poor user experience Escalated
March 10 Google Pixel 3a Modifying network removes Wi-Fi certificate from the system Fixed
March 12 Multiple devices Swipe up gesture causes third-party launchers to lag/stutter Investigating
March 16 Google Pixel 3 File system slowness accessing files on public storage Won’t fix (intended behavior)
Date Device Description of problem Status
March. 20 Google Pixel 3 Activity not getting launched after swiping it away from Recents Screen Under investigation
March. 26 Google Pixels Intermittent Bluetooth connectivity Assigned for investigation
April. 10 Google Pixels Photos and videos not saving if there are over 10,000 existing media files Workaround

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