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On this page, we are tracking Spotify for existing bugs & issues as well as new features that are being added to the service. We understand that it’s humungous task to keep all this info always updated on a single page like this, that’s why we want to make it clear that this tracker is our best effort at the moment. Of course, we are continously making improvements to this tracker page, and if any of you has any feedback for us to further improve this page, then you are most welcome to share it in the comments section at the bottom of this page. 
For now, this tracker is broadly divided into two sections:
  • Bugs, issues, and problems section
  • New features section
While we cannot accomodate all the details in these sections as we’ve tried to maintain them in an easily accessible tabular format, we do have a few useful resources for you in case you want to know more about a particular bug/issue/problem or new feature.
Following is the list:

Spotify bugs, issues, and problems

The following table is being constantly updated to reflect relevant and latest information on bugs and issues plaguing the Spotity service.
Affected Platform Bug/Issue description Current Status Workarounds
All Liked songs not syncing between mobile and desktop Acknowledged  
Speaker System Unable to connect to NUVO audio systems Fixed Available
Amazon Echo Music cuts out or stops briefly Acknowledged  
All Downloaded songs not playing when offline Unacknowledged  
Google Assistant Unable to play specific songs Acknowledged Available
Apple Watch Unable to download music for offline listening Fix delayed indefinitely Available
Desktop app Sonos speakers not appearing Acknowledged  
Desktop app Podcast appear in alphabetical order Escalated  
All Queue changes after switching device with Spotify Connect Under investigation  
iOS Music stops playing when adding songs with add button Under investigation  
TV Poor podcast video quality Under investigation  
All “There was a problem” error when joining Premium Duo Under investigation  
Mobile app Recently Played songs not updating Under investigation  
All Three months Premium offer activates only for one month Fixed  
Android Now Playing progress bar missing Acknowledged Available
All ‘Get the best experience on Android 12… Allow Bluetooth’ persistent pop-up Under investigation  
All Can’t find Jimin’s Spotify profile Unacknowledged  
All ‘Discover Weekly’ not playing or loading Fixed  
iOS Blue box/border around lyrics section Fixed  
iOS App crashing when streaming video podcasts Re-surfaced  
iOS App not showing up on BMW ConnectedDrive menu Fixed  
Android Unable to play music Acknowledged Available
Android Playlists appearing empty Acknowledged Available
Android Spotify app crashing on Vivo devices Fixed Available
All Discover Weekly has same songs as last week Acknowledged  
Windows App crashing on login screen, when changing songs or during playback Acknowledged  
iOS Unable to select song in Radio Playlist Under investigation  
iOS Download audio quality options missing Allegedly fixed  
iOS Getting error when opening Podcast Charts Investigating  
Alexa Unable to play songs Investigating  
Android & iOS App not loading or stuck on black loading screen Investigating  
Desktop Progress bar stutters or freezes Fixed  
iOS Home page not loading in offline mode Fixed  
All ‘Liked Songs’ playlist empty or disappeared Investigating  
Desktop Scrolling up while dragging a song on playlists functionality not working Fixed  
Android Playback stops unexpectedly Investigating  
Spotify mobile app Spotify Radio playing only 1-3 songs Fixed  
Android Spotify mini player album cover not showing Unacknowledged   
Desktop app & Web player Lyrics function not showing or working Unacknowledged  
Desktop app & Web player Artist pages not loading Fixed  
Android Android 13 (API 33) media player support not available Rolling out  
Mobile/Desktop app/Web player Podcasts not working or playing Investigating  
Apple Watch (WatchOS 9) Streaming suddenly stopping Investigating (workaround) Available
Desktop app & Web player Getting error while typing in playlist’s search bar Investigating  
Desktop app Spotify Connect not working Resurfaced; acknowledged Available
Android & iOS Users not liking new home page UI Acknowledged  
All Unable to play new Podcasts Investigating  
Android Blend story not responsive Investigating  
Android Albums not loading Investigating  
Android Liked songs not loading Fix in works  
Android Shuffle play repeats certain songs Fix in works  
Android & iOS Spotify Canvas disappeared or not showing Unacknowledged  
iOS Podcast episode list scroll location resetting to top Acknowledged  
Desktop app Artist name mentioned twice in recently played section Escalated  
iOS & Desktop app Sorting issue Fix in works  
Playstation 5 Volume output too low Investigating  
All ‘First song you played this year’ pop-up not showing up for some Unacknowledged  
PlayStation 5 Volume output is too low Investigating  
All Users unable to accept subscription fee increase for Premium plan Investigating  
All Spotify showing random album covers & missing the ‘song preview’ feature Investigating  
All Users want Dream SMP (or DSMP) genre removed Unacknowledged  
All Users unable to unhide songs from playlists Unacknowledged   
All Local files not showing up Unacknowledged   
Desktop Moving forward/backward on a song skips to the next one in the playlist Acknowledged Available 
All ‘Device limit reached’ error message using only 1 device Unacknowledged   
Apple Watch Series 3 App crashing or not working while opening Unacknowledged   
Xbox App not working Unacknowledged   
All Issue while playing tunes outside of ‘Liked songs’ or playlist on Desktop Investigating  
Desktop ‘error-dialog.generic.body’ Unacknowledged   
All Spotify Wrapped 2022 slideshow not working or missing Unacknowledged Available
iOS Sleep timer not working Acknowledged Available
All Spotify ads get louder as compared to the music volume Unacknowledged   
iOS ‘Enhanced’ option not turning off Unacknowledged  
All Spotify lyrics still missing, wrong or not in sync Unacknowledged  
All Spotify queued tracks disappearing, screen going blank, and unresponsive play button Investigating  
All Spotify mood playlist that shows genre, day & time of day missing Intended  
All Spotify constantly showing Premium subscription pop-up even after cancelation Intended  
All Spotify queue repeating the same songs Unacknowledged  Available
Apple CarPlay ‘Spotify is offline’ error in Home tab Investigating Available
All First song is repeating in playlist Unacknowledged   
All Friend Activity tab missing Unacknowledged   
All Unable to turn off ‘Smart Shuffle’ Unacknowledged Available
All Songs repeating in queue even with ‘Shuffle’ turned on Investigating Available
All Genre filters broken Acknowledged Available
All App automatically skipping songs Unacknowledged   
All Premium users getting pop up ads or recommendations in app Unacknowledged  
All VIBE by Taeyang (ft. Jimin) song not yet available in some countries Unacknowledged   
All Getting errors when connecting Spotify account to Facebook Unacknowledged   
Android TV & Google TV Display or UI zoomed in Investigating Available
Android & iOS Share option not working Fixed  
Android & iOS Album cover not showing up for shared tracks Investigating  
Android & iOS Cover art on Local files not showing    Available
All ‘Enhanced’ playlist not playing or throwing error Fixed Available
All Changing the ‘heart button’ to the ‘plus sign’ causing divided reactions Acknowledged  
All Sleep timer unavailable when casting Unacknowledged  
Android Moon icon placement in center gets criticized Unacknowledged  
All ‘Payment failed’ error despite successful payment Investigating  
All Integration with Google Clock alarm not working Investigating Available
All Personalized playlist covers not loading Escalated for investigation
All Unable to access new AI DJ Rolling out
iOS DJ Button missing from Now Playing view Fixed Available
All ‘Enhanced’ button removed and replaced with Smart shuffle Intended
iOS App loads slowly or goes unresponsive Investigating
All Spotify to restore green hearts icon Acknowledged  
All ‘New episodes’ tab removed from Podcasts page Intended  
All Autoplay feed on new homepage UI criticized Intended Available
iPhone and Mac Autoplay and skip button functionality broken Unacknowledged  
All Can’t cancel subscription on Account page Investigating  
iOS Users unable to play songs in the playlist from search Investigating Available
iOS Users unable to play selected podcast episode from Search Investigating Available
Android, Linux, macOS, Windows Support for old app versions discontinued Intended Workarounds
All Volume randomly setting to Max on Alexa-powered speakers Acknowledged  
PC Discord Spotify status not working or displaying Fixed  
All Cancel subscription button not working Investigating  
Google Nest Hub Artist name, track & album cover details missing when casting to speaker group Unacknowledged   
Desktop app New ‘Now Playing View’ sidebar gets criticized Unacknowledged Available
Android app Shared lyrics’ showing massive space or gap between lines on Android Unacknowledged  
All Spotify users unable to join or accept family plan invites Unacknowledged  
Android app Spotify crashing after latest update Unacknowledged Available
All Spotify Premium Student accounts showing as free in app and web player Acknowledged  
Desktop Spotify desktop app ‘Back button’ restarting playlist (not remembering position) Acknowledged  
All Music pauses or stops playing after an ad Acknowledged  
All App crashing when playing songs from liked playlist Acknowledged  
All Spotify ‘Recently Played’ section missing or disappeared from home screen Acknowledged  
All Spotify ‘Lyrics’ allegedly a Premium feature now Unacknowledged  
Desktop Spotify lyrics aligned to the left Acknowledged  
iOS Unable to add songs to playlists Acknowledged Available
All Spotify ‘add to queue’ option for playlists missing Acknowledged  
All Spotify faces backlash for locking basic features behind Premium subscription Unacknowledged  
All Spotify users cannot move playlists within folders Acknowledged   
All Play count not saperated by comma Investigating  
iOS Playlist creators not showing on iOS app after latest update Investigating  
macOS Desktop app crashing or Home page not loading Fixed  
iOS iOS app crashing or stopping media playback Investigating  
iOS Spotify app widget turning black on iOS Intended  
Android app Stuttering audio or no sound at all in Spotify Unacknowledged  

Spotify New Features

Description of new feature Status Supported devices
Spotify Pet Playlist Rolling out All
Community tab to check friends’ activity Under development All
Spotify Supergrouper playlist feature Rolling out All
Spotify Friends Mix Rolling out iOS & Desktop
Individual buttons for Shuffle and Play for Premium users Rolling out iOS & Android
Separate feeds for music and podcasts Coming soon Android & iOS
In-app audio reactions that can be published as podcasts Coming soon All
Spotify HiFi streaming Coming soon All
Support for Amazon’s latest TVs Rolling out All
Music playlists for Delta Rolling out All
Spotify app revamp Rolling out Apple Watch
User Choice Billing Rolling out All
Toggle to disable or hide Podcasts from home page Internal review All
Native support for Apple HomePod Requested (1,2,3,4) Apple HomePod
Demand for Spotify ‘Karaoke mode’ escalates Requested All
Rewards Program Rolling out All
New Year’s Hub Rolling out All
Spotify Connect devices will show in output switcher of Android 13’s media player Confirmed Android
‘Media tap to transfer’ feature Coming soon Android
Changing the heart button to a plus Coming soon All
GLOW Equity Program for LGBTQIA+ creators Available All
Advanced playlist-creation options within the assembly itself Coming soon All
New Spotify widget for Windows 11 Coming soon PC
Exclude from your taste profile Rolling out All
AI feature called ‘DJ’ Coming soon All
Spotify mobile app unable to add local or offline files to playlist Coming Soon All
AI DJ bot not remembering genre/mood preferences Unacknowleged All
Broadcast-to-podcast Released All
Your Offline Mix Coming soon All
AI DJ for Tesla Requested All
New Android widget pairs ‘now playing’ with ‘recommendations’ Released All
Share songs as an audio surprise Under testing All
Daylist Rolling out All
Showcase Rolling out All
Spotify Jams Rolling out All
AI Voice Translation for Podcasters Rolling out All
New Supremium subscritpion tier with 24-Bit Lossless Audio Coming soon All


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