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Original story (published on November 23, 2021) follows:

A few days ago, Samsung announced the official launch date for its upcoming Android 12 based skin named One UI 4.0. Unsurprisingly, it is available on the Galaxy S21 series.

The first phones that received the update include the Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21+, and the Galaxy S21 Ultra. As one would expect, the latest version brings in several new features that focus on customization, privacy, and tighter integration with other Samsung products.


What comes as a surprise is that this time the release of One UI 4.0 does not coincide with the launch of a new flagship phone. Nonetheless, the company is already rolling out the stable version of One UI 4.0 to some devices.

Looking at the current state of things, we can see that Samsung is a month ahead if we compare them to last year, which is a really good sign. Samsung has also confirmed that it will soon bring One UI 4.0 on the last generation of Galaxy S and Note devices as well as to the Galaxy Z, A series, and tablets.

However, not all features might be available on every device running One UI 4.0 due to hardware limitations. Despite that, One UI 4.0 is a significant upgrade compared to its predecessor since it picks up several new features such as Theme Engine from Android 12.

Having said that, if you are interested in looking at which devices will be getting One UI 4.0, make sure to check out our dedicated One UI 4.0 update tracker.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

But, as is the case with every new software update, some bugs and issues will need to be fixed in the upcoming versions. With that being said, we will be keeping track of all bugs and issues that eventually surface on One UI 4.0.

We hope Samsung will acknowledge and resolve these issues so users can experience One UI 4.0 the way it is intended to be.

Update 1 (November 25)

IST 11:13 am: Samsung has now started rolling out yet another One UI 4 stable update for the Galaxy S21, this time to address lag issues.

IST 12:12 pm: Some Galaxy S21 series users report not receiving any notification for new incoming text messages. However, you can try this workaround to resolve the issue.

Update 2 (November 30)

IST 05:00 pm: In case you’re one of the few (1, 2) wondering why the media player notification has stopped changing color based on the album art on One UI 4.0, then you may be disappointed to know that this is an intended change in Android 12 as highlighted by a report back in March.

Update 3 (December 03)

IST 05:00 pm: Samsung seeded the third One UI 4.0 beta for the Galaxy S20 in South Korea and it brings the following bug fixes, as highlighted by a report:

– Fixed the issue of Fingerprint authentication in some apps
– Fixed the issues that are no effective when choosing the items of Quick panel
– Fixed data display errors about a volume monitor
– Down gesture when navigation bar gesture hint On->Off – Hint bar error
– Fixed the dimming issue about the brightness of the screen after rebooting

– Fixed the issue of resets when the lockscreen is not resolved quickly
– Fixed crashes on Galaxy Watch 4
– Fixed the issue that battery runs out quickly
– Improved disconnected operations about USB connection with Windows PC
– Fixed minor issues

Update 4 (December 08)

IST 12:11 pm: New reports now indicate that Samsung no longer kills the camera on the Galaxy Z Fold 3 once the user unlocks the bootloader. While this is still in the Beta build, the stable is set to bear the same change.

Update 5 (December 20)

IST 12:11 pm: Some users who updated their devices to One UI 4.0 are reporting that the issue where VoLTE was not working during Beta has made it to the stable version. More on that here.

Update 6 (December 20)

IST 07:37 pm: Several Galaxy S21 users are now reporting an issue with camera app. As per reports, users say that the camera viewfinder turns green when using portrait mode. More on that here.

Update 7 (December 22)

IST 12:02 pm: New reports now indicate that there might be a catastrophic error with the Google Play system on a few Samsung devices following the update to Android 12-based One UI 4.

This has led to Samsung halting the rollout of this update.

Update 8 (December 25)

IST 06:35 pm: Samsung assured the users that they are currently analyzing the current One UI 4.0 along with Google following the error with Google Play that led to the suspension of the rollout.

Moreover, the revised version should be rolling out soon including a new Google patch that improves compatibility issues. However, no ETA for rollout has been provided.

Update 9 (December 28)

IST 06:52 pm: Some Galaxy S21 Ultra users report that One UI 4 update broke connectivity for them. In some cases they suffer from very slow Wi-Fi.

Meanwhile, other cases suffer from constant network drops, which affects both calls and mobile connection. Also, while some may use LTE, others even suffer from unstable LTE connectivity.

Update 10 (January 01)

IST 07: 18 pm: Samsung has resumed the Android 12 rollout for Galaxy S21 devices and it is expected to resolve the app crashing issue. So, users should update their devices to latest version and see if it gets resolved.

Update 11 (January 07)

IST 05:01 pm: Although the latest update for Galaxy S21 does not mention any bug fix for the green screen bug in portrait mode, one of our readers has confirmed that it’s fixed after installing the update.

Update 12 (January 13)

IST 12:30 pm: Samsung users recently reported that the Extra Dim feature disappeared from their phones. If you are wondering how to bring it back, head here to know more.

Update 13 (January 18)

IST 02:15 pm: Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus users are experiencing freezing issues when pressing home/back buttons after upgrading to Android 12 (One UI 4.0).

Update 14 (January 20)

IST 12:48 pm: Some Galaxy S20 users now report that the fingerprint scanner is not working for some apps that support biometric login, when using a third-party launcher. And this started happening after they upgraded to One UI 4.0.

    NOTE: This issue/bug tracker will be updated continuously with the status of known bugs and issues.

Samsung One UI 4.0 update-related bugs/issues/problems reported so far and their status
Channel Device Description of problem Status
Stable Galaxy S21 series Android 12 User Interface Lag Fixed
Stable Galaxy S21 series No vibration on notifications Workaround
Stable Galaxy S21 series No notifications for new incoming text messages Workaround
Stable Galaxy S21 series Notifications text size way too small Workaround
Stable Galaxy S21 series Apps keep on crashing after update Allegedly fixed
Channel Device Description of problem Status
Stable Galaxy S21 and others Media player notification color does not adapt to album art work Intended behavior
Beta Galaxy Z Fold 3 Unlocking bootloader kills the camera Fixed
Stable Galaxy S21 Series VoLTE not working Unacknowledged
Stable Galaxy S21 Series Camera viewfinder turns green when using portrait mode Allegedly fixed
Stable Galaxy S21 Ultra Wi-Fi connectivity and/or cellular broken after the update Unacknowledged
Channel Device Description of problem Status
Stable Galaxy S10 and others Extra Dim removed because of hardware limitations Acknowledged
Stable Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ Freezing issues when pressing home/back buttons Workaround
Stable Galaxy S20 series Fingerprint unlock not working for some apps when using third party launcher Workaround

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