One Piece on break this week: chapter 968 release date revealed, end of Act three - Oden VS Kaido!

The One Piece series is getting intense with a barrage of revelations from previous chapters. The story seems to be building up to its highest peak as the ultimate treasure, One Piece, was hinted in the most recent chapter. However, we have to hold our horses as One Piece chapter 968 will take a little longer to release.

After a two-week-long holiday break, fans will have to face another agonizing week without a new One Piece chapter. But it will all be worth the wait when we see what happens next after Oden’s flashback finding the One Piece with Gol D. Roger.

The end of Act three?

Roger finding the One Piece marks the end of his journey. And with it, Oden’s pirate journey also ends. The next chapter may as well be the end of Oden’s flashback. The gap between the current Wano and how it got to that point is almost bridged completely.

As we all know, the next event will be Oden’s return to Wano. Although, we might still see more big Roger flashbacks, like the revelation of the will of D in his conversation with Whitebeard. It will be super mind-blowing. If it happens, we might finally understand what kind of person Roger is waiting for to take the treasure.

Whichever the case is, we will eventually reach the moment where Oden returns to take over Wano. Right now, the only gap that needs bridging is how Kaido gets into the picture.

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Oden VS Kaido: A Yonko-level battle?

The end of act three will be exciting. The story will finally return to the present Wano where we are still left without a clue about the whereabouts of the Strawhats. What will be the most exciting part of the end of act three, however, would be when Oden fights off Kaido.

It will be the first best fights of the decade for One Piece fans. We might see Oden fight with full power using his legendary swords. Sure, he battled Whitebeard proving he can hold his ground against the strongest man in the world. But I don’t think he has given it his all yet.

Even in his battle with Roger, Oden seems to be just acting by impulse and recklessness. The man who had superhuman strength since childhood should be able to show us more power. Remember that Kaido’s only scar is from Oden’s sword attacks.

One Piece chapter 968 release date

One Piece chapter 968 will be officially released on January 20, 2020, in Weekly Shonen Jump. Electronic copies of the chapter will also be available in Shueisha’s official manga reading sites and apps, Manga Plus, and Shonen Jump by Viz.

Spoilers and raw scans usually come out a few days before the official release and can be expected as early as January 17, 2020. For updates about the upcoming chapter, follow piunikaweb.

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