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So the raw scans of One Piece chapter 967 have been out for a few days now. Yes, this chapter gives us a lot of revelation about, Laugh Tale, Joy Boy, and even a hint about One Piece. But other than revelations, this chapter opens and revives a lot of questions.

These questions include: what is One Piece? Who really is Joy Boy? How is he related to the One Piece and ancient weapons? Why did Roger call Joy Boy’s story Laugh Tale? What is the will of D? And many others. In this article, I will try to answer some of these questions with my own theories and speculations.

What is One Piece?

First, let’s talk about this treasure which is the center of the whole story. What we know so far is that One Piece is an actual treasure. Oda already revealed that it will not be some sort of experience or friendship, or any of that sort. One Piece will be a real treasure.

But what kind of treasure? According to the dying words of Whitebeard, once the One Piece is found, the whole world will turn upside down. A great war will break out that could cause the downfall of the world government. This is probably why the world government prevents the study of poneglyphs that would lead one to One piece. From the sound of it, One Piece seems related to ancient weapons. It may even be something that unifies the ancient weapons together making it a great weapon that threatens the world government.

The only question now is why Roger laughed when he found the treasure? Is it because there was no point in finding it at that time? Or did Joy Boy do something stupid in the past that caused the delay of his promise to Fishman island? Whatever the reason is, it still threatens the world government.

Joy Boy created the Ancient weapons

This brings me to my second thought. In chapter 967 when the Roger pirates were in Fishman island, Rayleigh said that they were not after the ancient weapons, but the treasure of the one who created them. And who owns the One Piece? The answer to that is Joy Boy.

So Joy Boy created ancient weapons. How he did it is a bit of a mystery, especially considering that one of the known ancient weapons is an animated being, Poseidon. But I think the purpose of creating those weapons is related to One Piece. If you think of it, the journey to find the One Piece is also a journey to find about the void century, the will of D, and learning about the ancient weapons.

There has to be a greater purpose for concealing these details interconnectedly within the poneglyphs. It’s as if the journey to finding One Piece is meant for very specific people. And I think those people and the family of D.

One Piece Chapter 954 Spoilers
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The Will of D

The will of D is probably the most intriguing mystery in One Piece. But if we closely examine the storyline so far, we can now speculate what it means. Roger seems to emphasize his initial D only after he found the One Piece.

In his conversation with Whitebeard, he stressed out the initial D in his name Gol D. Roger as the government has started calling him Gold Roger. Later, it was almost revealed what D means and what the will of D is. Right now, if we connect the dots, we can get to a closer understanding of what the will of D is. Let me lay down these dots for you.

1. Joy Boy owns One Piece and is the creator of ancient weapons.
2. One of Joy Boy’s greatest failure is to raise Noah with the residents of Fishman island and unite them with the surface world.
3. It’s either Joy Boy’s family created the Noah or some other related clan who are good in shipbuilding.
4. There are specific people who can communicate and command the sea kings and Zunesha. But there are rare people who can hear Zunesha and the sea kings, including Roger, Oden, and Luffy. This ability seems to be hereditary but not necessarily by blood.
5. If Joy Boy created Poseidon who can command the sea kings, it could be that Joy Boy’s ancestors were the ones who punished Zuesha.
6. Joy Boy is surely related to the Kozuki clan and he may even be the one who asked them to make the poneglyphs to guide someone to One Piece someday.


In short, the will of D is the will of Joy Boy. It is to continue the mission Joy Boy failed to accomplish during his time. It is also the inheritance of Joy Boy’s ability to use or control all the ancient weapons to overthrow the world government.

Currently, Luffy is close friends with Shirahosi (Poseidon). His shipwright is the only person alive who memorized the blueprints of Pluton. The only thing missing is the Uranus, which he will probably find along his journey to finding One Piece.

However, we know Luffy does not really directly oppose the world government. So in what instance would Luffy use the weapons to fight against the world government? It is when he and we learn what really happened to Sabo, Vivi, and Boa Hancock, which according to Oda, will be revealed after Wano arc.

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