In chapter 958 of One Piece, we saw what seems to be a huge egg in Roger’s ship. This raised curiosity to me and I am sure other fans as well. So I decided to investigate the subject and formulated a theory that Shirahoshi is inside that egg.

Shirahoshi is one of the three ancient weapons. And it would make sense if Roger had possession of Shirahoshi. I will discuss some details to reinforce my theory. But first, let us review what ancient weapons are, and how one of them ended up in Roger’s care.


Ancient Weapons Explained

Ancient weapons are weapons capable of mass destruction and even destroying the world. There are three ancient weapons known as Pluton, Poseidon and Uranus. Each of them is named after a Greek deity for their destructive power.

Records of these weapons are found in the poneglyphs. This is one of the reasons of the world government in forbidding the study of poneglyphs. However, those who know about these weapons seeking power try to bring them to surface and use them for their personal cause. Crocodile is an example.



Pluton was first referenced in Alabasta. For some reason, Crocodile learned about the existence of the weapon and the poneglyphs containing details about it. Crocodile’s plot to overthrow King Cobra from Alubarna is a cover to extract Pluton which he believes was in Alabasta.

He collaborated with Nico Robin who can read the poneglyph, to extract information about the ancient weapon. Later in the series we learned that Pluton is a warship that was created in Water seven during the void century.

The location of the ship remains a mystery. However, the shipwright who made the weapon passed the blueprints of the ship to his successors as a countermeasure if ever the real weapon falls in the wrong hands.

The shipwright Tom – who also built Roger’s ship – was among those successors. Before he died, he passed them down to his apprentices, Franky & Iceberg. Spandam of CP-9 tried to get the blueprints from them, and Franky incinerated them to make sure the ship is not recreated by wrong people.


Very little is known about this ancient weapon. It was first mentioned when Nico Robin asked King Neptune about the three ancient weapons.

Its participation in the void century and its current whereabouts remains unknown. The scope of it destructive power and abilities are also unscaled. Suffice it to say that its power is at least as much as Pluton and Poseidon.


Not all ancient weapons are inanimate objects. Poseidon is a mermaid princess who lived in the void century. She has the ability to communicate with sea kings, enormous sea creatures capable of mass destruction.

Her ability to command sea kings is what makes her powerful and dangerous. It is the main reason whey she was considered a weapon.

After she died, her ability is passed down through their bloodline. Those who inherit her power are given the title of mermaid princess. Shirahoshi is the current mermaid princess who possesses the power of Poseidon.

Roger Found Shirahoshi

Okay here comes my theory. Remember the God Valley incident? The Celestial Dragons and big names in that pirate era like Rocks and Roger gathered in God Valley. I suspect that a news about an ancient weapon’s existence in God Valley just broke out.

My theory is that Shirahoshi still in egg form was in God Valley. The gathering of these big names was a hunt for the egg. The pirates wanted to use the ancient weapon against the world government. The Celestial Dragons want to collect the weapon to maintain power and authority.

Roger, on the other hand wanted to do something else with the egg.

The man who can heat the voice of all things

In Fishman Island arc, Shirahoshi accidentally discovered her powers when she tried to help Luffy while trying to stop Noah from falling to fishman island. Sea kings came in response to Shirahoshi’s cry.

Surprisingly, Luffy heard the sea kings talking. The sea kings then remembered a man who also was able to hear them. It was Roger. I think Roger learned about Shirahoshi during that time. And maybe the sea kings or king Neptune asked Roger to retrieve Shirahoshi from God Valley.

Since Roger was still in his journey to find One Piece, their crew had to carry and protect the egg.

Shirahoshi’s Journey with Roger

The God Valley incident happened 38 years ago. From that time, Roger had to carry the egg of Shirahoshi throughout their journey. More than a decade later, the egg was first shown during the Edd war.

During the Edd War, Shiki tried to recruit Roger to join his fleet. With Roger’s apocalyptic weapon (as Shiki described it) and his military might, Shiki plans to conquer the world. I suspect that Shiki was referring to the egg in Roger’s ship.

A couple of years later, Roger finished his journey. That’s where we see the egg again in chapter 958. I think after he found One Piece and after the scene with Oden, Roger finally delivered Shirahoshi to king Neptune.

Additional Insight

When Im-sama was first introduced in Reverie arc, Shirahoshi’s photo was seen stabbed by Im-sama’s saber. This may be an indication that Im was in God Valley incident or he ordered the Celestial Dragons to retrieve the egg in God Valley.

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