God Valley island is a historic place where Garp with the help from Roger finally defeated Rocks pirates. After the release of the latest chapter of One Piece, fans were hyped up with so many revelations. One of which is how Garp became the Hero of the Marines.

The God Valley island itself however, as intriguing as it may be, did not get as much attention. Since very little is known about the island, we can only speculate as to its significance. Here are some of my theories about the island and I hope they would make sense.

Island of gods

From the name itself, I suspect that the island has something to do with Celestial Dragons, since they are referred to as gods. It could have been an ancient place where the world government started to take form. As such, treasures and ancient records could have been available there.

Celestial Dragons are also interested in the treasure, One Piece. In the movie, Stampede, Rob Lucci of Cipher Pol was sent to infiltrate the pirate festival. His mission was to acquire the prized treasure that was said to guide the winner to One Piece.

During the era of the God Valley incident, the One Piece was yet to be discovered by Roger. Maybe one of the reasons Roger, Rocks and the Celestial Dragons were altogether in that island was to search for intel about One Piece.

The Resting Place of the last Road Poneglyph

According to Sengoku, the world government wanted to hide the island from public. If we try to analyze the reason based on the story so far, we can assume that details about the void century were available at that island.

The only surviving pieces of evidence about the void century can be found in poneglyphs. So it is possible that there was a poneglyph in God Valley island.

As I said in my first theory, intel regarding the whereabouts if the One Piece could have been on the island. What better source can we have about One Piece’s location than the road poneglyph?

It took Roger years after the incident to find the One Piece. But its the only milestone so far that could be linked to Roger finding it. It was probably on that island that Roger discovered the truth about the road poneglyphs. It may also be the main reason, Roger, Rocks and the Celestial Dragons went to that island.

God Valley Island is in the Sky?

After God Valley Incident, the island was gone without a trace. It is not the first time this scenario happened in One Piece. Half of Jaya Island was blasted up to Skypiea by a knock up stream 400 years ago. Ever since that day, Jaya has been a part of Skypiea.

Possibly, the God Valley was brought to the sky by a knock up stream. Foreshadowed by the movie Stampede when the prized treasure was in an island brought up by a knock up stream. In Stampede, the treasure in the island is an eternal pose pointing to Raftel.

If Oda’s purpose of making Stampede is to foreshadow upcoming events, it could be possible that the last road poneglyph is in God Valley, and that it is indeed in the sky.

God Valley hints the location of One Piece

What is more interesting about the recent chapter is that Sengoku thinks that Kozuki Oden and Wano are central elements to all the recent commotion in One Piece world. I think there is some sort of relationship or similarity between Wano and God Valley.

If my assumption about the presence of poneglyphs in God Valley is right, then it must be related to Wano and Oden. According to the story of Nekomamushi and Inurashi, the Kosuki family made the poneglyphs.

The skill to write and read the ancient text is passed down through generations of the Kozuki family. Oden was the last to receive this knowledge, since he was killed before he could pass it to his children.

Years after the God Valley incident, Oden became one of Whitebeard’s commander. And on his final voyage, Roger recruited Oden to join his crew. Eventually they would find the One Piece together.


It would make sense for Roger to have Oden with him in finding the One Piece. If the third road poneglyph was indeed in God Valley, then it must be one of the last island the Strawhats need to go to before finding One Piece.

In the movie One Piece Stampede, the Thousand Sunny takes a flying form. That could mean that the Strawhats will go on another adventure in a sky island. Probably, the God Valley island.

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