One Piece chapter 958 is finally out today. The title of this chapter is “Promised Port,” and is rather short compared to the previous chapters. However, it’s content is just as thrilling.

Wano Arc Act three starts in this chapter. The cover shows continuation of a side story about Bege and his crew. Gang Bege’s pirate group is looking for Lola, Chiffon’s twin sister. A man with a guitar pointing somewhere tells them that she was in Dressrosa a few days ago.

Oden’s Journey with the Pirate King

The chapter begins with a backstory of Oden in Gol D. Roger’s ship. He expresses gratitude to Roger for letting him join his crew. In the previous chapter, Sengoku recalled that Roger recruited Oden on his final voyage. So the setting is probably after Roger and his crew found the One Piece.

Kosuki Oden shares his sentiments about Wano with Roger’s crew. Wano’s isolation from the rest of the world is also a mystery to Oden, but he intends to open the country to the world in twenty years from that time. Rayleigh, Shanks and Buggy offered to help, but Oden refused saying it is an internal affair.

Kozuki Oden’s History

Over twenty five years ago, Oden abandoned his homeland and at some point ended up a pirate. He served as a division commander in Whitebeard’s fleet. Later, he was recruited by Roger to join his final voyage to find the One Piece.

After their journey, Oden decided to return home and try to Open Wano to the world.

His father, Kozuki Sukiyaki, who was the Shogun of Wano, exiled him because of his past violent acts. Oden defected to the lawless land of Kuri and restored peace there by defeating the Ashura Doji, the most dangerous criminal of Krui.

Ashura Doji together with eight other warriors joined Oden, forming the Nine Red Scabbards. They became Oden’s faithful retainers.

Downfall of the County of Gold

According to Gyukimaru, Wano was known as the Country of Gold hundreds of years ago. As such, the country constantly faced threats from pirates and nobles trying to exploit their resources. But Ryuma led a group of samurai that defended the country.

A constant threat from the outside world may be one of the country’s reason for closing its borders and living in isolation.

Twenty-three years ago, Gecko Moria infiltrated Wano, stealing Ryuma’s body and katana, the Shusui. Due to this incident, people believed that the country will be cursed. And this belief became a reality in the years to come.

Three years later, Kurozumi Orochi supplanted Kozuki Sukiyaki, taking the title of Shogun. Orochi ordered the execution of Kozuki Oden for trying to open the borders of Wano to the world. With Kaido on his side, Orochi hunted down the rest of Oden’s family and his subbordinates.

The Prophesied Redemption

After the execution of Oden, Kaido burned Oden’s castle with his family still inside. Kozuki Toki, Oden’s, wife, used her devil fruit ability to send Momonosuke, Kinemon, Kanjuro, Raizo and Kikunojo twenty years into the future.

Before she was killed, Toki uttered a prophecy about Wano’s redemption. She prophesied that twenty years from that time, the nine red scabbards will return. They will then avenge the Kozuki family and accomplish Oden’s wish to open the country to the world.

This prophecy inspired hope in the followers and the remaining retainers of Oden. As a symbol of willingness to fight twenty years later, they marked themselves with a crescent moon in their ankles.

The Falling Away

Ten years later, many of those who believed the words of Toki grew tired of waiting, and commenced a hopeless attack on Onigashima resulting to their utter destruction.

Ashura Doji, one of the retainers also had a falling away. He cut ties with the Kozuki family, returned to being a criminal and changed his name to Shutenmaru. He became the leader of Mt. Atama Theives stealing food and weapons headed to Orochi in Flower Capital.

In chapter 935, Shinobu shared her story to Nami and Robin. She used to be a member of the Kozuki family’s ninja squad. Years after the downfall of the Kozuki family, she was forced to swear loyalty to Orochi.

Prophecy’s Fulfillment Frustrated

The twenty long years of waiting finally came to an end. Kinemon and his allies gathered 4,000 men. The Strawhats, and Hearts pirates also joined their forces, and their alliance are prepared for battle.

On the day of the Fire Festival, Momonosuke together with seven of the Scabbards and Shinobu, arrived at port Tokage. It is the supposed rendezvous point of the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai alliance. Nekomamushi’s arrival was also expected.

To their dismay, the port was empty. The sky was cracking and the waves of the sea soaring high. Scattered around are debris of sunken ships.

Sabotaged Meeting

Based on Shutenmaru’s observation, the port may have been attacked. In chapter 955, Orochi received a tip about the meeting of his enemies in port Tokage. He may have ordered an attack that caused the demise of the 4,000 men and their ships.

Broken yet unwilling to yield, Kinemon tried to contact his allies. Through a baby transponder snail, he announced their arrival at the promised port. He calls for Luffy, Hyougoro, Law and the rest, but no answer returned.

Inurashi, wanting to continue the attack, grabs a small boat by the shore. Implying that he wish to cross the roaring seas towards Onigashima, says that the boat seems usable. However, Momonosuke stopped him saying it is foolish.

Law’s Stratagem

In the final panel of the chapter 958, Orochi is laughing with a smug face. And the caption suggests that an incident occured the previous night. This implies that Orochi may have caused the destruction of the ships carrying Luffy and the 4,000 men.

I find it odd however, that the ships will be destroyed. Franky fixed those ships and he designed them to be sturdy enough to carry 100,000 men. Its just a speculation, but I’m sure the 4,000 men with Luffy and the rest survived.

Unexpected turn of Events

There are two possible ways they could have survived. First, my theory is that Law knew about Orochi’s counter measure. Using his devil fruit power, he transported their alliance to Onigashima. Its a pretty large scale use of his devil fruit, but there’s a possibility.

If we recall in Punk Hazard, Law was toying with Smoker and his men. Using the power of the Ope-ope no mi, he sent their ship floating around. Also in Zou, Law was able to transport Zoro and some logs from the forest to the town.

Secondly, I strongly believe that Denjiro is disguised as Kyoshiro. Since Orochi trusts him so much, Orochi must have ordered the daimyo to intercept the 4,000 men in Tokage. Then Kyoshiro blended them in with the rest of the guards escorting Orochi’s procession.

In page 13, some men are carrying some sort of a huge cart following Orochi’s procession. On the left side of the cart, a man that looks like Usopp is playing a guitar.

End Notes

Toki’s prophecy of liberating Wano at this time may be fulfilled after all. Remember that in her prophecy, all nine Scabbards are supposed to be present. We haven’t seen Nekomamushi yet. And for all we know, maybe Law is already working with Denjiro, the last missing member of the Nine Red Scabbards.

This chapter may have shown us a slight setback. But it is still the beginning of Wano’s redemption.

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