This One Piece article is based on spoilers. Only those interested in spoilers should take a read.

In coming are more updates on the upcoming One Piece chapter 958, credits to continuous fan discussion at Reddit. The cover shows Bege’s group in Dressrosa looking for Lola, Chiffon’s twin sister. Also more information about Orochi and Momonosuke’s group come to light as fans share details.

One Piece Chapter 954 Spoilers
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The day of Fire Festival

Orochi with his men in port Habu sets sail for Onigashima. Every year the two supreme leaders of Wano, Orochi and Kaido meet face to face and hold a huge banquet for their army. Meanwhile, at the Flower capital, people celebrate the only day they are allowed to drink alcohol.

Maybe they are allowed to drink to celebrate the Fire Festival. Or maybe since Orochi and his men are not around, citizens can exercise more freedom. Some part or the fan discussions say the people from the Flower capital carry some stuff off to somewhere that’s not yet revealed.

Minks and Sulong explained

Fan discussions suggest, both Orochi and the citizens of the flower capital expressed delight in the fine weather. Some citizen expects to see a beautiful full moon by night time. If this is true, then we might finally see the Sulong form of the minks Inurashi, Nekomamushi and even Bepo.

Minks are humanoids with animal features. Similar to fish-men and merfolk, each individual takes after a specific animal. So far, the animalistic traits of the minks have all been fur-covered mammalian. As such, fur, which they also refer to as “mink”, covers most of their bodies and is considered their pride and joy.

Females tend to look more like humans while males tend to look more bestial. They possess humanoid hands and feet, but those based on animals with paws will also possess paw pads on their palm and up to their first knuckle. Their main combat ability is electro, where users can channel electricity through their body.

Sulong literally meaning “Moon Lion” is a form a mink takes upon looking directly at a full moon.

This form unleashes their primal animal instincts granting them a major power boost. Taking this form however greatly drains one’s energy and may even cause death. But when situation requires, I believe Inurashi and Nekomamushi will take that form and unleash their full power.

Momonosuke’s arrival at the Port of Promise

Meanwhile at Udon, the most disheartening part we will expect is the tragic scene in port Tokage.

According to spoilers, Momonosuke’s group arrived at their alliance’s rendezvous point on the day of fire festival. Their group consist of Kinemon, Kanjuro, Raizo, Inurashi, Kikunojo, Ashura, Kawamatsu, Shinobu and Momonosuke.

From there, they were supposed to meet their allies, including the 4,000 men and their ships. But when they actually arrived, there was no sign of their men and their ships. What’s interesting is that the weather is extremely stormy and the waves are high. The exact opposite where Orochi is.

In Wano, the weather can vary very vastly and the climate can be extremely unpredictable. But I still wonder how Tokage port in Udon and Habu port in Hakumai would have the very opposite weather conditions at the same time. If we look at the map of Wano, they are closely adjacent to each other.

Kinemon’s feeling of Abandonment

A leaked photo in Facebook by One Piece World shows the seven scabbards and Momonosuke facing the stormy seas with shipwreck debris.

Shinobu however looks the other way which raise suspicions. This act may prove my previous theory that Shinobu is the mole in the group. Seeing none of their alliance had come and having received no communication, Kinemon tries to call their allies.

He starts to call for Luffy, Hyougoro, Law and others. He announced that the twenty-long year prophecy is supposed to be fulfilled that day. But they are hopeless against 40,000 enemies without anyone’s aid. Hopelessly in tears, Kinemon’s call receives no answer.

Meanwhile, Inurashi finds a small boat and acts as if to row that boat towards Onigashima. Momonosuke stops him saying it was foolish. And the chapter spoiler end there so far. One Piece chapter 958 will be officially released on October 7. Lets see what all it brings to the plate.

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