One Piece chapter 955 released earlier this week in Shonen Jump thru Viz Media. The release date changed from September 16 to September 14. This early release clears some of the speculated details of the story.

One intriguing part is when at the end of the chapter, Orochi is shown to have obtained information about the raid during the fire festival. Next to that frame is another frame showing the face of Law. Many fans are enraged thinking that Law might have been the one to leak the information to Orochi.

Some of the details divulged to Orochi include the change in meeting place of the resistance army (it is lengthy to always call the Pirate-Samurai-Ninja-Mink alliance, so I will refer to them as the resistance army in this article) from Hakuba to Tokage port, and Princess Hiyori’s hiding place.

A mole in the Alliance?

Orochi received a report from Kaido’s men that Udon is under control, but his informant says otherwise. This made Orochi lose confidence in Kaido in some level. It was also revealed to him that Hiyori still lives and she is hiding somewhere in the north.

These details in Orochi’s hand may jeopardize the whole operation planned by Kinemon. There are two possible worst scenario and I’ll put them in their possible order:

1. Orochi will send some of his men to kidnap Hiyori. Using her as leverage, he can put a stop to the resistance army’s attack before it happens.

2. Orochi is reported to have 10,000 men under his command. The resistance only have about 4,000. He might send most if not all of his men to Tokage port to stop the raid and subdue his enemies all at once.

These scenarios defeats the purpose of Law’s alliance with Strawhat pirates and the rest of their allies. So why would Law give away his allies to Orochi? And was it really Law who gave the intel to the enemy?

Given the chronology of the frames in chapter 955, Law is the first suspect. I will discuss later how it is possible and why would he do it. But first, let me introduce another fan theory that would clear Law’s name on the matter.

Hiyori and Kyoshiro’s Conspiracy

Some discussions on Reddit and twiter raise speculations that Hiyori and Kyoshiro might have a secret plan to take down Orochi. Kaido may be the main force of the enemy, but Kozuki family’s hatred is fixed on Orochi. And that would be the reason for this.

In previous chapters Hiyori expressed her anger where she said she wants to be the one to kill Orochi. And this little conspiracy with Kyoshiro might be her way to do

It is an existing fan theory that Kyoshiro is actually Denjiro, the missing member of the Nine Red Scabbards. The theory began when Kyoshiro pretended to have killed Hiyori disguised as Komurasaki, a courtesan. Kyoshiro was clearly trying to protect her. Disguising as yakuza boss working for Orochi is the perfect espionage.

The fan theory suggests that Hiyori and Kyoshiro deliberately gave Orochi the intel about the resistance and her location to lure Orochi out. Doing so may yield two possible results:

1. Orochi personally goes to the Northern cemetery with some of his men to fetch Hiyori. Hiyori and Kyoshiro with his men will be waiting to ambush Orochi.

2. Orochi and his men intercept the resistance in Tokage Port. Perhaps Hiyori believes that Luffy and the rest of their allies will be able to take down Orochi’s 10,000 men. After witnessing Zoro’s strength and knowing Enma’s power, she may deem it a possibility. Also, Kyoshiro may have some men within the 10,000 army who could attack them from behind.

If it is true, then a 30,000 VS 4-5,000 may actually work in that setting. But let me get to my theory about Law being Orochi’s source of information. There was no personal contact between the informant and Orochi. Instead he was given a piece of paper containing the details. Now let me explain how is it possible.

Supernova Conspiracy

Law has been making his own moves from the time Luffy was caught. But this doesn’t mean he has no means of communication with their allies. He might still be receiving updates from time to time from Kinemon. This way he would know their current plans and situation including Hiyori.

The intel Orochi got did not specify Hiyori’s exact location. It just stated ‘somewhere in the North’. If the informant was Kyoshiro, and if he plans a conspiracy with Hiyori, the info should detail Hiyori’s exact location. So it’s possible that Law did not know that much and that would explain why he only said ‘somewhere in the North’.

Now to why Law would do that. To betray his allies? I don’t think so. Besides, he has no reason to do it.

When Luffy casually asked Law if he would betray him, Law said no. Innocent as it may seem I believe he was sincere. Besides, they both belong to the family of D, and somehow I feel like Law will bet even his life on Luffy to topple the world government.

So why did Law leak the intel to Orochi? We will remember that Law had help escaping with his men from Hawkins. A shadow of this mysterious helper can be seen in chapter 954. Fans were divided as to who the mystery man was. Some say it was just Hawkins, others say it was X-Drake.

I believe Hawkins will take his chance with Law to conspire against Kaido and avenge his crew. However, I also believe that Law’s mysterious helper was X-Drake. Drake is aware of Hawkins’ ability and probably also knew how to counter it since they have been working together for Kaido.

X-Drake’s history of being Kaido’s pawn is no different from that of Hawkins. They were both defeated although in a different setting. Drake attacked Kaido’s base and his men, while Hawkins and Kid were ambushed by Kaido who fell from a sky island.

Both setting led to a total defeat on their side making Hawkins and X-Drake affiliate with Kaido in order to survive.

With that being said, it is safe to assume that the ruse is the work of Law, X-Drake and Hawkins. They must have deliberately leaked some intel to Orochi also to lure him and his men. All this with the intention to weaken the enemy forces by taking down all of Orochi’s mean. It is a known battle strategy to divide and conquer.

Hawkins and Drake has been working with Kaido as Headliners. This ought to give them statistics of Kaido’s crew & Orochi’s army. They could be cooking up a strategy to take down Orochi and his forces first, free all the Samurai in the Flower capital and then wage an all out war with the Beast Pirates.

All these would then possibly lead to the most exciting showdown between Emperors and Supernovas.

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