A short summary of One Piece chapter 955 is already out on Reddit, and this brought on table major discussions and speculations regarding the detailed story. One of the major discussions is focused on Zoro’s training with his new katana, the Meito Enma.

Zoro’s agreement with Hiyori to replace the Shusui with Enma was one of the most exciting part of the previous chapter, and fans were thrilled to see how powerful it really is. In today’s section, lets take up some key points of the summary regarding Zoro’s newly acquired katana.

Creator of ‘Ama no Habakiri’ and ‘Enma’ revealed

Most of the main characters gather at Amigasa Village three days before the battle. Zoro and Kawamatsu delivers Hiyori’s message. She decides to stay out of sight as the battle approaches. Tengu will get the Nidai Kitetsu back as it will be delivered to him by Okiku.

Tengu tells them of the history of Ama no Habakiri and Enma. The two swords are both O Wazamono, the 21 great gade swords. Ama no Habakiri was made by Tengu who was also the creator of Zoro’s Sandai Kitetsu. While Enma and Wado Ichimonji were made by Shimotsuki Kouzaburo.

Zoro receives the Meito Enma

With princess Hiyori’s decision to give Zoro the Enma, Tengu decides to tell everyone about the two swords of Oden. After Oden’s death and the Kozuki family’s downfall, Tengu has been waiting for the chance to return the two swords, ‘Ama no Habakiri’ and ‘Enma’ to Momonosuke and Hiyori.

One Piece 954

Tengu gives Momonosuke the Ama ni Habakiri but he refuses to receive it. He asks Tengu to hold on to it for the time being. After which, Tengu gives Enma to Zoro. Kinemon tells Zoro that if it were him he would not accept the sword.

Enma’s power revealed

After Zoro received the Enma, he immediately wanted to try it. He sets out to try slicing a tree with it but ended up cutting up the coast. A raw scan of this scene shows Zoro’s arm decrease in volume and clad in haki together with the sword. Tengu Hitetsu takes the Enma from Zoro and explains its power.


According to Tengu, one of the abilities of Enma is to release the holder’s Ryuo against their will and cut more than necessary. This drains the holder’s energy. Tengu continues, “if it was an ordinary swordsman, he would be laying on the ground”. This is probably the reason why Kinemon told Zoro he would not accept the Enma.

The last part of the summary about Zoro was after he tried the Enma, Tengu asks ‘do you want another sword?’ As if to tease us that Zoro might have to use a different sword, as Enma might drain Zoro’s energy during battle. However, this does not necessarily tell us that we will not see Zoro using Enma during his upcoming battles. He might still train with Enma and carry it in his person but as a last resort.

Aside from Enma, we might see Zoro also wielding Ama no Habkiri in battle. Those two are Kozuki Oden’s favorite swords after all. ‘Enma’ whose slash can reach the bottom of hell, and ‘Ama no Habakiri’ that can even cut down the sky. A Yonko level sword perhaps? We shall see.

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