This One Piece article is based on spoilers. Only those interested in spoilers should take a read.

The official release of One Piece chapter 964 is just a few days from now. Many spoilers have already leaked on social media. They basically focus on Oden’s escape from Wano and the adventures in the sea.

In this upcoming chapter, we may also see an appearance of Toki. It will be the first time Toki and Oden will meet. This chapter could also reveal Toki’s full name before she took upon Oden’s surname. What’s interesting is that Toki might be playing a more important role than we thought.

Toki meets Oden

In order to join Whitebeard’s crew, Oden accepted Whitebeard’s challenge. For three days, he had to hold on to a chain fastened to Whitebeard’s ship. If he passes the challenge Whitebeard would accept him in his crew. However, just an hour before the challenge is done, Oden let go of the chain.

He did it in response to a distress call from a woman. That woman was Toki. She was being hunted by pirates who intended to sell her. A severely bloated Oden came to save her, which intimidated the pirates.

Oden fell asleep because of exhaustion and Toki took care of him. The following day, the pirates returned with their captain. Luckily Whitebeard came to rescue Oden and Toki. He then allowed Oden and Toki to board his ship, together with Izo, Nekomamushi and Inurashi.

Toki reveals her origin

Once onboard the Mobydick, Toki revealed that she is headed for Wano. This was unpleasing for Whitebeard though. So she just insisted to be allowed to stay in their ship. This means Toki also became a pirate with Oden.

Later during their journey, Toki revealed her age probably to Oden. She was 26 years but was born 800 years ago. This would make her a citizen from the Void Century. And her desire to go to Wano might have some connection with this.

Toki’s role

Spoilers from the upcoming chapter reveal that Toki’s full name is Amatsuki Toki. Not only her origin or destination opens possibilities, her name is also an intriguing part of what might her role in the story be.

A One Piece spoiler and theories group on Facebook posted some interesting theory about Toki. It links Toki not only to the void century, but also to Wano. She may even have some link to the controversial D clan.

If we recall, Toki already hinted her connection to Wano. When she sent Momo and some of the scabbards to the future, she chose to stay. She revealed that she already arrived at her destination. Hiyori may know about this and she may have some plans, that’s why she chose not to join Momo yet.

Toki’s full name, posted on Facebook. For link, click here.

Toki’s name explained

According to the Facebook post, the English translation for Amatsuki is Heavenly Moon, while Kozuki means moonlight. This explains why both their clans have crescent moon design in their clothing.

This connection may not be superficial. They may have some sort of bond similar to that of Kozuki clan and the Minks. Furthermore, the theory post explains some names and terms related to moon. This connection is supported by a fan comment about Enel’s journey to the moon after Skypiea Arc.

A spoiler/theory post on Facebook about Toki (click/tap to enlarge)

Shimotsuki clan equates Frost Moon, while the Minks’ sulong means Moon Lion. The D in D clan is shaped like a half-moon. Based on Oda’s plots so far, we can assume that these are somehow connected.

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