This One Piece article is based on spoilers. Only those interested in spoilers should take a read.

A new era of scanlation has really begun. But even with the recent shutdown of some popular scanlation websites, raw scans for One Piece chapter 967 have still made their way to manga readers. A link to a Korean site with a Korean translation of the upcoming chapter was posted on Reddit.

On the other hand, a raw scan of the whole chapter with English translation was posted on Facebook.

Contrary to expectations, chapter 967 might be released this year and will be the last chapter for the 2nd decade of the One Piece series. This is what Oda probably meant when he said that he will not rest yet for this year during the Jump Festa 2020.

This upcoming chapter may mark the end of Oden’s flashback, as the succeeding events after this chapter are already known. The chapter is titled “Roger’s Adventure” and it details his final voyage and eventful discovery of the final island and One Piece.

But what many may not have noticed is the revelation of the location of all four Road Poneglyphs.

What are poneglyphs?

Poneglyphs are huge indestructible stone cubes with ancient inscriptions. The language used to inscribe upon them are native to the Kozuki Family. According to Oden, their family uses this secret language to convey top-secret information within their family.

These poneglyphs were created sometime during the void century. Their collective purpose is not yet revealed. However, poneglyphs can be classified into three types – historical poneglyphs, instructional poneglyphs, and road poneglyphs.

The historical poneglyphs contain records about the void century, as well as messages from ancient people such as Joy Boy. The instructional poneglyphs contain clues about the location of historical poneglyphs. While road poneglyphs point a certain location.

The combined location of the four road poneglyphs points toward the final island in the grandline where the mysterious Joy Boy had left his treasure.

Why the World Government prohibits the study of the poneglyphs?

Since the text used in poneglyphs are ancient and endemic to the Kozuki Family, there are very few people who can decipher its ancient writings. Even in the Kozuki clan, only the oldest in every generation are bequeathed with the ability to read and write the ancient text.

The only other people who are known to have been able to read poneglyphs are the scholars of Ohara. But when the World Government found out about this, they ordered the annihilation of the whole country of Ohara via buster call.

The World Government deems it taboo to learn anything about the void century.

Their main argument for prohibiting the study of poneglyphs is the existence of ancient weapons with the power to destroy the world. Apparently, the details about the destructive power and locations of these ancient weapons are also inscribed within some poneglyphs.

Aside from this, the World Government knows that the ideals from the fallen Kingdom written on the poneglyphs are far more dangerous and may turn the tides against them.

Where are the road poneglyphs?

Among all the poneglyphs, road poneglyphs are the most sought after, especially by pirates who wish to find Roger’s treasure, the One Piece. Currently, the Straw hat pirates are also in search of these road poneglyphs which will help Luffy achieve his dream of becoming the next Pirate King.

So far, the Straw hats got hold of two road poneglyphs. One from the whale tree in Zuo, and the other a print from the road poneglyph in Big Mom’s possession. Another road poneglyph is known to be in Kaido’s possession, while the last one has been unknown until today!

According to Roger, he got a print of Big Mom’s poneglyph, while a print of another poneglyph was given to him by Whitebeard as a gift. I don’t find it possible that Whitebeard’s copy of the riad poneglyph comes from Kaido.

So, in essence, the last and final poneglyph is in Whitebeard’s possession. This is probably one of the reasons Marco could not leave Sphinx island as it is the keepsake of Whitebeard’s treasure and that could include the final road poneglyph.

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