One Piece chapter 967 was officially released today in Shonen Jump’s online platforms. The cover is a drawing by Oda which is about the recent collaboration between One Piece and a Japanese boy band, Arashi.

The collaboration is for the remake of Arashi’s first single which is now called A-RA-SHI Reborn. The official music video was released on January 3, 2020. With the official release of this chapter, several errors especially from the first released raw scans, are clarified.

So this article is dedicated to helping readers identify those errors and the correct official translations.

Scan vs official: errors uncovered

For the benefit of everyone, I will base from the first released raw scan which seems to have the most errors. I can’t find the original link to this, but I saw a link to a Facebook user who posted screenshots of the raw scans online. I will also just focus on pages with what I think has the most significance. Let’s begin.

Page 1

This one probably has the most noted error. I think this is due to a hastened fan translation following the issue with Jaiminisbox. The biggest error on this page is about road poneglyphs. Roger did have a rubbing of Big Mom’s road poneglyph, but Whitebeard did not give him any.

It makes sense since Whitebeard is not really interested in finding One Piece.

Page 2

Oden did not directly invite Franky to join their crew. He was asking Franky if want him to talk to Roger to take Franky on the ship.

Page 3

Oden did not ask if Sabaody was Fishman island. In fact, he said he had been in Fishman island with Whitebeard. Someone then told him not to be reckless, as it is not less dangerous the second time around.

Page 4-5

On page 4-5, Neptune did not ask if Roger was the one planning to destroy the gates of Fishman island. He simply assumed that Roger would be the one to do it since they are there by the time the prophecy was given.

Also on page 5, after Roger’s line, his crewmen followed by asking about Neptune’s fear of a little prophecy. Additionally, when a soldier reported to Neptune reported about the Neptunian’s attack at the gate, he dis not ask Roger if he did it. He simply said Roger was right.

Page 6

Sharley is age 3, not 5. She dis not say that the day of disaster will come after the mermaid princess is born. The Neptunians are restless, waiting for the mermaid princess to be born. There was no talk about celebration and the only prophecy about Otohime is her political protest.

Page 7

Poseidon is not reborn every 100 years but every few centuries.

Page 8

Roger did not say “my daughter”, but ” your daughter”. Also, Oden did not offer any parenting tips. Also, Rayleigh did not say “created the weapons” but “those who called them weapons“.

Page 9

Toki did not have a fever. Crocus said that the exhaustion of their long journey has caught up with her body.

Page 10

Oden wanted to return to Wano with Toki, but Toki threatened to divorce him if he does. Kinemon and the others did not ask Oden to stay and rule Wano. Before they could say it, Toki stopped them and begged them to let Oden proceed on his journey.

Page 11

Oden was not talking about his homecoming in the next four years. He simply said that it was his first return to Wano after 4 years. Also, Roger was not doubting the Vivre card. He just said that the Vivre card is their only way to reach Zou.

Page 12

There is no such thing as minktomacy. They simply said garachu. Oden was not told to go back to the ship. Roger did not say something huge is inside the whale tree, but that something huge is watching them.

Page 13

Oden’s narration did not include the final island. He said they found several real poneglyphs and all four road poneglyphs.

Page 14

Buggy just caught a sudden fever. There was no “you’ll die if you go to that island disease”. Other errors are tolerable as they basically convey similar meaning.

Page 15

There was no talk about big news or something. There was also no talk about unanswered mystery. Also, Roger did not call himself the greatest pirate to ever live.

I did not tackle other errors because they are either tolerable or not that big of a deal. These errors made the story very different from what it means. I hope this little article helped.

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Image credits:Viz Media/ Funimation/ Onepiece.fandom

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