This One Piece article is based on spoilers. Only those interested in spoilers should take a read.

The first spoiler image finally appears after hours of painstaking wait for One Piece chapter 966 spoilers. A spoiler thread on Reddit shares a link to the spoiler images. While a Facebook user posted that image just moments later. Some details about the upcoming chapter were also revealed.

This spoiler image confirms the most anticipated clash between Roger and Whitebeard. Pirate King versus the strongest man in the world. This may be the first time we will see Whitebeard fight in his prime.

Clash of the legends

This battle has been anticipated for so long as Roger and Whitebeard are known to have the highest bounty so far. Of course, during the timeline in the upcoming chapter, Roger is not the Pirate King yet. Also, Whitebeard may not have the title of the strongest man in the world at this moment.

According to Rayleigh in the previous chapter, they only fought with Whitebeard once. It must have been during the God Valley incident since it was the only recorded fight between Roger and Rocks pirates where Whitebeard used to belong.

Fight of the decade

This would be the biggest fight this year. However, spoilers confirm that the battle between Roger Pirates and Whitebeard pirates will not be shown in detail. This is a bummer for many fans has been eager to see them fight.

At the end of their battle, Roger and Whitebeard become friendly with one another. They will share treasures and food and drinks in a banquet. This is probably how Roger came to trust Whitebeard that he even shared the meaning of Will of D to him.

Roger recruits Oden

During their banquet, Roger and Oden probably got acquainted. Then Roger would find out that Oden is a Kozuki from Wano and is able to read and write the ancient text.

Roger tells Whitebeard and Oden about the road poneglyphs and Laugh Tale. A raw scan also shows Roger explaining the redline and log pose. He was probably telling them how to find the One Piece.

Roger then invites Oden to join him on his last voyage. Since Oden knows how to read the poneglyphs, he is the only one capable of guiding Roger to Laugh Tale.

More spoilers to come

At the end of the chapter, we will see Oden sculpting Roger’s message on the Shadorian golden bell. There is also a raw scan showing a possible faceoff between shanks and Teach. We might finally see how Shanks got his scar from Teach.

We shall know more details as more spoilers come to light. Stay updated by following

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