This One Piece article is based on spoilers. Only those interested in spoilers should take a read.

One Piece chapter 961 release date was moved from November 1 to November 2, 2019. This is according to a One Piece Theory thread on Reddit which gives latest updates regarding the manga.

On the same thread, fans shared ideas and speculations about the upcoming chapter. One of which caught my interest specifically because I had a similar thought. It’s about Oden’s two-sword style which he probably used to kill the mountain god.

Subduing the Mountain god

According to the spreading spoilers, the mountain god in the previous chapter commenced an attack at the capital of Wano. When Kinemon heard that O-Tsuro was eaten by the giant boar, he charged towards it with the intent to kill.

His efforts were ineffectual, however, as his strengths and abilities couldn’t match with the beast.

Kinemon’s actions won Oden’s praise, causing him to step in to save Kinemon. Holding the white pig in his hand, Oden provokes the mountain god to attack him. This is where the interesting part comes in.

Oden’s Two Sword Style

We know Oden uses two swords, the Enma and Ame no Habakiri. Kinemon also has two swords in the present time but they have a different technique. What is interesting about Oden’s two-sword technique is that it resembles Zoro’s in some way.

In a raw scan of the chapter posted on Facebook, Oden holds his two swords in opposite directions. He does this while shouting the name of his technique: Oden Two-Sword Style, tougen Shirataki. When I first saw it I quickly remembered Zoro’s two-sword techniques.

Zoro’s Two-Sword Style

Zoro is known for his Santoryu, which literally means a three-sword style. But during his early training in Koushirou’s dojo, Zoro uses two swords. Zoro developed his signature Santoryu upon the death of Kuina, adding Kuina’s Wado Ichimonji as his main katana.

Zoro’s ultimate killing technique is Santoryu. However, he is also extremely skilled in using Nitoryu or two-sword style. Some of his two-sword techniques include the following:

1. Nanajuni Pound Ho– which literally means 72-pound Phoenix/Canon.

2. Nigiri – translated as Two cutter, Nigiri is one of Zoro’s most famous techniques.

3. Hirameki – it is a two air- based attack which literally translates as flash.

Zoro Tatsumaki and Oden’s Two-Sword style

Tatsumaki in translated as tornado. But in the manga and anime, it means Dragon Twister. Unlike Oden’s two-sword style, Zoro’s Tatsumaki is actually a three-sword technique. However, I think they have an uncanny resemblance.

Facebook user Edward Newgate thinks so as he posted a collage comparing Oden and Zoro. In the photo, both Oden and Zoro hold their katanas in a normal grip but in opposite directions.

Fans on a Reddit thread share the same sentiment. They even say that it supports the theory that Denjiro is Koushirou, who trained Zoro.

Koushirou taught Zoro Oden’s Two-sword Style?

According to some fans on the Reddit discussions, Denjiro being Koushirou is becoming more plausible. He pointed out some details to reinforce this speculation. Apparently, Denjiro is a big fan of Oden. Also, Denjiro looks a lot like Koushirou and Zoro was trained by Koushirou.

Another fan clarified that the timeline would make it possible. According to One Piece Wiki, Koushirou is currently 51 years old. The flashback setting is 41 years ago which would make Koushiro about ten years old. It is about the same age as Denjiro in the flashback.


In conclusion, the theory goes this way. Kinemon and Denjiro follows Oden after the incident at the capital involving the mountain god. From that point onward, they became loyal followers of Oden.

Denjiro either tries to copy Oden’s technique or develop a technique similar to it. Years later, Denjiro had to escape an infant Zoro from Wano to East Blue.

Zoro grows up with the goal of being the strongest swordsman. He probably heard some stories about his ancestor being the strongest (Ryuma). He ended up being trained by Koushirou a.k.a. Denjiro. In Denjiro’s eyes, Oden is the strongest swordsman.

To help Zoro fulfill his dream, Denjiro trained Zoro in the ways of Oden’s two-sword style.

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