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So Tumblr finally made the big decision to ban almost all adult content from its platform. This has left artists who produce NSFW content and their audience searching for alternative, replacement, or services like Tumblr that still allow posting and sharing explicit content.


We have collected a list of platforms that Tumblr users are migrating to. Take a look:


As we highlighted last month, migration of Tumblr users already started after it came to light that the company – in its fight against child pornography – is purging general NSFW accounts as well. Seemingly the first platform to announce that they are gaining from the Tumblr purge was Newgrounds.

Here’s what the founder TomFulp said last month:

If you’ve noticed an influx of new artists on Newgrounds over the past 24 hours, it’s because Tumblr began purging accounts of NSFW artists. Some of these removals may have been an accident on Tumblr’s part but regardless, there’s been a migration to Newgrounds

And here’s their recent interaction with a user, where it’s reasonable to say the indirect reference the user is making to is Tumblr.

Also this:

Newgrounds is also apparently making visible moves to court users migrating from Tumblr.

For those who aren’t aware, Newgrounds has existed for over 20 years now.


Pillowfort is a new blogging platform that’s currently in beta. Last month, when Tumblr’s iOS app was taken down, Pillowfort sent out a tweet courting Tumblr users looking for alternatives.

The site is currently down as some vulnerabilities are being resolved. It should be back up soon. When that happens, head here to know more about the platform.

Meanwhile, here’s some more info about Pillowfort:


Sharesome is a new player in the field of adult social networks. Here’s what the company describes itself:

Sharesome is an adult social platform that helps you connect with your favourite performers. Better yet, think of us as a community where your kinks are finally free to run wild. Here at Sharesome we try to create an environment where you are welcomed no matter what your fantasies are, allowing you to create a free account and check out your favorite pornstars’ private world or, who knows, even become one

You can learn more about it by heading here.


See the December 05 update in the updates section in the end of this story.


See the December 06 update in the end of this story.


See the December 07 update in the updates section in the end of this story.

Explicitr and Suffra

Scroll down and see the December 09 update in the end of this story.

Dark Cloud

Dark Cloud has jumped into the Tumblr alternatives bandwagon. The company has announced Tumblr Converter, a tool will allow users to convert their Tumblr account to a Dark Cloud profile. Details here.


Tumblralt is a Tumblr alternative from engineers within Tumblr community. Read more about it here.


iLOOPit is basically a platform for nsfw gif blogging. Details here.

Mojo Fire

A new Tumblr alternative has come to light. It’s called MojoFire. Read out latest story titled ‘MojoFire wants to transcend Tumblr, not just replace it‘ by heading here.



A new Tumblr alternative has come to light. It’s called newTumbl. The selling point of this new platform is it lets users (from social media sites like Tumblr) retain their existing usernames or blog names. For details, read the complete story.


We are adding another name to our list of Tumblr alternatives. The platform is called Cumblr, which went live on December 31 last year. Read more about it by heading here.


Tumblr alternative Youllo is new social microblogging network that lets you import your Tumblr blog in 5 clicks. Before importing, you can also have preview of how your Tumblr posts would look on Youllo. Details here.

Other user recommended platforms

Here’s a list of some other user recommended platforms:

Not exactly user-recommended, but still:

Update (December 04):

An NSFW Tumblr artist’s petition (seeking to reverse the adult content ban ) has got over 160,000 signs in 15 hours. For details, head here.

Update (December 04):

Embarrassing but true: Tumblr’s algorithms flagged its own announcement as explicit/adult. Details here.

Update (December 04):

Tumblr’s blanket ban on adult content: Here are some of the hilarious memes we found.

Update (December 05):

We have now stumbled upon Ghost, which says it’s a “powerful, customizable alternative to Tumblr.” To know more about it, head here.


Update (December 05):

An uproar of sorts has broken out on social media over the use of the term “female-presenting nipples” in Tumblr’s official ‘adult content ban’ announcement. We bring you a potential reason behind the use of this term. Details here.

Update (December 05):

Tumblr users are planning a 24 hour ‘log off’ protest against the company’s recently announced porn ban, but will it help? Read our latest coverage by heading here.

Update (December 06):

Popular porn website Pornhub has now officially welcomed those looking for a Tumble replacement, while over at Tumblr, many eminent photographers and artists – like Michael Stokes – are now complaining that their posts have been incorrectly flagged as explicit. More details here.


Update (October 06):

Want to move Tumblr blog to another platform? Here’s how to export data.

Update (December 07):

BREAKING: A secret new Tumblr alternative might be in offering. Yes, screenshots detailing some features of the new platform have been shared by someone who says they received them from an “anonymous source”. For details, head here.

Update (December 07):

Dreamwidth is also being touted as an alternative to Tumblr. See what people are talking about it by heading here.

Update (December 08):

Owl pics? Here’s how Tumblr censor bots are being fooled.

Update (December 09):

We have stumbled upon two more platforms – Explicitr and Suffra – that are also pitching themselves as Tumblr alternatives. More info on them here.


Update (December 11):

How Pornhub gained from Tumblr crisis and PewDiePie vs T-Series war – read our latest coverage by heading here.

NOTE: For all latest, breaking news related to Tumblr adult content ban as well as its alternatives, head here.

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