Is Tumblr shutting down? No. But there’s exodus and Newgrounds is gaining from it

NOTE: For all latest, breaking news related to Tumblr adult content ban as well as its alternatives, head here.

So it’s been nearly a week since Tumblr started experiencing problems, and the situation hasn’t changed yet – the iOS app is still missing from the App Store, and searching NSFW content still isn’t possible (in fact this is now the situation for Android users as well).

This delay by Tumblr in fixing the ongoing problems has fueled rumors/speculations that the platform or service is shutting down. Let’s get one thing out of the way first, don’t believe in these rumors until you see something credible or official.

Getting Tumblr rid of child pornography isn’t a small task, so it may take time for the company to do that.

While Tumblr may be trying hard to achieve what’s required, their effort isn’t being appreciated by all users. As we have already highlighted, a lot of general NSFW blogs and even many SFW blogs have got purged in the process so far.

You can judge the intensity of the situation by the fact that there’s a dedicated hashtag #tumblrpurge on Twitter where affected users are discussing the ongoing situation at Tumblr.

The only way for users whose Tumblr blogs are now gone is to approach the company and make them understand their case. Of course, there’s no guarantee that you’ll get your blog back, but it’s worth trying. In addition, here’s a tip that might help you save your blogs.

So you see, these developments have created a sense of insecurity among Tumblr bloggers/artists, and the fear of losing their work is now forcing them to consider about alternatives like Newgrounds.

In fact, Newgrounds – which has been around for 20 years now – has already confirmed they’ve got a lot of new users who migrated from Tumblr.

Then there are services like Pillowfort, which aren’t even public yet, but are trying to capitalize on this opportunity.

So you see, Tumblr has already started losing its user base, which is bad news for the company. However, it seems like their current priority is to get back on the App Store. It’ll be interesting to see how this episode unfolds further.

Update (December 03):

Tumblr allowing NSFW ads despite blocking everything explicit. More info here.

Update (December 04):

Want to know why is Verizon owned Tumblr banning adult content December 17 onward? Read our latest coverage on the matter by heading here.


Update (December 04):

Tumblr alternatives/replacements: Newgrounds, Pillowfort, and more. For details, head here.

Update (December 04):

An NSFW Tumblr artist’s petition (seeking to reverse the adult content ban ) has got over 160,000 signs in 15 hours. For details, head here.

Update (December 04):

Embarrassing but true: Tumblr’s algorithms flagged its own announcement as explicit/adult. Details here.

Update (December 04):

Tumblr’s blanket ban on adult content: Here are some of the hilarious memes we found.

Update (December 05):

An uproar of sorts has broken out on social media over the use of the term “female-presenting nipples” in Tumblr’s official ‘adult content ban’ announcement. We bring you a potential reason behind the use of this term. Details here.

Update (December 05):

Tumblr users are planning a 24 hour ‘log off’ protest against the company’s recently announced porn ban, but will it help? Read our latest coverage by heading here.

Update (December 06):

Want to move Tumblr blog to another platform? Here’s how to export data.

Update (December 07):

BREAKING: A secret new Tumblr alternative might be in offering. Yes, screenshots detailing some features of the new platform have been shared by someone who says they received them from an “anonymous source”. For details, head here.

Update (December 08):

Owl pics? Here’s how Tumblr censor bots are being fooled.

Update (December 09):

We have stumbled upon two more platforms – Explicitr and Suffra – that are also pitching themselves as Tumblr alternatives. More info on them here.

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