PiunikaWeb was the first publication to bring to light NSFW/explicit content’s search-related glitch on Tumblr that eventually ended with the company banning adult content.

The adult content ban compelled the concerned Tumblr users to hunt for its alternatives.


Considering the genuine number of affected users we created an exhaustive list of Tumblr alternatives in an effort to save them some botheration.

And now, adding to the existing list, we have stumbled upon a couple of more platforms that are also trying to court NSFW/adult/explicit artists and content creators planning to migrate from Tumblr.


The first in the list if Explicitr. Here’s what the site’s home page says:

Sick of the adult community getting the boot? So are we! That’s why we’re announcing Explicitr. Create your blog, share your content, follow others, enjoy for free. It’s that simple


It’s a new platform, so you should take a look at their Terms and Conditions as as well Privacy Policy page (both available on explicitr.com and updated on December 05) before signing up.

The second platform – Suffra or Suffranet – isn’t even ready yet. However, here’s what their official website, suffra.net, says:

With Tumblr banning all NSFW content, Those communities will have nowhere to go. We plan to make our own niche platform specifically for those groups, providing what they need.

Furthermore, they add

We have plans to include our own custom commission system for artists, groups and tags for NSFW content to be found easier while also being hidden by people if wanted


Here’s some more info about Suffra:


Hope this info was helpful. Anyway, we are continuously looking for more Tumblr replacements, and will update this story as and when we find more related information. Until then, keep a tab on this space.

Update (December 15)

Explicitr CEO has exclusively shared with PiunikaWeb some more information about the platform, including what affect Tumblr’s announcement has had on their offering.

Explicitr has been growing by the thousands since Tumblr’s announcement. We managed to get off the ground very quickly because ………….

Read the complete story here.

PS: Pillowfort is another platform that recently made a detailed announcement related to their content policy, while also revealing their community grew by over 10,000 new users ever since Tumblr banned NSFW/adult content.

However, Pillowfort isn’t currently available to general public for use. You can read more about Pillowfort here and here.


NOTE: For all latest, breaking news related to Tumblr adult content ban as well as its alternatives, head here.

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