[EXCLUSIVE] Explicitr growing by thousands since Tumblr's announcement, CEO says

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NOTE: For all latest, breaking news related to Tumblr adult content ban as well as its alternatives, head here.

Even since reports of users leaving the Tumblr platform came to light, we started building an exhaustive list of alternatives to Tumblr. Last week, we highlighted a couple of more platforms pitching themselves as Tumblr alternatives: Explicitr and Suffra.

Now, Explicitr CEO has exclusively shared with PiunikaWeb some more information about the platform. Jordan says Explicitr has gained a lot in terms of new users ever since Tumblr announced a sort of blanket ban over adult content. But the influx of users also means they’ve been working overtime to make sure they can accommodate all requests.

Explicitr has been growing by the thousands since Tumblr’s announcement. We managed to get off the ground very quickly because we have an awesome and dedicated team behind us. Not only have we been working virtually 24/7 to address any support requests, we’ve also been meeting daily to review all the feature requests users are bringing to our attention

Jordan further says their team has added nearly a dozen new features to the platform and they’re confident that users will appreciate those features when the roll out begins. Details on the newly added functionalities as well as roll out time frame wasn’t revealed though.

One of the key features Tumblr refugees likely require is the ability to directly import their existing blogs (something Dark Cloud may be offering soon). Sadly, this is something, Jordan says, their team is still working on.

Though our team has yet to find a way for importing Tumblr blogs, our servers have been upgraded multiple times to ensure everyone who is uploading their content at once can do so. In fact, we’re proud to report that Explicitr has had 100% uptime since its launch!

Explicitr has been receiving a lot of user requests, and according to the CEO, one of the most requested features is mobile apps for the platform. Given that Explictr is an adult platform, making its app available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store is not an option. However, Jordan says they are aiming for a solution that involves downloading the app manually, from their own website.

One thing I do want to mention is mobile apps. We’ve had so many emails and messages about these. Not everyone realizes that Google and Apple do not permit applications that allow the sharing of adult content. Though that provides a massive hurtle, we are working on a way to have apps that can be downloaded manually without going through those outlets

Here’s what the Explicitr website says in this regard:

Our ultimate goal is to develop the app and have it downloadable and able to install on your device from our website with just a few extra steps

Meanwhile, as a workaround, the Explicitr website has been made mobile friendly, and the company is suggesting users to add Explicitr to their device’s home screen, so they don’t miss the app experience for time being.

Finally, Jordan also talked about the platform’s content policy. The bottom line is as long as the individuals in photos are consenting and over 18 years old, they don’t have any issues. Here’s what exactly the CEO said in this regard:

Explicit is an adult website and does encourage and permit the sharing of nudity and adult content. However, our terms specifically state “Explicitr does not permit the distribution of any illegal content. All users, posts, images, videos, etc must be of subjects consenting and over the age of 18.” Unfortunately, we have already had a small handful of users push these limits, but our community is determined to keep growing and through our team, moderators, and users we have been able to identify any illegal or prohibited content and remove it right away

Jordan signed off by saying Explicitr is here for the long haul, with plans to provide a safe, secure, and free network for adult bloggers for years to come.

PS: Aside from Explicitr, Pillowfort is another platform that recently made a detailed announcement related to their content policy, while also revealing their community grew by over 10,000 new users ever since Tumblr banned NSFW/adult content. However, unlike Explicitr, Pillowfort isn’t currently available to general public for use.

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