Pornhub welcomes Tumblr diaspora as Michael Stokes finds posts flagged explicit

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NOTE: For all latest, breaking news related to Tumblr adult content ban as well as its alternatives, head here.

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Update (December 09):

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Update (December 09):

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Update (December 08):

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Update (December 07):

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Update (October 06):

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Update (October 06):

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Original story follows:

You can add another name – an already quite popular one – to your list of Tumblr alternatives: Pornhub. Yes, while many have been jokingly saying that Pornhub should step in and offer help to Tumblr’s NSFW/adult content creators and artists, the site officially welcomed the Tumblr diaspora today with open arms.

Here’s what the company said through its official Twitter account (Pornhub Aria):

As you can see, Pornhub is making it crystal clear that creators can make revenue off their content. Here are more details:

Creators learn more how to earn ad revenue, sell content and even get paid subscribers in your Fan Club where you can give exclusive perks

Pornhub Twitter account also replied to users asking about how all this would work:

Of course, people are now expecting them to come up with a Tumblr-like platform:

Meanwhile at Tumblr…

Meanwhile, as already highlighted earlier, Tumblr AI is continuously flagging posts that do not violate the company’s new community guidelines.

Latest among the string of complaints is coming from Michael stokes, who is known for photographing wounded veterans of the Gulf Wars and male figure studies using fitness models from around the world. Here’s what they said in a Tweet a few hours ago:

Have you all seen what is going on with @tumblr ? They are sterilizing their website. About 70% of my photos are flagged for removal because they violate their new community standards. Just about all of my wounded veteran photos have been flagged. #Censorship @verizon @Apple

To access their tweet, head here.

Another complaint we stumbled upon is from Twitter handle ianjq, with bio reading “cartoonman. creator of Cartoon Network’s OK K.O.! my opinions are my own.” Their innocent art work has also been marked as explicit by Tumblr.

So you see, there’s currently a lot of mess going on over at Tumblr. We are constantly keeping an eye on all related developments and will let you know as and when something news worthy happens.

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