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Original story (published on May 29, 2021) follows:

Last year has to be one of the busiest ever for the devs behind MIUI, so much so that two major versions got worked upon simultaneously. The outcome of this is the highly sophisticated Android skin MIUI 12.5 has turned out to be.

However, while feature additions have indeed kept the MIUI development team quite busy, little attention has been given to optimization and stability. This was crucial for a piece of software as heavy and resource-demanding as MIUI.

The oversight has resulted in an extremely laggy software experience that is indiscriminate to the price range a device lies in, combined with long-existing bugs screaming for attention.


To give an insight into how bad the situation has been lately, we recently highlighted how a community moderator recommended staying on Android 10 until Xiaomi solved the stability issues plaguing Android 11.

Yep, things have definitely worsened with the onset of Android 11, so much so, that Xiaomi had to issue an apology combined with the reason behind Android 11-based MIUI 12’s stability woes.

Still, even in the light of all this criticism, MIUI continues to have a tight grip over a massive fan following that track’s MIUI’s every avant-garde feature, combined with dedicated developer communities keen on enhancing the MIUI experience.


Xiaomi sure has a lot of patchwork to be done before MIUI is elevated to the near-perfect status.

Thankfully, there’s now growing evidence that the Chinese OEM is indeed upholding its promise to do better. A new list recently showed up comprised of an array of bug-fixes to be done with future MIUI 12.5 beta updates.

This is combined with the claims of MIUI 12.5 to bring along significant improvements in fluidity by prioritizing gesture rendering, and reducing CPU usage and power consumption by 22% and 15% respectively.


Xiaomi has one last shot at redemption and a lot riding on with the MIUI 12.5 update. Hopefully, it won’t screw up this time.

That said, bugs are the essence of any software and MIUI 12.5 is obviously no different. As more and more devices are added to the ever-growing list of devices running the update, one can expect new bugs to pop up as well.

We will keep track of such bugs and issues reported by MIUI 12.5 users and update this article regularly to reflect them.

Update 1 (June 01)

06:30 pm (IST): Petition requesting better MIUI 12.5 support for global devices and pushing for the return for MIUI stock apps along with better optimization has gotten over 7000 signatures. Head here to read Xiaomi’s response.

Update 2 (June 05)

01:59 pm (IST): There have been several complaints of a persistent media playback notification bug following the MIUI 12.5 update on a bunch of devices and here’s all you need to know.

Update 3 (June 12)

01:22 pm (IST): A fix is now in the works for the gap issue that arises when the media notification is dismissed. More details here.

01:49 pm (IST): A user has shared a possible solution for the media player notification gap issue. To know more, head here.

Update 4 (June 17)

04:09 pm (IST): The Poco X3 Pro reportedly suffers from lag issues despite having a flagship processor, even on MIUI 12.5, and here’s all you need to know about it.

Update 5 (June 26)

04:00 pm (IST): Xiaomi Mi Note 10 users have been complaining about lag issues ever since MIUI 12.5 update based on Android 11 made an appearance for the device. Thankfully, the dev team seems to be up to something to resolve the problem.

Update 6 (June 28)

05:40 pm (IST): A few Xiaomi Mi 11 users running MIUI 12.5 have complained about cast connectivity issues, but they’re set to get rectified soon as per forum mod.

Update 7 (June 29)

02:40 pm (IST): Several Xiaomi devices are facing an issue where the screen is always on/off when receiving notifications and another where incoming calls appear as unknown numbers.

The MIUI Weekly Bug Report has acknowledged them.

Update 8 (June 30)

12:26 pm (IST): A few Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro users have complained of battery drain issues following the MIUI 12.5 update but an official acknowledgment remains to be seen.

Update 9 (July 05)

02:48 pm (IST): For a few users, the Poco F3 reportedly suffers from Wi-Fi issues where it fails to connect or throws a “This Wi-Fi has no access to the internet error”. A Xiaomi executive hasn’t ruled out that it’s a bug.

Update 10 (July 06)

01:37 pm (IST): The Poco X3 Pro has some serious touch issues on MIUI 12.5 but Xiaomi is apparently already working on a fix. Head here for details.

Update 11 (July 07)

11:24 pm (IST): The Poco F3 has received a new MIUI 12.5 update that fixes the flashing notification problem. It also carries the May security patch. To download, head here.

Update 12 (July 08)

01:02 pm (IST): The Xiaomi Mi 10 suffers from an issue where the 5G option is missing. Thankfully, the latest edition of the MIUI Weekly Bug Report says that it will be fixed with the next OTA.

Update 13 (July 10)

12:50 pm (IST): A few Xiaomi Redmi K20 Pro users have stated that the MIUI 12.5 update has reduced lag on their device greatly. Hence, if you are having to deal with stutters, just wait for the soon-to-release update!

Update 14 (July 12)

12:22 pm (IST): In case you’re wondering why the ‘Others’ category is eating up so much of your storage on MIUI 12.5, like it has done for several users, then you will want to refer to this post to help free up all of that space.

05:59 pm (IST): Several Xiaomi and Poco device owners have complained that the 3-finger screenshot gesture has stopped working following Android 11 and MIUI 12.5 updates. Details here.

Update 15 (July 13)

02:47 pm (IST): Several Xiaomi and Poco device owners have complained that the force dark mode is glitchy on the Facebook app to which a mod has replied that the issue can’t be fixed by Xiaomi since it’s a Facebook problem.

Update 16 (July 14)

01:47 pm (IST): Turns out Facebook isn’t the only one affected by dark mode problems as a forum mod has now confirmed that Snapchat is unsupported with the mode as well.

Update 17 (July 15)

12:00 pm (IST): Some users have complained about the missing Smart Lock feature that is found on stock Android. A community mod confirms that it may have been removed.

Update 18 (July 16)

02:40 pm (IST): If mobile data is not working for you on your Xiaomi Redmi Note 10S, then know that Xiaomi has acknowledged it with their latest Weekly Bug Report.

Update 19 (July 20)

12:11 pm (IST): The latest Poco MIUI Weekly Bug Report says that the Poco X3 Pro ghost touch issues will be fixed with an upcoming update. The report also discusses some other commonly faced issues. More details can be found here.

Update 20 (July 22)

04:41 pm (IST): Poco F3 (Xiaomi Mi 11X) missing details on calls due to which users are unable to answer them and notifications delay issues get acknowledged. Details can be found here.

Update 21 (July 23)

05:52 pm (IST): The latest edition of the MIUI Weekly Bug Report now acknowledges an issue on the Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro Max that led to a prompt saying “Storage is not enough” when taking screenshots.

07:21 pm (IST): The Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro has received a feature through which Widevine L1, that broke following MIUI 12.5 update, can be restored. Will other devices get it too? Read on to find out.

Update 22 (July 24)

01:42 pm (IST): A Mi Community contributor recently made a post about app icons not loading in the apps list within the Settings app on MIUI 12.5. The issue was escalated by the MIUI beta testing team.

02:52 pm (IST): Some MIUI 12.5 users report that games like COD Mobile and PUBG get stuck, crash, and have loading issues, but a community mod says that a fix is already in the works. Details here.

Update 23 (July 26)

02:14 pm (IST): Several users on MIUI 12.5 have reported that Instagram does not let them upload stories longer than 15 seconds. While the issue does seem to be app-related, a Mi Community mod says that it has been escalated.

04:20 pm (IST): Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro users have been complaining about lag, slow charging, low volume, and Wi-Fi issues following the MIUI 12.5 update. Here’s all you need to know.

Update 24 (July 27)

01:16 pm (IST): The MIUI 12.5 update has resulted in app crash issues for some Xiaomi Mi 10T users and a community mod has shared the following workaround.

If you have the automatic cloud backup on, switch it off and restart your device. Please test this once.

Update 25 (July 28)

11:33 am (IST): Some Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro users have complained about battery drain and mic issues on calls following the MIUI 12.5 update. A community moderator recommended performing a factory reset in case of problems like these.

Update 26 (July 31)

Poco Launcher issues like broken animations and navigation gesture lag have still not been fixed with MIUI 12.5 but a mod now says that a fix is in the works.

Update 27 (August 02)

We previously highlighted how several Poco F3 users reported trouble with picking up calls due to delayed call notifications on MIUI 12.5. But it now seems that the issue is widespread and is affecting other devices as well.

Update 28 (August 03)

1. A few users have complained about touch screen responsiveness issues on the Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro indicating that something is indeed up. However, there’s still no sign of any official acknowledgment.

2. The Mi Scanner and Compass apps have reportedly stopped working on multiple devices including Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro and Mi 9T Pro following MIUI 12.5. But it has now been acknowledged.

Update 29 (August 05)

1. In case you’re missing background blur in folders and the option to take partial screenshots on MIUI 12.5 or MIUI 12, there is a way to add them back.

2. Many MIUI 12.5 users have complained of dark mode compatibility issues with apps like Messenger and Snapchat but there’s a workaround.

Update 30 (August 06)

01:59 pm (IST): A few Xiaomi Mi 10T 5G users have complained that their Control Center slides down annoyingly slow and is quite laggy on MIUI 12.5. There hasn’t been an official acknowledgment yet.

Update 31 (August 07)

12:59 pm (IST): A few Xiaomi Mi 10T users are now reporting that they’re unable to crop images properly from the MIUI Gallery editor. There hasn’t been any official acknowledgment for the same yet.

Update 32 (August 09)

12:48 pm (IST): One of Xiaomi’s official Weibo handles has posted this week’s major developments related to MIUI 12.5. The post says that the dark mode on MIUI 12.5 will be further optimized.

Update 33 (August 10)

01:11 pm (IST): Some Redmi Note 10 Pro Max users have reported that their calls aren’t connecting sometimes on MIUI 12.5. There’s also an issue of audio fluctuating on Netflix and Spotify. An official acknowledgment remains to be seen.

Update 34 (August 11)

02:59 pm (IST): A couple of Redmi Note 10 5G users have reported sync issues where notifications for some apps are delayed considerably or apps don’t sync at all until they’re opened. An official acknowledgment is yet to materialize.

Update 35 (August 12)

12:15 pm (IST): A few users with devices having high refresh rate displays have complained about Chrome lags. For this, a user has now shared an alleged fix:

Type chrome://flags/ in the chrome search bar and again search for “Android SurfaceControl”. Disable that and the 120Hz scrolling lag is gone!

05:28 pm (IST): There has been a slew of complaints about battery drain issues (regular usage/idle) on the Redmi Note 10 Pro following the MIUI 12.5 update. The issue has now been acknowledged.

Update 36 (August 13)

06:56 pm (IST): MIUI 12.5 Enhanced Edition was announced on August 10 and is promised to address most of the bugs and performance issues plaguing MIUI 12.5. To access its changelog and everything else you need to know, head here.

Update 37 (August 14)

04:06 pm (IST): The MIUI 12.5 update has introduced a new bug where The issue is when clicking on an app icon causes it to disappear and get replaced by the outline of the icon. The issue has been acknowledged and will be rectified soon.

05:50 pm (IST): Ever encountered an update that disappeared on its own after a while? Head here to know why it happened.

Update 38 (August 20)

02:01 pm (IST): Xiaomi has come out to acknowledge a few screen issues afflicting users of the Redmi Note 8 Pro and on the issue of touchscreen not working well, the company is advising users to have their screens replaced at official outlets as Android R does not support unofficial screens.

Update 39 (August 23)

02:01 pm (IST): The game lag issues on the Poco X3 Pro have now been acknowledged by a Poco Community mod. For details, head here.

Update 40 (August 24)

01:44 pm (IST): The Wi-Fi and audio level fluctuating issues on the Redmi Note 8 Pro have now been acknowledged. Head here for details.

Update 41 (August 25)

11:53 am (IST): The Redmi Note 10 battery drain issues have been acknowledged and been reported to the concerned, as per a community moderator. It is unclear though if the said issue is present on MIUI 12 or MIUI 12.5. Head here to know more.

05:16 pm (IST): If your home screen icons keep disappearing on MIUI 12.5/MIUI 12, you will be relieved to know that the issue has been acknowledged. Head here for details.

Update 42 (August 28)

02:28 pm (IST): Quite a few Redmi K20 Pro users on MIUI 12.5 stable have reported battery drain issues or reduced battery backup. A fix for the issue is not yet in sight.

Update 43 (August 30)

12:39 pm (IST): The MIUI 12.5 stable update is lacking a feature namely “notifications of background behavior” that Xiaomi had advertised back around MIUI 12’s release date. It was expected to have arrived by now but there’s still no sign. Thankfully, there’s an alternative app for the same that you can try.

Update 44 (September 01)

01:24 pm (IST): The Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Lite suffers from screen flickering issues that began following a recent software update. The problem has been reported to the concerned team:

Thanks for reaching here in MIUI sub forum. Sorry for the inconvenience. This issue is already reported, wait for future updates.

06:15 pm (IST): A mod says that the floating window feature has been disabled temporarily following the MIUI 12.5 update on Poco X3 NFC and other devices. Head here to know more.

Update 45 (September 02)

01:35 pm (IST): The second space feature on Redmi Note 10 Pro keeps closing as per some users, possibly due to RAM management issues. There is still no sign of an acknowledgment yet. However, you can head over to this thread to highlight your issue.

Update 46 (September 06)

11:29 am (IST): The Mobile Legends no response issue on the Redmi Note 9, calendar not showing any events on the Redmi 8A Pro, reboot issue on the Redmi Note 10 5G, and screen blinking while playing video on the Redmi 9T have now been acknowledged with the latest MIUI Weekly Bug Report. Head here for complete details.

Update 47 (September 07)

12:13 am (IST): Some Poco X3 users are currently experiencing an issue where they get an update notification for MIUI 12.5 but clicking on it shows that they have no updates.

The solution for this is rather simple though. Just head over to Settings > About phone > MIUI version > Settings > Receive updates early.

Update 48 (September 08)

07:13 pm (IST): Poco device owners have complained about a wallpaper zoom/stretch issue on their home screen and Xiaomi users are facing a related problem. Thankfully, a fix is in the works. More details here.

Update 49 (September 09)

02:13 pm (IST): Multiple users have complained that the blur on their Control Center does not work sometimes and that it stays transparent. The issue has been present since the MIUI 12 days and MIUI 12.5 reportedly hasn’t helped.

[Bug] (Miui 12) The blur effect that happens while viewing notifications does not always work properly
byu/KindaSuS1368 inXiaomi

Update 50 (September 10)

03:00 pm (IST): A few Black Shark 3 Pro users have complained that they’re facing performance issues and battery drains along with ‘bad color schemes’ following the MIUI 12.5. Unfortunately, there is no fix in sight.

Thus, the only possible workaround is performing a factory reset.

Update 51 (September 27)

06:19 pm (IST): A Device Team member in the community forums has confirmed that the team is aware of an issue that is preventing Redmi Note 8 Pro users from upgrading from MIUI 12.5.0 to

Update 52 (September 28)

12:31 pm (IST): The 56th edition of Xiaomi’s MIUI Weekly bug report is out and it addresses some of the bugs and issues afflicting Xiaomi devices.

1. Issue: Camera can’t scan QR code.
Affected Device: Redmi 10
Affected Version: V12.5.3.0.RKUMIXM, V12.5.4.0.RKUMIXM, V12.5.5.0.RKUMIXM
Root Cause: In June, “Scan” and other pre-installed apps were migrated from the cust partition to the data partition, and changed from “non-uninstallable” to “uninstallable”. The camera needs to be compatible, which is not compatible with Redmi 10.
Status: The fix has been merged into the stable version on 9/15‌‌

2. Issue: Bluetooth sound volume cannot be adjusted.
Affected Device: Redmi 10.
Affected Version: V12.5.5.0.RKUMIXM.
Status: 1. This speaker has been added to the absolute volume blacklist. In theory, the volume can be adjusted through the volume gain.
2. There is a problem with the volume gain parameter of Redmi 10, which makes it impossible to change the earphone volume by adjusting the phone volume gain
Current progress: MTK has given a repair plan, verify the Pass ahead.

3. Issue: Fortnite(Game) can‘t work due to Graphics Error
Affected Device: Redmi Note 8 Pro.
Affected Version: V12.5.3.0.RGGMIXM, V12.5.3.0.RGGEUXM, V12.5.2.0.RGGRUXM
Status: Under Testing.

4. Issue: Mobile Legends FC/No response.
Affected Device: Redmi 9.
Affected Version: V12.5.1.0.RJCIDXM, V12.5.1.0.RJOIDXM.
Status: The third party has released a new game version, has guided users to upgrade, waiting for feedback‌‌.

5. Issue: Wi-Fi disconnects automatically.
Affected Device: Redmi Note 8.
Affected Version: V12.0.2.0.RCOMIXM.
Status: The current analysis is related to firmware roaming, and Sniffer log analysis is required.
The security center has been grayscale since the upgrade 9/16, and some wifi problems will be fixed, continue to observe the feedback‌‌.

Update 53 (October 27)

11:30 am (IST): The latest MIUI 12.5 Enhanced Edition update for Mi 10 brings a whole bunch of fixes that were present in the MIUI 12.5.

It carries MIUI version V12.5.6.0.RJBEUXM and is rolling out for Mi 10 models in United Kingdom. Check the full update log here.

Update 54 (October 29)

10:21 am (IST): Xiaomi is now rolling out an update to users of the Mi Note 10 and the Note 10 Pro in Russia.

This update brings with it a ton of fixes as outlined in the following changelog.

– Updated Android Security Patch to September 2021. Increased system security.
(Lock screen)
– New: New fingerprint options
– Optimization: App vault memory usage when device is locked
– Fix: Screen flashed after locking when Super wallpapers were used
– Fix: Wallpapers flashed when Fingerprint unlock was used in some cases

– Fix: Display abnormalities occurred when Fingerprint unlock was used with games
– Fix: Issues with the fingerprint animation in several scenes
– Fix: Fingerprint and Face unlock were turned off after a SIM card was installed
– Fix: The screen flashed when Fingerprint unlock was used with Super wallpapers in some cases
– Fix: “Raise to wake” turned off unexpectedly in some cases

– Fix: Lock screen notifications didn’t disappear on time when Fingerprint or Face unlock was used in some cases
– Fix: Screen flashed when Fingerprint unlock was used in some cases
– Fix: No items except for the status bar were shown on the screen after using Fingerprint unlock
– Fix: Issues with the Lock screen clock when third party themes and super wallpapers were used
– Fix: Memory usage issues when charging animation was displayed
– Fix: Using Face unlock and Fingerprint unlock simultaneously led to crashes in some cases

Update 55 (November 19)

4:38 pm (IST): Poco has released its 19th edition of its regular bug report. In this release, the company addresses the app killing issue along with the bug that causes WhatsApp to have issues sending attachments.

1. Issue: App is killed in the background.
Affected Device: POCO F3
Affected Version: V12.5.5.0 RKHIDXM
Root Cause: The “atomic memory” function of MIUI12.5 enhanced version will cause the background of the game “Mobile Legends” to be killed.
Status: 1. Because the cloud control function involves all models, it takes time to verify from entering the code to packaging and testing, and the code quality needs to be strictly controlled.
2. Temporary solution: first add the current top10 application to the original whitelist and then repackage it, which is expected to be completed in the near future.
3. Long-term plan: follow-up will add cloud control function before release‌‌

2. Issue: Whatsapp can’t send attachments.
Affected Device: All Devices.
Affected Version: All Version.
Root Cause: After the latest version of Whatsapp is used on Android Q, there is a problem when upgrading to the R system. The root cause is that the application is not adapted to the scenario of the major version upgrade of Android.
Status: Whatsapp developers have provided patches and are bringing the effectiveness of patch changes‌‌.

Update 55 (January 17)

06:35 pm (IST): Several Redmi Note 10 Pro and some Note 10 Pro Max users in India are reporting (1, 2, 3, 4) dead front camera issue after the latest MIUI 12.5.9 update.

Users say that their front camera isn’t working at all. They have tried workarounds like clearing cache/data and also downloaded the latest package, but no luck.

It’s worth noting that the MIUI 12.5.9 isn’t even the latest version and it’s around two months old. The latest version is 12.5.10 and the rollout for which started just a couple of days back.

So users are not having this issue just after upgrading to MIUI 12.5.9, which means it could be a hardware-related issue. However, nothing can be said as yet.

I am using redmi note 10 pro for past 6 months, initially no issues at all. My front camera dead after miui update.can’t use front camera in any app including face unlock, my google meet presentation interrupted because of this. (Source)

I have redmi note 10 pro max after MIUI 12.5.9 update. I’m having same issue front camera isn’t working properly. (Source)

Yes sir, my redmi note 10 pro’s front cam broken after miui 12.5.9 update.I had to go to the service center and change the motherboard. (Source)

Update 56 (January 21)

03:52 am (IST): Many Poco X3 Pro users running MIUI 12.5 update are reporting that their device got hard bricked and is not turning on.

Here are some reports for reference:

Sir please look into the case of poco x3 pro, lots of people are getting hard bricks because of hardware issue or miui 12.5 (maybe), atleast do something about it (Source)

My poco x3 pro is dead because of miui 12.5 and service center is charging 12000 from me. now im going to complaint against xiaomi in consumer forum. (Source)

My poco x3 pro is not switching on yesterday I updated my phone miui 12.5.6. and then using phone and immediately phone switched off I tried every possible way to open watched every video but not switchonmy phone poco please help me pocox3 pro @POCOGlobal @IndiaPOCO @POCOSupport (Source)

Update 57 (January 22)

05:16 pm (IST): Xiaomi has reportedly acknowledged the issue with Redmi Note 10 Pro front camera not working. And the company said that it’s a hardware issue and could require motherboard replacement.

It will be free of cost if the device is still in the warranty period. However, if it has already completed one year then they may charge around 11,500 INR.

New updates will be added in the section below
Bug description Device(s) affected MIUI 12.5 version Status
Screen goes black after unlock for few seconds Redmi K30 Pro, Mi 10 Ultra, Mi 10 MIUI 12.5 Fix in works (Fixed for Mi 10)
Knuckle tapping for screenshot fails after turning off game acceleration Multiple MIUI 12.5 Acknowledged
Flashing screen when copying verification code Multiple MIUI 12.5 Acknowledged
WLAN connection pop-up window cannot be called up the input method Xiaomi Redmi K20/Mi 9T MIUI 12.5 Fixed
Non-dismissible media playback notification All devices on Android 11-based MIUI 12.5 MIUI 12.5 Explained
Bug description Device(s) affected MIUI 12.5 version Status
Notification gap after dismissing media player All devices on Android 11-based MIUI 12.5 MIUI 12.5 Workaround
Lag and stutter issues in apps and games Poco X3 Pro MIUI 12.5 Acknowledged
Laggy performance Mi Note 10 MIUI 12.5 Acknowledged
Cast connectivity issues Mi 11 MIUI 12.5 Acknowledged
Incoming calls appear as unknown numbers Mi 10 MIUI 12.5 Acknowledged
Bug description Device(s) affected MIUI 12.5 version Status
Screen is always on/off when receiving notifications Multiple devices MIUI 12.5 Acknowledged
Battery drain issues Redmi Note 10/Pro/Pro Max MIUI 12.5 Acknowledged
Wi-Fi issues Poco F3 MIUI 12.5 Unacknowledged
Touch issues Poco X3 Pro MIUI 12.5 Fix in works
Notifications flashing issue Poco F3 MIUI 12.5 Fixed
Bug description Device(s) affected MIUI 12.5 version Status
No 5G option Xiaomi Mi 10 MIUI 12.5 Will be fixed with next OTA
‘Others/other’ eating up too much storage Multiple devices MIUI 12.5 Solution
3-finger screenshot gesture not working Multiple devices Android 11-based MIUI 12 and MIUI 12.5 Acknowledged
Dark mode not displaying correctly on Facebook & Snapchat Multiple devices All versions Workaround
Missing Smart Lock feature Multiple devices MIUI 12.5 Explained
Bug description Device(s) affected MIUI 12.5 version Status
Mobile data not working Redmi Note 10S MIUI 12.5 Acknowledged
Missing details on calls due to which users are unable to answer them Poco F3 (Xiaomi Mi 11X) MIUI 12.5 Acknowledged
Delayed notifications Multiple devices MIUI 12.5 Acknowledged
“Storage is not enough” prompt when taking screenshots Redmi Note 9 Pro Max MIUI 12.5 Acknowledged
Broken Widevine L1 Redmi Note 10 Pro/Max MIUI Solution
Bug description Device(s) affected MIUI 12.5 version Status
Apps list icons not loading Possibly all devices MIUI 12.5 Acknowledged
COD Mobile & PUBG get stuck or crash Multiple devices MIUI 12.5 Acknowledged
Instagram doesn’t allow stories longer than 15 seconds to upload Multiple devices MIUI 12.5 Acknowledged
Lag, slow charging, Wi-Fi issues, and volume decreasing automatically Redmi Note 8 Pro MIUI 12.5 Acknowledged
App hanging and crashing issues Mi 10T MIUI 12.5 Workaround
Bug description Device(s) affected MIUI 12.5 version Status
Battery drain and mic issues on call Redmi Note 10 Pro MIUI 12.5.4 Workaround
Poco launcher issues All Poco devices MIUI 12.5/MIUI 12 Acknowledged
Touch screen issues Redmi Note 8 Pro MIUI 12.5 Acknowledged
Mi Scanner and Compass apps not working Multiple devices MIUI 12.5 Fixed
Missing background blur on folders & no option to take partial screenshots Multiple devices MIUI 12.5 Workarounds
Bug description Device(s) affected MIUI 12.5 version Status
Control Center slow and laggy Xiaomi Mi 10T MIUI 12.5 Unacknowledged
Cropping not working on MIUI Gallery Xiaomi Mi 10T MIUI 12.5 Unacknowledged
Calls not connecting & audio fluctuating in apps Redmi Note 10 Pro Max MIUI 12.5 Unacknowledged
Apps and notifications not syncing Redmi Note 10 5G MIUI 12.5 Unacknowledged
Chrome scroll lag Multiple devices with 120Hz displays MIUI 12.5 Possible workaround
Bug description Device(s) affected MIUI 12.5 version Status
App icon disappears and gets replaced by outline upon tap Multiple devices MIUI 12.5/MIUI 12 Acknowledged
Disappearing updates Multiple devices Any Explained
Battery drain issues Redmi K20 Pro MIUI 12.5 Unacknowledged
Notifications of background behavior feature missing All global devices MIUI 12.5 Alternative
Screen flickering Mi Note 10 Lite MIUI 12.5 Acknowledged
Bug description Device(s) affected MIUI 12.5 version Status
Floating window broken Multiple devices MIUI 12.5 Acknowledgment
Second space keeps closing Redmi Note 10 Pro MIUI 12.5 Unacknowledged
Update notification shows but clicking on it leads to nothing Poco X3 (maybe others) MIUI 12.5 Workaround
Wallpaper zooms in/stretches on the home screen Multiple Poco devices MIUI 12.5 Acknowledged
Control Center blur doesn’t work sometimes Multiple devices MIUI 12.5/12 Unacknowledged
Bug description Device(s) affected MIUI 12.5 version Status
Performance and battery drain issues Black Shark 3 Pro MIUI 12.5 Unaknowledged
Unable to update from MIUI 12.5.0 to Redmi Note 8 Pro MIUI 12.5 Acknowledged
Bluetooth sound volume cannot be adjusted Redmi 10 MIUI 12.5 Under Investigation
Fortnite can‘t work due to Graphics Error Redmi Note 8 Pro MIUI 12.5 Under testing
Mobile Legends FC/No response. Redmi 9 MIUI 12.5 New version of game released
Bug description Device(s) affected MIUI 12.5 version Status
Front camera not working Redmi Note 10 Pro/ Note 10 Pro Max MIUI 12.5.9 Reportedly acknowledged (refer to update 57)
Device got hard bricked Poco X3 Pro MIUI 12.5.6 Unacknowledged (refer to update 56)

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