[Fix coming in March 2020] Google Pixel 4 on Sprint experiencing LTE data/roaming issues

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One of Android’s most anticipated smartphones of 2019, Google Pixel 4 and its XL sibling, has turned out to be a surprising and equally disappointing sequel to the Pixel 3 lineup.

Ever since launch, we’ve highlighted a myriad of Google Pixel 4 issues. First up was the missing RCS support on Verizon Wireless at launch followed by the face unlock controversy.

The 90Hz refresh rate saga has since been settled, but the missing Pixel 4 4K 60FPS support is still a concern. Some Pixel 4 units have experienced issues like green screen & faulty OIS issues, lags when loading apps, settings, & video recording, and limited support for single face recognition.

Although the geographical limitation attached to Pixel 4 Motion Sense has since been bypassed, it still affects those who wouldn’t want workarounds to enable the feature. There is also a workaround for those who want original quality Photos backup on their Pixel 4.

Other Pixel 4 issues that have also popped up lately include deep sleep issue, camera ‘clicking’ sound on third-party apps, scanning Freestyle Libre sensors, Motion Sense on YouTube app not working, and paint chipping.

As it stands, there are even more Pixel 4 issues, this time affecting Sprint owners of the device and its XL counterpart. Apparently, multiple Pixel 4 units are experiencing constant drops in LTE data connectivity, with the device defaulting to 3G or sometimes even gets stuck on roaming.

I just got my new pixel 4 xl last week from my preorder. Actually I have two because I did the promotion. I’ve noticed that the data connection is awful. I have been carrying my old note 5 around with me for reference. In many locations where the note 5 has a good LTE signal, the pixel 4 will either connect to LTE but get maybe 10% of the speed of the note 5, or the pixel will connect to 3g and operate at speeds that were appropriate a decade ago.

I upgraded to a Google Pixel 4 XL, with Android 10, Sprint. The phone is constantly going to Roaming. Sprint customer service has tried 7 times to help me (all the standard software fixes, resets, reset mobile SIM, etc) but nothing works. They even fully replaced the phone with a new Pixel 4XL but it still occurs…and the people I’m with (even wife on same Sprint plan) has full LTE while mine goes into Roaming. I have to restart the phone each time to get back into LTE.


There aren’t so many reports about the Sprint Google Pixel 4 LTE data issue, which suggests it may not be widespread. But to recall, the Galaxy S10 also had similar issues on Sprint where affected units were replaced.

Regardless of the device receiving a couple or so software updates since the LTE data issue started popping up, there seem to be no solution to this problem. Apparently, Google is preparing a fix for this issue and it will be part of a future security update.

As for when this bug-fixing update will be released, Google won’t say. The company has offered a solution that reportedly doesn’t fix the issue, although some of those affected say turning on/off airplane mode does the trick besides turning the device off and on again.


The Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL are receiving the latest December security patch, but we still don’t know if this version has the promised fix. Do let us know if you get any improvements after the latest update via the comments section below.

Update 1 (January 13, 2020)

Sprint is reportedly getting a fix ready for this issue and it will be released somewhere this Q1 2020, although a specific date hasn’t been confirmed. Until then, the workaround is to power cycle your phone and/or toggle airplane mode on/off.


From the look of things, it appears that Sprint may also have to fix the same issue on the Google Pixel 3 sets. Multiple reports from affected users have been flocking Sprint community forums, confirming that this isn’t a Pixel 4 thing.

Update 2 (January 29, 2020)

Sprint has clarified on the matter even further, revealing that the fix for the LTE issues on affected Google Pixel phones will be included in the March 2020 security update.


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