Some Pixel 4 units experiencing green screen & faulty OIS issues

The Google Pixel 4 turns 10 days today, but the phone hardly misses out in our coverage. Make no mistake, the Pixel 4 phones are a great package to take home in 2019, but probably deservedly for such pricey phones, the duo has featured on PiunikaWeb mostly for the wrong reasons.

We’ve had some happy days like the possible eSIM support on T-Mobile, support for any Qi-certified wireless chargers up to 11W, Google certified Moment Photo Case lens going for pre-order, and even the recent availability of Pixel 4 root for modding fans.

That was fast

But there are days we’ve brought you stories like the Dual Sim Dual Standby dilemma with carriers, the Face unlock thing with working even with eyes closed, some of the questions about the 90Hz refresh rate, Google’s bizare stand on the lack of [email protected] videos, and even something on RCS support.

Today is another of those days we bring you another Google Pixel 4 story you probably didn’t want to hear about, yet here we are. Given that not so many units are out there at the moment, it’s hard to tell how widespread these issues are.

Nonetheless, there are reports that some Pixel 4 units are experiencing a green screen. A Redditor has made a short video of the affected Pixel 4 in question and the thread has garnered quite a significant traction, mostly potential buyers of the new phones.

Apparently, the phone was resting on the his bench and the screen suddenly started flashing green, as seen below.

Screen was dead after an hour of use, phone was on my bench when all of a sudden the screen flashed green and stayed…Phone was just sitting on my bench, started flashing and poof green

Green screen after 1 hour of use from GooglePixel

The affected Redditor says he attempted to restart the phone but it didn’t solve anything.

Attempted to restart twice see if it fixed however it stayed borked

Of course, someone ways always gonna find the fun side of it. Lol!

Oh so green

Good thing is that Google already replaced the faulty unit, but it’s likely this could be one of those isolated cases. We should find out as more Pixel 4 units get into more hands across the globe.

To recall, the Pixel 2 XL developed display issues early into its availability, but Google kept improving it with software updates. Subsequent batches also appeared to have come with the issue addressed. Hopefully, this won’t be a repeat.

Another hopefully isolated Pixel 4 issue is what appears to be faulty optical image stabilization (OIS) on the back camera. Both the main 12MP and 16MP telephoto lenses have OIS, but according to one Redditor, who has video evidence, OIS isn’t working on their Pixel 4 XL unit.

Check out the video below posted on Reddit:

rip my pixel 4 xl 2019-2019 from GooglePixel

Going through the comments, it seems this is likely an isolated issue, but again, there aren’t so many Pixel 4 phones out there. Similar to the issue with the green screen, it will take more time and affected users to tell whether the faulty OIS is something that should concern Google.

We will keep an eye on these developments and update this post in case of anything. Be sure to stay tuned to our Google section for future updates.

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