Spoilers about the next chapter of One Piece are always expected few days before the official release. But as they are not yet around, fans can only begin to speculate about One Piece chapter 963.

The upcoming chapter is expected to show us more details about Oden’s adventures. But more importantly, many fans expect to see Whitebeard’s arrival on Wano. In the previous chapter, remnants of the Rocks pirates were hinted to make an appearance in Oden’s backstory.

Other than Whitebeard, we may also see how and why Kaido came to Wano.

Nekomamushi and Inurashi’s Story

One Piece chapter 962 ended with Inu and Neko in the shore of Wano. As we already learned from previous chapters, Oden met Neko and Inu on the shore of Kuri. Oden saved them from the people persecuting them for their appearance.

Like the others Oden saved, Neko and Inu started following Oden and dedicating their lives to him.

A fan posted his prediction on Reddit saying Neko and Inu’s story would inspire Oden more to leave the country. Their peculiar appearance is one thing, but their stories would be another. Most probably, Inu and Neko will tell Oden their origin, the Minks tribe, and maybe even about the God Valley incident.

This would excite Oden to see for himself the places and people in Inu and Neko’ stories. Oden would probably realize just how small and isolated Wano is from the world. Knowing Oden’s adventurous nature, we can assume that he never gave up his dreams to sail out of the country.

Whitebeard Arrives in Wano

Even if Oden would wish to leave Wano, he could not do it immediately. He was just given the title of Daimyo and that comes with heavy responsibilities. But given the pace of the story we might see some time skip in the upcoming chapter.

According to the fan prediction on Reddit, we may see Whitebeard’s arrival at Wano in the next chapter. This totally makes sense since they were hinted in chapter 962. He further predicts that Whitebeard will come to Wano in search of medical attention for someone injured.

That someone is Toki whom the fan thinks Garp saved from the God Valley incident.

I find this a bit improbable however for some reasons. First, by the time Whitebeard formed his own crew, Marco would already be in it. Marco is not only Whitebeard’s first mate, he is also a doctor. Also, I think Whitebeard coming to Wano has something to do with the road poneglyphs.

Kaido in Wano

Another fan posted on Reddit that Kaido and Orochi will soon meet at Wano. However, I don’t think this would happen any tome soon. Kaido and Whitebeard may have similar reasons for arriving at Wano. That reason is again the road poneglyphs. Hear me out.

Kaido and Whitebeard were both members of the Rocks pirates. They may have different personal goals, but somehow some of their goals intertwined with Rocks’ goals. Having a common goal they joined forces for a time. Rocks D. Xebec’s goal was world domination.

To achieve that goal Rocks needed the One Piece.

It may not be for world domination, but surely Whitebeard and Kaido were both caught up with the race to find One Piece. To find One Piece, all four road poneglyphs are needed. And the only way to read them is through a member of the Kozuki family.

Race to One Piece

The nature, appearance or purpose of the One Piece is not revealed yet. But I believe whoever possesses it will have the power to take down the world government. One Piece may even be a connecting link to the ancient weapons. The only thing revealed about One Piece is that it lies in Laugh Tale.

In order to reach Laugh Tale, all four road poneglyphs are needed. Unlike regular poneglyphs, the road poneglyphs contain coordinates to Laugh Tale. The setting was 33 years ago. Nico Robin was not yet even born yet. So the only possible way to decipher the poneglyphs is through a member of the Kozuki family.

This is the common reason why Whitebeard, Kaido and even Roger came to Wano. Kaido was probably the last one to know about this after Roger found the One Piece. That’s probably the reason why Kaido came to Wano and coordinated with Orochi to take over the country.

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