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One Piece chapter 957 releases in a few hours and more details about it continues to leak on social media platforms. One specific spoiler that caught my attention is the full name of Rocks. Rocks is the captain of the pirate ship to which Big Mom, Kaido and Whitebeard used to belong.

Rocks was spelled ‘Rox’ when it was first introduced in chapter 907. By then Rox was referred to as a pirate group. But chapter 957 confirmed that Rocks is the name of the captain of the pirate crew. His full name is Rocks D. Xebec.

According to spoilers, Sengoku tells the marine officers about the Rocks pirates. He told them how they formed, how they became known as the strongest pirate group, and how Rocks finally ended.

Is Rocks a Foreshadowing of Blackbeard?

Interestingly enough, we can see similarities between Rocks and Blackbeard. This got me thinking, are they related? Or is Blackbeard just idolizing Rocks? May maybe Rocks is a foreshadowing of Blackbeard. Here are some of the revealed details about Rocks and its similarity to Blackbeard.

Formation of Rocks

According to Sengoku, many years ago many pirates seeking a quick path to fame and fortune gathered in Pirate Island Beehive. Pirate Island is an island in the new world that is considered a paradise for pirates. It is believed that Davy Back Fight originated in that island.

This gathering led to the formation of the Rocks Pirates. Apparently, Whitebeard, Big Mom, and Kaido were among those pirates who joined the crew. Some big names were also mentioned to have joined the pirate crew. These names include Shiki the Golden Lion, The Silver Axe, Ou Choku & Captain John.

Similarities of Rocks and Blackbeard

1. Rocks pirates formed in Pirates’ Island Beehive. Blackbeard currently rules Pirates’ Island.

2. Sengoku describes Rocks as a violent Pirate group killing both friend and foe. Blackbeard killed a former crew member to obtain the Yami-yami no mi.

3. Rocks wanted to be King of the world, Blackbeard wants to be King of the Pirates. But I think he wants more than just that. For Roger and Luffy, being Pirate King means freedom. While Blackbeard wants to take down the world government and rise above all.

4. According to Sengoku, they were basically a terrorist group. When Blackbeard killed Whitebeard, their group terrorized the islands under Whitebeard’s protection and claimed them as his territory.

5. Rocks was involved in many Taboo subjects. Blackbeard stole Whitebeard’s devil fruit which was known to be an impossible feat. Also, taking away something from a dead person surely is taboo.

6. Rocks was a member of the D family. Blackbeard is also a D.

7. Rocks’ full name is Rocks D. Xebec. According to Vivire card volume 3, Blackbeard’s ship name is Saber of Xebec.

Are they Related?

Rocks was defeated and probably killed 38 years ago. Blackbeard was only 2 years old at that time. Could it be possible that Blackbeard is not only foreshadowed by Rocks but he is Rocks’ son? I think this could be possible.

Let’s take for example Blackbeard’s ship’s name, Saber of Xebec. It is also possible that Blackbeard has only known Rocks from stories and he idolized him for the things he accomplished. And he named his ship after Rocks as a symbol of respect.

But it is also possible that it indicated that the captain of that ship is the saber or weapon of Xebec. Meaning Xebec’s own. That could mean Blackbeard is Xebec’s weapon, or could be his son.

But according to Sengoku, most details about Rocks and the God valley incident were covered. This is the reason why very few veteran marines know about it. So if Blackbeard was only two years old when Rocks was defeated, how would he know about him? Who would tell him the story? His mother perhaps?

I will leave my theory at that. Anything could be possible at this point. And as the story continues to progress, I am sure more truth will be revealed to us by Oda.

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