Bugs/problems/issues plaguing (or triggered by) Android 9 Pie

Here’s a list of the issues that have been reported with Android 9 Pie since it got live:

This list is being continuously updated …

Third party apps unable to use internet over WiFi with Android Pie

Facing issues to watch Netflix or browse Twitter feeds on your phone with WiFi but not on mobile data? Well, it’s a known issue. Details here.

Calls from 3rd-party apps overriding Android Pie DND

Are calls from apps like WhatsApp override DND on your Android 9 Pie powered phone? Well, it’s a known issue. Details here.

No ‘in-band ringing’ option in Android Pie developer menu

Android Pie seems to have taken away the ‘in-band ringing’ developer menu option that Google introduced in Android Oreo.

More on this here.

Massive battery drain on Pixel/Pixel 2

After Essential Phone, Google Pixel/Pixel 2 users also complaint of encountering battery drains.

Users report of losing about 20-40% battery (after installing Pie) without doing anything out of ordinary with their phones.

Workarounds like disabling Adaptive Battery and resetting WiFi to DHCP (instead of static IP) did the trick for some, but not all.

More details here.

Google Pixel 2 users report hotspot/tethering issues

While some Pixel 2/2 XL users say the phone’s hotspot (when enabled) cannot be detected on other devices like PC or Play Station, others report that hotspot connection drops randomly.

There also are reports wherein one can connect to hotspot, but can’t access the Internet.

Complete story here.

Charging issues reported on Pixel 2 phones as well

As you might know, Google has officially acknowledged charging issues with first gen Pixel phones [Update (October 3) : Problem with first gen Pixels fixed].

But we have also come across reports from a significant number of Pixel 2 and 2 XL users that since installing 9 Pie their device is either slow charging or not charging at all despite using the stock/boxed charger (USB C cable).

More details here.

Repeated reboots or device bricking

Some of the OG Pixel/Pixel XL device owners who installed the Android Pie report the update has triggered repeated reboots or bootlooping problem.

Not only that, making matter worse, some Pixel phones reportedly even died after installing the Pie update.

Head here for the complete story.

Ability to record calls taken away

After Google discontinued the official call recording API with Android 6 Marshmallow, many third-party app developers managed to find a way out to support call recording.

But with Android 9 Pie, Google seems to be closing all doors to call recording, at-least for third party app developers.

Developers/administrators of popular call recording apps are informing users that their apps won’t be supporting call recording on Android 9 and above.

Detailed story here.

Essential confirms app call volume level issue

In-call volume adjustment/controls, specifically for calls made with third-party apps like WhatsApp, Google Hangouts, WeChat etc on Essential phone (PH-1) is not working for many after 9 Pie.

Essential says it’s a known issue. Read more about it here.

Notch settings disappeared from Essential Phone

Going by reports from Essential PH-1 users who installed the newest Android OS on their units, the notch settings have disappeared from Developer options after Android 9 Pie.

The good news is that Essential has confirmed they’ll be bringing the settings back soon.

‘Disable absolute volume’ and Bluetooth calling broken

‘Disable absolute volume’ feature to control the connected Bluetooth device’s volume is not working as intended.

Going by user reports, changing the volume on their Bluetooth device like headphone now alters the media volume of their phone, meaning no separate volume controls.

For some users, there’s no audio for Bluetooth calls made through headphones.

While some say that during calls they are unable to hear anything through their Bluetooth headphones, others say the person at the other end of the call also complaints of hearing distorted sounds.

In some cases, neither caller nor callee can hear anything.

Read about both issues here.

Excessive battery drains on Essential Phone

A lot of Essential Phone users have been complaining about the battery drain problem. The company cleared the air on this matter saying they are aware of this issue.

However, they say it “appears” to be an issue at Google’s end, as the Essential Phone is not the only Android device that’s affected by it.

Details here.

Issues on Android Auto

Update (September 15): See our latest coverage on Pie-induced Android Auto issues here.

Two separate issues have been reported by Android Auto users.

Crash/black screen while navigating: the display randomly goes black while, for example, navigating (Google Maps or Waze) or playing music.

And then after some time it automatically comes back to home screen of the app, resuming navigation or music. Meaning, a reboot occurs.

Loud buzzing noise during Bluetooth calling: Android Auto users – specifically those with Sony’s Auto dash unit (Sony XAV -AX100) – reported of hearing a loud buzzing/humming noise while making/receiving phone calls.

Detailed coverage here.

App incompatibility problem

Following is a list of the apps which are/were incompatible with 9 Pie:

1. Samsung Gear app (now it is compatible)
2. Angry Birds 2
3. Final Fantasy Record Keeper
4. Fate Grand Order

Google’s WiFi scan related change causes issues

With the arrival of Pie, Google – in order to improve network performance and battery life – imposed limitation on the number of scans that an app can request.

But this has created issues for some applications according to a report on XDA. More information here.

Glitchy back button function

An issue reported during Android P beta was about back button acting up, and opening up home screen instead of the most recent app.

Despite being reported in beta, the problem made way to the stable build of Pie. Good news is Google has fixed whatever was causing the problem and will be incorporating the fix in a future update.

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