Angry Birds 2 incompatible with Android 9 Pie, as is Final Fantasy Record Keeper

After Fate Grand Order, it’s coming to light that more games are incompatible with Google’s new Android Pie mobile OS.

Angry Birds 2

If you are an Angry Birds 2 gamer, then we suggest you to wait and not rush to embrace the latest Android OS on your Google Pixel/Pixel 2 or Essential Phone. Else, the eagerness to taste the Pie will likely leave a bad taste in your mouth.

Going by reports across AngryBirdsNest forum (1,2) and the app’s Play Store listing, users who have installed the just launched Android OS on their phones are complaining that Angry Birds 2 is not compatible with Android 9 Pie, as the game throws a ‘No Connection‘ error.

Affected users say:






Apparently, this issue has been long known, at least for more than about two months, for the app’s incompatibility problem was pointed out by an Android P beta user back then.

But, looks like developers of the app didn’t do the needful in time to make the app compatible with Android 9 Pie. And now, those installing the stable version of Pie are also encountering the same error.

It’s worth mentioning that someone at AngryBirdsNest forum (presumably a forum moderator who may or may not be a company employee) reverted back to the complainants saying the problem will be resolved later this week with an update.

Good news, we actually have an update taking care of this coming later this week. Thanks for the patience, everyone!


We aren’t sure whether or not these are official words, but they do make it clear that whatever is causing the glitch will be fixed by the weekend. So we suggest you wait for a few days.

Final Fantasy Record Keeper (FFRK)


Coming to FFRK, users of the app who are currently running Android 9 Pie have been reporting on Reddit issues like stuttering, flickering and glitchy graphics.

FFRK and Android Pie (9) from FFRecordKeeper

What’s good is FFRK recently acknowledged the problem on their official Twitter and Facebook channels suggesting their users to avoid updating to Android 9 Pie unless they fix things up.

FINAL FANTASY Record Keeper has not yet been confirmed to run correctly on Android 9.0 Pie, so please be aware that if you update to Android 9.0 Pie, there may be unexpected issues that prevent the game from being played normally.
While we are aware that this may cause some inconvenience, we advise that players please refrain from updating to Android 9.0 Pie until we can confirm stability of the game.

Here’s their complete statement:


While it’s appeasing that FFRK has confirmed the problem, they were light on sharing how long will it take to fix things at their end to make the app compatible with Android 9 Pie. We hope they do the needful sooner than later.

Anyway, we’ll let you know if any further development takes place on this front. So keep a tab on this space for future updates.

Note: We have also compiled a (continuously updated) list of issues/problems/bugs reported with (or triggered by) Android 9 Pie ever since it got live. Take a look to catch hold of all Pie-related issues.

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