[Updated] Google Pixel 2 users report hotspot/tethering issues after Android 9 Pie

Do you own a Google Pixel 2/2 XL? If yes, are you encountering any hotspot-related issues after installing Android 9 Pie? Well, if you are nodding your head in concurrence, then we’d like to inform that you aren’t the only one facing the glitch.

What’s exactly the issue?

Different use-cases are coming to light.

While some say the phone’s hotspot (when enabled) cannot be detected on other devices like PC or Play Station, others report that hotspot connection drops randomly. There also are reports wherein one can connect to hotspot, but can’t access the Internet.

A quick rush through the following selection of comments will give you more clarity about the issue in question.

Anyone have a fix for this. Hotspot isn’t physically disconnecting according to the icon but in settings when viewing what’s connected its going back and forth from 1 device connected to 0 devices connected like it keeps connecting and disconnecting over and over. Any help or advice would be appreciated. Never had a problem with the Hotspot until updating to 9 last night and I use it daily.

Pixel 2 XL Pie Verizon… Hotspot no longer works. I try to enable it and it disables almost immediately and never activates.

When I enable Wifi hotspot, the hotspot is not discoverable by any devices, neither latpop nor mobile phone

My hotspot keeps disconnecting since the update. I even shut off auto turn off feature. Tried to reboot also and still does the same. Anyone else having this problem?

While majority of those affected reportedly have Pixel 2 phones, we could locate at least one complaint from a first gen Pixel users as well.

Anyone else having trouble with their hotspot staying connected? It’s always randomly turned itself off, but now it seems to every 20 mins or less. Then it takes awhile for me to be able to turn it back on. It was never this bad until I just updated to Android Pie. Also, have a Pixel 1 XL, if that matters.


Apparently, a lot of PS4/PS4 Pro users are affected by this hotspot issue as well.


I’m having the same problems! I use a Ps4 slim daily and since the update my hotpot shows connected but in my Hotspot settings and on my Ps4 it’s repeatedly disconnecting and reconnecting! Spent an hr on the phone with Verizon and no help of course.

Last night I updated my Pixel 2 to the new Android Pie os and ever since, my PS4Pro will not stay connected to the hotspot on my phone. Previous to this I had a stable connection via hotspot and even achieved a Nat 2 setting. I still have a Nat 2 setting now with the Android Pie, however it only stays connected for around 10 seconds (enough for the PS4 to log onto PSN and establish the Nat) before dropping off again.


Similar reports can be seen posted across Twitter.


Complaints related to hotspot not working as intended on Pixel series of phones after the latest OS update can be seen posted across Pixel User Community (1,2,3), Reddit (1,2,3,4), XDA (1,2) and PlayStation Forum as well.

In addition, Google’s issue tracking website also currently has multiple threads (1,2,3) discussing hotspot/tethering issue triggered by 9 Pie.

It’s also worth mentioning the problem is not new. Rather, something similar was reported in Android P developer beta (1,2) as well, regarding which a Google employee had said:

We’ve deferred this issue for consideration in a future release. – August 10

Apart from that, nothing much has been officially said regarding the matter at least on the platforms where the problem is being reported (with the stable build, 9 Pie).

While we aren’t sure whether the problem is specific to any carrier, a small proportion of complainants did mention that their units are on Verizon. Rest, all is up in the air currently. Hope Google sheds some clarity soon.

Update (August 30):

Google is now reaching out to those affected for bug reports, presumably to diagnose the problem. Here’s what a Google employee said on a relevant thread lately.


Note: We have also compiled a (continuously updated) list of issues/problems/bugs reported with (or triggered by) Android 9 Pie ever since it got live. Take a look to catch hold of all Pie-related issues.

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