[Fixed] Samsung reviewing Gear app incompatibility with Android 9 Pie

Update (August 15): The problem has been fixed by Samsung in a new update. More details here.

Original story follows

The Samsung Gear app never worked properly with Android P beta, and the company was always aware of it, telling users that the app will be made compatible by the time the stable build of Android P will arrive.

We’re sorry for the inconvenience. Please understand that we cannot give you a guide on P OS beta version. But please note that Samsung Gear app will work normally when P OS official version is released, as we’re currently working on it.


And now, even after Android 9 Pie’s roll out, things haven’t changed but for Samsung’s statement, as the company is now telling the complainants they’re reviewing the matter.

We’re deeply sorry for the inconvenience. We’ll get back to you after reviewing it. Thank you for your patience.


Needless to say, that’s a big problem as this incompatibility means users with Android Pie devices can’t connect and use their Gear wearables.

A quick rush through Samsung Community and the Gear app’s Play Store listing confirms the long existence of the problem, with users facing Gear app reboots or crashes while pairing their Gear devices like Gear S3/S2, Gear Sport and others with Google Pixel, Pixel 2/2 XL phones (running Android P beta).

And now, with Android Pie installed, users say:

Watch doesn’t connect with phone any longer. I have a Google pixel 2xl and I can’t connect through Bluetooth at all. It is worthless to use a smart watch that isn’t smart enough to connect to anything. New review 8/6/18 after install of non beta Android Pie. Still same as before, does not work and does not connect. App only closes when I try to reconnect watch. It’s still just a rechargable watch and not a smart watch. This is kind of pathetic, and Samsung has no excuse now.

Android Pie (9) is officially released and tis app still forece closes as soon as you select the Gear S3 ocon in the pairing mode. I was informed previously that as soon as the official Android P was released, the app would once again work. Until then, the watch is a useless paperweight. Also, not being able to connect to a phone causes the watch to stay in “standalone” mode, draining the battery to 0% in about 8 hours.

As many others complain months ago the app still not working with android P after beta 4! Everytime I try to connect my gear s2 with my pixel the app terminate! I have been using my watch in stand alone mode for months now and I’m totally disappointed. Update: Android Pie released 2 days ago, hope you guys will release a fix soon!

Android Pie OFFICIALLY released to Google Pixel phones 06/August. Still app will not connect due to a widespread KNOWN issue. Approximately how long before I can use my Gear Sport ‘smart’ watch? It crashes and closes during setup. It paired my NEW watch, then when I try to select it to continue setup, the app crashes. I cannot get my watch to even be a watch. Extremely poor investment I think

Android P is fully released, still no Samsung Support. Unable to connect any devices! Samsung is horrible for keeping upto Date!! …. (Original message) “Does not work with Android P. Needs updating, glitches and looses connection between Bluetooth & WiFi prior to Android P update”

The same is also being chimed across online discussion forum Reddit and micro-blogging site Twitter.

PSA: DO NOT update your phone to Android P if you have a Samsung Gear product. It will not connect! from Android

Do not update to Android Pie/9, your watch will no longer work from GearSport


So all in all, Samsung Gear devices are currently nothing but paperweight if your phone has Android 9 Pie installed.

And what is Samsung doing to fix things up? Well, they are reviewing (as already mentioned in the beginning). We fail to understand what’s taking so long (months to be specific) to make an app compatible with an Android OS version?

We just hope Samsung fixes up this mess soon, as it has reportedly rendered Gear devices useless for many. Rest, like always we are keeping an active tab on all related developments and will update as and when anything news worthy shows up.

PS: Several games are also encountering issues with Android 9, with game developers and companies asking users to not install Android Pie until the games are made compatible. More info here and here.

Note: We have also compiled a (continuously updated) list of issues/problems/bugs reported with (or triggered by) Android 9 Pie ever since it got live. Take a look to catch hold of all Pie-related issues.

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