It’s a new year, and I think its time to rank again the worst generation characters in One Piece. Ranking them is difficult as the difference in power in some of them is very slim. However, I think I can present some reasons why they would be ranked that way.

To be fair, I would include Blackbeard in the ranking.

Many have the misconception that the worst generation only refers to the 11 super rookie who arrived at Sabaody at the same time, with bounties exceeding one hundred million berries.

But the term worst generation is referred to them because they are the ones who caused the most trouble since the great pirate era began. So, without further ado, let us begin.

Marshall D. Teach

Obviously, Blackbeard is the strongest. After the grudge war between Blackbeard pirates and the remnants of Whitebeard pirates, Teach raised to the ranks of Yonko. You might think he is the strongest because of his devil fruits, but there is more to it than that.

While still with Whitebeard, he was a candidate to be the second division commander. When he refused, that post remained vacant for a long time until Ace came along. This can only mean that there was no other man in the second division stronger than Teach.

And mind you, this was all before he even had a single devil fruit. Also, among the twelve worst gen pirates, only Teach was able to injure a Yonko. Again, it happened before he had his devil fruit. And according to Shanks, he did not let his guard down when it happened.

Monkey D. Luffy

Without any bias, Luffy obviously comes second. But I can say he is very close to the third pirate in rank. There are multiple reasons why Luffy is strong. First and foremost, his family. Garp helped defeat the strongest pirate crew in history, and Dragon is the most dangerous criminal.

When Luffy subconsciously used haki in marineford, Garp said he inherited it. I think what makes Luffy really strong and continues to grow strong is his will.

Eustass Kid

Without a doubt, Eustass Kid is the third. But if possible, I would say he and Luffy would be at about the same level. Also, among the worst gen pirates, only Luffy and Kid directly fought with several Yonkos. I strongly believe that Kid will be Luffy’s greatest rival for the title of Pirate King.

Mad Monk Urouge

I could be wrong, but I think Urouge comes next. Aside from his body mass, which allows him to wield a heavy pillar as a weapon, his devil fruit power also makes him more powerful. His unknown devil fruit allows him to convert inflicted damage into strength.

If he awakens his devil fruit, he could be inevitable.

Trafalgar D. Water Law

Law is not only badass in planning, but also a smart fellow who can strategize during a battle. This, coupled with his devil fruit power, makes him a very dangerous man. Also, according to Doflamingo, Law has incomparable swordplay. But don’t worry, he is not after the strongest swordsman title.

Roronoa Zoro

The vice-captain of the Straw hat pirates, and the future world’s strongest swordsman. Time and time again, Zoro proves that he has the capacity to be the man he wants to be. Aside from his sword techniques, his will to become the strongest is also one of his strongest assets.

His recent power up at Wano could help him achieve his dream.


I would say, Zoro and Killer are just like Luffy and Kid. They are almost on the same level. Although Zoro defeated Killer once in battle, there is no telling the opposite could happen next.

Basil Hawkins

Without a doubt, Hawkins’ powers and abilities are scary. He can be invincible as long as he has lives to forfeit on his behalf. But his will is only as strong as his predictions. This was evident when Kaido forced him into submission.

X Drake

To be fair, I think X Drake and Hawkins can interchange in ranks. But I put him here for now because we are yet to see him fight all out. He had his devil fruit power at a young age. And training at the marines would have made him tougher.

Capone Bege

Bege may be in this rank, but he obviously has the strongest defensive mode. Even Big Mom was not totally able to destroy Bege’s Big Father mode. He is also a very smart and tactically skilled assassin.

Scratchmen Apoo

We have not seen everything that Apoo is capable of, but I think we have seen him enough to put him in this ranking. Although, there could be more to his devil fruit power than we have already seen.

Jewelry Bonney

The only reason Bonney is at the bottom is that we have not seen enough of her yet. Her ability to alter herself and others’ age can be very dangerous. I also believe that she has a more important role in the story of One Piece. If she can alter her age, it is possible that she also came from a different timeline.

There you have it. The worst generation pirates ranked in power. As I said earlier, there is a very slim difference in power in some of them. Also, this does not guarantee that the one ranked higher cannot be beaten by someone below him. It still all depends on how they would fight a specific opponent.

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