Wano arc act one ends with the latest episode of One Piece anime series. Kaido finally captured one of the pirates he hates the most. Along with Trafalgar Law, Luffy, and the Straw hats sabotaged one of Kaido’s main power source, the SMILE devil fruits. They accomplished this by taking down, Doflamingo, known in the underworld as Joker.

Once Kaido defeated Luffy, he ordered his men to put Luffy in jail. He intends to break his spirit and make him a formidable ally. This would be a challenge for Kaido, though, as Luffy possesses the color of the supreme king. Nevertheless, Luffy was put to jail in the same cell as Eustass Kid.

The rivals cross paths

Luffy and Kid both belong to the twelve pirates the world calls Worst Generation or Supernovas. Worst gen pirates with one exception were all at Sabaody Archipelago at one time. This was their stop before entering the new world through the Fishman island.

It was during this time that Kid, Law, and Luffy first met. Kid already knew Luffy as he heard news about him making a ruckus throughout the grandline. Luffy gained Kid’s respect as Luffy attacked a celestial dragon in the human auctioning house without hesitation. This, however, alerted the marines prompting them to attack the place in order to capture or kill the pirates.

Kid, Law, and Luffy responded by going out and each volunteering to take down the marines alone. From this point forward, Kid considered Luffy his prominent rival. In episode 916, their paths crossed again as they were put in the same cell in Udon prison. In the manga, they will be seen competing with each other in the quarry, arguing who will be the one to take down Kaido.

The formation of a new alliance?

In chapter 950 of the manga, Luffy asked Kid if he wants to join his fight against Kaido. Kid, however, turned down the offer immediately as he had just faced an unfortunate fate brought by a recent alliance. He then took Killer and left to get their crew back.

Nevertheless, I don’t think this will be the last time wr would see Kid in Wano country arc. He still has a score to settle with Kaido and he is not the type of person who will just back down. In all fairness, he is the most similar to Luffy among all the supernova.

I strongly believe that we will see another Luffy-Kid-Law tandem in Wano. I even think that their previous tandem outside the Human Auctioning house was a foreshadowing of their future alliance. However, if an alliance among them will be formed, it will be for the sole purpose of taking down Kaido. In the end, they are still rivals to the title of Pirate King.

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