One Piece Episode 913: Kaido wipes out the Straw hats

One Piece Episode 913 was just released on December 8, 2019. This episode is an adaptation from chapter 922 of the One Piece manga. Luffy has just reunited with his crew and their alliance in the ruins of Oden’s castle.

The Straw hats just learned the truth about Momonosuke and the retainers. They also clarified some parts of their plan which includes recruiting Ashura Doji. Little did they know that Ashura Doji is now a mountain bandit by the name of Shutenmaru.

As they were talking, Kaido arrived at Okobore town rampaging in search of Luffy and Law. He is in a drunken state causing a ruckus in the town. He demanded from Jack to bring Luffy and Law before him.

Kaido’s revenge

Law realized that Kaido is looking for him and Luffy. Law explained how the Animal Kingdom Pirates needs two key things to maintain their power. First, the weapons factory stationed at Wano. They employ the citizens of Okobore and other towns in that factory.

Secondly, and perhaps the most valuable resource for Kaido is the SMILE devil fruit. The Straw hats and Heart pirates alliance started in Punk Hazard arc. Their ultimate goal was to take down Kaido. On the process, they destroyed the SAD factory, and kidnapped Caesar, who is crucial for the creation of SMILE.

After that, Luffy-Law alliance destroyed the SMILE factory in Dressrosa. They also took down Doflamingo who is Kaido main source of SMILE. This tilted the power of the Animal Kingdom pirates and is the main cause for Kaido’s rage towards Law and Luffy.

Luffy charges towards Kaido

When Luffy realized Kaido is lookkng for him, he charged directly towards him. This may sabotage their plan, but Luffy wanted Kaido’s attention to save the people of Okobore.

Kinemon and the Straw hats wanted to stop Luffy, but Law forbade them to. In order to save their plan for the fire festival, they could not expose more of their crew. So Law asked them to remain hidden by Oden’s castle.

Law came after Luffy with the intent of stopping him, but Luffy’s mind is already set. Later Kinemon and Kiku also run towards Okobore when Kinemon learned that his wife, O-Tsuro is there.

Kaido’s Blast Breath obliterates Oden’s castle

Hawkins, a headliner of the Animal Kingdom pirates, realized that Kaido may be on a rampage. This would annihilate the people of Okobore who are their main source of labor for the factory.

In order to save the town, Hawkins told Kaido that Luffy and Law are hiding in Oden’s castle. Little did he know that Oden’s castle was their real hideout. Kaido then flew towards the castle and shot his blast breath destroying the whole castle and part of the mountain.

Seeing what Kaido did, Luffy and Law thought their friends were annihilated with the blast. This enraged Luffy causing him to be extremely furious. The preview for the next episode teases us of Luffy and Kaido’s first fight.

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Image credits:Viz Media/ Funimation/ Onepiece.fandom

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