Shonen Jump officially released One Piece chapter 959 today. It clarifies some details given in the leaked spoilers. Instead of positive news, the chapter rather contains more depressing scenarios.

Although fans continue to be optimistic about the current situation of the Straw hats and their alliance, the facts in this chapter tells us otherwise. Surely our heroes will not be defeated that easily, but we have to face some facts that are not so amenable to our hopes.

One Piece arcs always include major set backs before the protagonists claim victory. In some cases, like in Sabaody and Marineford, they were in a total defeat. It is still a long way before we can totally predict what will be the outcome of Wano arc.

For now let us review the current situation of the alliance in chapter 959.

One Piece Chapter 954 Spoilers

One Piece chapter 959 begins with a flashback two days before the fire festival. The alliance had gathered a total of 4,200 men. While most of them are at Kuri, some are still at Ringo.

Their rendezvous point is Tokage, the promised port. Meanwhile, at the Itachi port, Franky continues to reinforce their ships with the help of other shipwrights. After fixing the ships, Usopp says they would now go to Amigasa to meet with their friends so they can leave with the Sunny on the big day.

Hyougoro and the prisoner of Udon prepares the weapons they have so far. Hyougoro said that Ocho will be hauling katanas from Ringo. Luffy, Brook and Chopper wear the samurai armors given by Hitetsu. Robin shares an intel she got from Orochi that the entrance to Onigashima is winter.

Nami and the Minks talk about using Sulong mode during the battle.

Luffy Remembers Jinbei

When Luffy, Brook and Chopper wore the samurai armors, Sanji asked Zoro if he is wearing one too. Zoro declined saying it would slow him down. Sanji said he might need it since his bounty is lower than Sanji’s. Zoro uses Enma to slice up the coast teasing Sanji.

Later, Luffy stands on the same coast looking out to the sea. Chopper asked him what’s wrong? Luffy seems a little worried because Big Mom is already in Wano while Jinbei has not yet come. He recalls his final command to Jinbei as his captain to follow them to Wano.

Zoro replies that Jinbei will surely come if he is still alive.

Orochi Attacks: The Incident a Night before the Fire Festival

Since Orochi received an intel about the alliance’s plan to meet up at Tokage port, he devised a plan to counter the situation. He sent the beast pirates to bomb some key locations to stop the alliance.

His first target was the hiding place of Sunny at Kuri beach. Next, were the bridges connecting Kibi and Udon, and Ringo and Hakumai. This frustrated Ocho’s group from transporting the katanas.

After that, the Itachi port was destroyed. Some ships that resemble the ones that Franky fixed were also destroyed. Lastly, the bridge from Kuri to Udon and another bridge connecting Hakumai and Udon were both destroyed.


This is the current known situation of the alliance. We can be optimistic to say they may have escaped. Or they were saved by Law, Denjiro and others, and that they have planned all this to fool Orochi into believing that he succeeded.

But what if this really happened? What if the Sunny was destroyed for real? I strongly believe the Straw hats and their alliance survived. But what if all their ships were destroyed?

Maybe instead of thinking they fooled Orochi, we can start thinking what are they going to do now that this happened? The way I see it, even if they fail to sail to Onigashima for now, they still have access to the Flower Capital.

They can take over the Capital, regroup and devise another plan to take on Kaido, Orochi & Big Mom.

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