The Fire Festival was a prophesied night of Wano’s redemption. The plan was to meet at port Tokage and commence a surprise attack at Onigashima. But when the Momo, Shinobu and the Red Scabbards arrived at port Tokage, they were devastated to see the port empty.

Upon investigation, Shutenmaru concluded the port was attacked. Inurashi also noted that Nekomamushi did not make it in time. But don’t think this is the case. I think Nekomamushi arrived earlier and crafted a plan to save the alliance from Orochi’s plan to ambush them.

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The Alliance Split

The Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai alliance split for a time when they were in Zou. Three groups were formed each led by Luffy, Nekomamushi and Kinemon. Luffy’s team included Nami, Brook, Chopper, Carrot and Pedro. They went to Whole Cake Island to retrieve Sanji from Big Mom.

Kinemon’s group went directly to Wano to prepare for the upcoming war. Nekomamushi’s group head out to Sphinx island to try and recruit Marco. Unfortunately, Marco refused to join them saying he had to stay and guard the island. Instead, he gave Nekomamushi a message for Luffy.

Since, Marco decided not to join, Nekomamushi had no reason to stay any longer in Sphinx island.

We don’t know how far Sphinx island is from Wano, but navigating between those islands should be a piece of cake for Nekomamushi. According to the minks in his group, Nekomamushi was really good at sailing making him worthy enough to ride the pirate king’s ship.

Nekomamushi, Law and Denjiro

So here’s my theory.

Nekomamushi arrived at Wano at the same port where Kinemon & his group docked Law’s submarine. Knowing this might be the case, Law waited at that port for Nekomamushi to arrive. Law tells them of the real current situation and informs Nekomamushi of the plan Law crafted with Kyoshiro.

Yes, Kyoshiro. My standing theory is that Kyoshiro is Denjiro in disguise. In chapter 958, Fukurokuju said that Kyoshiro will be watching over the capital that time. This implies that Kyoshiro always attends the banquet in Onigashima, seeing that he is such a huge figure entrusted by Orochi.

Why was he left behind? To free the imprisoned samurai in Flower capital prison as part of their stratagem.

Saving the 4,000

So how did they save the Straw hats and the 4,000 men in their ships?

My first theory is that Law using his devil fruit power, transported their alliance to Onigashima. Its a pretty large scale use of his devil fruit, but it is a possibility. If we recall in Punk Hazard, Law was toying with Smoker and his men.

Using the power of the Ope-ope no mi, he sent their ship floating around. Also in Zou, Law was able to transport Zoro and some logs from the forest to the town.

Here is another theory though. When Orochi found out about the rendezvous point of Kinemon’s alliance, he sent an army to intercept them. Since he trusts Kyoshiro so much, he sent him and his army to do the job.

Kyoshiro revealed his true identity as Denjiro. He then instructed them to wait somewhere else while they gather everyone else, including Kinemon’s group. Nekomamushi’s role would be to pick up Kinemon’s group from port Tokage which is what I hope to see in the next chapter. What do you think?

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