Without a doubt the Straw Hat Pirates is an increasingly powerful pirate crew. Because of their strength and actions they are now considered a huge threat to the world government. They are famous not only in the One Piece world but also in One Piece fandom.

As the Wano war is getting closer, everyone is so excited to see the Straw Hats fight together again in One Piece chapter 959. It has been a while since we last saw all the Straw Hats in a fight. However, many fans seems to be forgetting that Straw Hats consist of ten members now, & that includes Jinbei.

The Straw Hat Pirates Members

The original members of the Straw Hats before entering grand line were Luffy, Zoro, Usopp, Sanji and Nami. They then recruited Tony-Tony Chopper from Drum island as their ship doctor.

Vivi also joined the Straw hats with her pet Karoo. But it was only temporary due to her position and responsibility as princess of Alabasta Kingdom. Later they were joined by Robin who claimed that Luffy has to take her for keeping her alive against her will.

During the Water 7 arc, the Straw Hats had to say goodbye to their first pirate ship, the Going Merry. Franky, a shipwright and heir to the blueprints of Pluton, made them a new ship named Thousand Sunny. Franky later joined them as their shipwright.

After Water 7, they met Brook in Thriller Back Arc and were invited by Luffy to join their crew. Jinbei is the latest member to join the Straw Hat crew and took the position of helmsman. Prior to this, Jinbei had several affiliations.

Jinbei’s History

Jinbei was a soldier in king Neptune’s army of Ryugu kingdom. He later became a pirate in the Sun Pirates ship under his captain Tiger Fisher. After his captain’s death, Jinbei became the captain of the Sun Pirates.

As a captain, he continued to fulfill his former captain’s dying wish of coexistence and equality between humans and fish-man. In his pursuit of recognition from the world government, Jinbei agreed to serve them as a Shichibukai.

He renounced this title when he was called to fight against Whitebeard. Because of this he was imprisoned in Impel Down where he met Luffy. Jinbei helped Luffy during the Paramount war in Marineford. He also saved Luffy from Akainu and later helped him cope up with Ace’s death.

Jinbei’s other Affiliations before the Straw Hats

At some point in Jinbei’s life, he became indebted to Whitebeard. This was probably because Whitebeard protected fish-man island as one of his territories.

After the two-year time skip, Jinbei met the Straw Hats in Fish-man Island.

Together they defeated Hody Jones and the New Fish-man Pirates, and prevented their coup d’état against the Neptune royal family. After the battle, Luffy invited Jinbei to join their crew. Jinbei refused saying he had something to accomplish first before he can join the Straw Hats.

Since Whitebeard’s death, the fish-man island was exposed to all kinds of threats from pirates entering the new world. To protect his country, Jinbei joined the Big Mom pirates and had fish-man island declared as Big Mom’s territory.

Officially joining the Straw Hats

Luffy’s next meeting with Jinbei was during the Whole Cake Island arc. As one of Big Mom’s strong associates, Jinbei remained close to Big Mom in Totto Land. Luffy came to Big Mom’s territory to retrieve Sanji from Germa 66 who arranged a fixed marriage between Sanji and one of Big Mom’s daughter.

During the wedding ceremony, Jinbei left the Big Mom pirates and officially joined the Straw Hats. Big Mom then threatens to take Jinbei’s soul using Big Mom’s ability. Big Mom’s ability failed when Jinbei said that he would join the future Pirate King’s crew and would not be threatened by a mere emperor.

New Captain’s orders to Jinbei

Once Luffy got Sanji and Brook got a copy of Big Mom’s road poneglyph, their mission was finished. The next challenge they went through was escaping Big Mom’s territory. It was an almost impossible feat with all of Big Mom’s army guarding the borders of Totto Land.

However, the Straw Hats somehow managed to escape with the help of Germa 66, Fire Tank Pirates and the remnant of the Sun Pirates. Once the Sunny was at a safe distance, Jinbei requested that he be allowed to return and help his former crew.

Understanding Jinbei’s love for his former crew, Luffy agreed with a condition.

Luffy’s order to Jinbei was to follow them to the country of Wano no matter what happens. Luffy understands the potential danger Jinbei would be facing in trying to save the Sun Pirates from Big Mom. However, Luffy also has faith that Jinbei would keep his promise as he always had.

Jinbei’s Arrival at Wano

Knowing Jinbei, I am sure that he would keep his promise to his new captain, Luffy. The only reason he would not be able to keep his word is if he was caught or severely injured or both.

The news about the Straw Hats’ escape from Big Mom’s territory did not mention anything about Jinbei. I have two theories of what happened to Jinbei afterwards.

Theory 1: Jinbei managed to escape with some of the members of the Sun Pirates. Some members are captured by Big Mom sacrificing themselves to let Jinbei and the others escape. They are heavily injured and took some time to recuperate before they finally sail for Wano and help Luffy.

Theory 2: Jinbei and the Sun Pirates lost to Big Mom’s army. Some were killed and some were caught including Jinbei. Big Mom brought Jinbei as a prisoner to Wano in order to lure Luffy out.


If Jinbei was captured by Big Mom, there would be more reason for a Luffy versus Big Mom and Zoro versus Kaido fights. Whichever of these theories come true, I believe Jinbei will be reunited with the Straw Hats in Wano arc. In the end, Luffy the future Pirate King needs the best in his crew.

Zoro, the future strongest swordsman; Sanji, the best chef who will find the All Blue; Franky, the shipwright who built a ship that can sail a thousand seas; Nami, the navigator who will draw a map of the whole world.

Then comes Usopp, a great warrior of the sea and a first class sniper; Robin, the archaeologist who will discover the void century; Chopper, the doctor who will find cure to any illness; Brook, the soul king; and Jinbei the fish-man who will unite the human race and fish-man race.

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