One Piece chapter 957 was so full of thrilling revelations and new information on the story line. I can’t help but see a lot of similarities in the recent chapter and the movie Stampede especially a Pirate-Marine alliance.

What’s more interesting is that the build up of Wano arc’s story line is also somehow connected. Let us look into those similarities and how they might be connected to Wano. For those who have not seen the movie Stampede yet, please read at your own risk.

Peculiar Island

God Valley

God Valley is a mysterious island wiped out from the map after the Rocks pirates were defeated by the combined forces of Garp and Roger. Other than the fateful encounter of the Celestial Dragons, marines and pirates in that island, we know almost nothing else about it.

My theory is that the island was shot above the sky by a knock up stream like what happened to Jaya island.


In the movie Stampede, the Strawhats and many other pirate groups were invited by Buena Festa to a pirate festival in an unnamed island that is said to have been discovered by Roger himself.

In the middle of the island, a knock up stream shoots up a smaller island encapsulated in bubble. Within the smaller island lies a treasure. To everyone’s surprise, the treasure is an eternal pose pointing the direction of Raftel.


The Wano country is an isolated island in the new world that is not affiliated with the world government. Twenty years ago, the Kozuki family as a governing body of that country was vanquished by a joint forces of Kaido and Orochi. Currently, Orochi acts as the leader of that country with Kaido in his back as a protector.


Connection to One Piece

God Valley

In my previous theory I suggested that the third road poneglyph may be found in God Valley. If not, then there must be something in that island of great worth for the great figures to gather there.

I suspect it is something pointing to the location of One Piece. If the last road poneglyph is indeed in God Valley, it could be the final stop before Luffy gets to Raftel.


The highlight of the festival is a hunt for a treasure left by Roger himself. It was revealed in the movie that the romanised spelling for Raftel is Laugh Tale. This was written on the eternal pose that was supposed to be a prize to whoever wins the hunt.


In the last part of chapter 957, Sengoku suspects that the great figures gathering in Wano has something to do with Kozuki Oden and the country itself. We learned that Oden was once a commander of the Whitebeard pirates and later became subordinated to the king of pirates Roger.

In Zuo we also learned that the Kozuki family are the ones who created the poneglyphs. Their ability to read and write the ancient text is passed down through the generations of the Kozuki family.

The Kozuki hereditary chain was broken when Kaido killed Oden. Oden was killed by Kaido when he refused to tell Kaido a secret he know. Presumably, this secret has something to do with the location of Raftel, the truth about One Piece, or what was written in the road poneglyphs.

Formidable Opponents

God Valley

Rocks pirates is said to be the strongest pirate crew in the world. The crew members include three Yonkos, Whitebeard, Kaido, Big Mom, and other big names in the pirating world like Shiki, Captain John, Silver Axe and Wang Zhi.

Their captain, Rocks D. Xebec is said to be the strongest among them and the first rival of Roger. Garp encountered Roger in God valley and together they took down the Rocks pirates.


Douglas Bullet is the main protagonist of the movie. He used to be a member of Roger’s crew and is said to be as strong as Dark King Rayleigh during their era. His awakened devil fruit and incredibly strong haki made him an almost inevitable opponent.

Even the combined efforts of the supernovas was not enough to give Bullet a fight. Interestingly enough, Smoker encountered the Strawhats during the pirate festival.

Buena Festa’s scheme is to destroy the strong pirates during the festival to gain autonomy of power with Bullet. In order to accomplish his goal, he called for a buster call to destroy the island and the pirates within.

However, marines were also in the island with Smoker. In order to protect them, Smoker joined forces with Luffy, Law, Sabo, Crododile, Boa Hancock and Buggy to defeat Bullet in the hope of withdrawal of the buster call.


Now this is where my theory comes in. As we have seen in Whole Cake island, and Luffy’s first encounter with Kaido, these emperors pose the real threat, far stronger than Luffy. Now that they have formed an alliance, the most dangerous pirate crew has been born according to Sengoku.

Most members of the Supernovas are already in Wano and preparing to face Kaido. As was shown in Stampede, I believe that the Supernovas alone don’t stand a chance. Meanwhile, in the Marine Headquarters, Akainu still refuses to interfere with the affairs of Wano saying they don’t have the manpower to fight back.

However, G5 led by Smoker is freely roaming the new world. Knowing Smoker, I strongly believe that he will be showing up in Wano and may end up teaming up with Luffy once again to take down the enemy. But we should expect more faces to show up in Wano. With the abolition of the Warlord system, there is a chance that Boa will also go to Wano to aid Luffy.

For some reason, I also believe that Buggy and Mihawk will end up showing up in Wano during the climax of the war. Other Supernovas like Bege and Jewelry Bonney may also show up. There is also a possibility that Sabo will be seen in Wano as he was seen in Stampede.

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