Up until now, we have already covered some leaks, rumors, and speculations about the upcoming One Piece chapter 954 (see our articles here and here). And now, we are again focusing on this upcoming chapter again with information on alliance between emperors as well as emperors vs supernovas.

Alliance between Emperors!

Ending with yet another big twist in the plot of Wano arc, we see Emperors Kaido and Big Mom in chapter 954 clenching each other in a rather friendly fashion. Queen, also in shock questions their gestures referring to them as ‘best buds’.

Kaido then announced what would appear to be a bigger shock not only to his and Big Mom’s crew, but surely to the rest of the world. A pirate alliance between the two Emperors was forged!

Before the announcement, Big Mom mentioned something about an anniversary which will be on the Wano kingdom’s Fire Festival, the same day Strawhats alliance planned to retake the country from Kaido’s tyranny.

This ‘anniversary’ could be among the reasons for their unforeseen alliance. But their obvious objective is to take over the world, most probably with the straw-hats as their first target since both of them has unquenched thirst for vengeance upon Luffy.

Emperors VS Supernovas

It has been made obvious in previous chapters that defeating Kaido alone is an almost impossible feat. We would all remember how Kaido fell from a sky island directly into the newly formed alliance among Eustass Kid, Basil Hawkins and Scratchmen Apoo.

In chapter 954, Hawkins reveals to Law that they were sold out by Apoo, being under the emperor’s umbrella beforehand. Seeing there was no hope for victory against the captain of the Beast Pirates, Hawkins elected subjecting himself to Kaido in order to survive. Kid however, with an unyielding spirit and accompanied by his friend Killer, continued to fight Kaido until they could not move and ended up being captive.

With a common hatred towards Kaido, and the goal of defeating the worlds strongest creature, a new alliance is starting to form among the pirates from the worst generation. Law and Hawkins agreed on conspiring against Kaido.

Kid and Killer freed from bondage now prepares for a rematch. Luffy training with his advanced armament haki in preparation for the final battle, and Zoro obtaining a new sword. All of these leading to a showdown of power between Emperors and the pirates from the worst generation.

X Drake and Apoo’s objective in subordinating with Kaido is unclear at the moment. But we might see the same scenario when Gang Bege pretended to be loyal to Big Mom only to execute his assassination plan against the emperor of the sea. The One Piece chapter 954 will be made official tomorrow, September 2.

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