The full-packed One Piece chapter 966 is finally out officially. Its the perfect way to end this year as the next chapter will be released next year on January 6. There might be another long wait before we see the next chapter, but Oda went all-out for this one.

This chapter is not only full-packed because of the big clash between two legends, Roger and Whitebeard. Oda also gave us so many things to think about and talk about. These things include the power level of these two legends, the Pirate King’s final journey, and the second act of Oden’s pirate life.

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Roger VS Whitebeard

Let’s first talk about the big fight between Roger and Whitebeard. In the previous chapter, Roger pirates were beating up marines in Rusukaina island. Roger said to send Sengoku or Garp if the marines wish to capture them. It seems like Roger made Rusukaina their casual hideout. This js how Shanks probably got his attitude of casually staying on any island.

Moments later the Whitebeard pirates arrived. As expected of Oden, he came flying straight to the enemy without thought. Roger, in great anticipation about meeting this samurai, went ahead and swung his sword towards Oden sending him flying with just one hand. Then Whitebeard came and Roger and Whitebeard clashed with full strength and haki that their swords did not even touch to cause an enormous shock wave.

This was evidence in the great gap in power between Oden and the legends Roger and Whitebeard. In Oden’s flashback, we saw him as a powerhouse. Even in his youth, his strength is just beyond human. But still, he is not on par with the legends. This tells us just how powerful and strong the Pirate King and Whitebeard were in their prime.

Roger’s final request

Naturally, the two pirate crew clashed for the purpose of pillaging each other. Their battle lasted for three days and nights, changing the mood of the sky and sea in the process. On the fourth day, however, they stopped fighting and ended up exchanging goods, foods, and drinks.

Roger, Whitebeard, and Oden then had some serious conversation. Roger explained that he found out the existence of another island that would complete his goal of completely circumnavigating the globe. He also shared the existence of the Rio poneglyphs, which serves as a road map to the final island, Laugh Tale.

Roger learned that Oden knows how to read and write the text and asked to borrow Oden for his final journey. Roger seems desperate when he bowed to Whitebeard. It has been thirteen years since Roger found what was thought to be the final island, Roadstar. This could be the island Inurashi was talking about that the Straw hats have to reach before finding Laugh Tale. Who knows, maybe the final poneglyph can be found there.

The second act of Oden’s pirate life

Naturally, Whitebeard was furious at the request of Roger, as he thinks of Oden as his brother. But in the end, Oden agreed to Roger’s request. It is confirmed now that he boarded Roger’s ship together with his family. Izo, Inu, and Neko said they would remain in Whitebeard’s ship, but Inu and Neko snuck out again to follow Oden.

At first, fans may think that Oden’s decision to join Roger may just be because of having another great adventure. But I think this time, he is starting to think about the purpose of the Kozuki clan. The ability to read and write the ancient text has been passed down from generation to generation. However, Oden does not really know the reason for this.

Oden only knows that that text is used by his clan to convey secret messages. He is probably thinking that this might have something to do with the isolation of Wano country. It will be remembered that after his journey with Roger, he exclaimed that he still doesn’t know why Wano was isolated from the world, but he learned that he needs to open the country.

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