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MovieBox, as some of you may already know, is a streaming app for iOS users that lets them watch and/ download HD movies and TV shows on their devices for free. ShowBox, on the other hand, is MovieBox’s Android counterpart.

Considering the recent issues that surround these popular streaming apps, we have created this section where we’ll be regularly sharing a gist of all developments that come to our site regarding the two apps in question. You can head to the provided links for detailed coverage on the matter.

Let’s take a quick look at all that has come to light so far.

Updates (November 29)

-> If you’re looking for alternatives for ShowBox or apps like ShowBox, then stop searching. We have identified some apps that are good to go in place of ShowBox like BeeTV, Cyberflix TV, Morph TV, and more. Here is our detailed coverage about it.

-> ShowBox apk not working (connection error)… Is the app shutting down like MovieBox? Read more about it here.

-> R.I.P MovieBox – the app has been shut down. Sad, but true. Details here


Updates (December 01)

-> MovieBox’s Android counterpart ShowBox app is still broken – servers are not working and the issue not fixed yet. Complete story here

Updates (December 02)

-> Did you know that using ShowBox (and similar apps) may result in a lawsuit?


Yes it can. Read the complete story here to know how.

Updates (December 03)

-> How to check if Moviebox or ShowBox replacement/alternative is safe? Details here.

Updates (December 04)

-> Good news. Update brings ShowBox back – users report it’s working again. To read more about it, head here.

Updates (December 05)

-> Once again ShowBox is reportedly down (not working). Head here for more information.


Updates (December 13)

-> Finally! Showbox is officially back and developers have explained in detail the reason for what created the issues. Read the complete story here.

Updates (December 15)

-> A lot of rumors and confusions are currently surrounding the Showbox app. Lets try and clear the picture. Head here for the complete story.


Updates (December 15)

-> Team Showbox reveals most watched show since app’s return. Detailed story here.

Updates (December 20)

-> Finding your favorite shows/movies unavailable on ShowBox? It’s not only you. ShowBox has revealed why it doesn’t have latest movies at the moment. Read our latest coverage of the app here.

Updates (December 28)

New app MovieBox PRO has become the talking point in the wake of MovieBox’s shutdown. In our latest story, we take a 360-degree view of the MovieBox Pro app, including its features, what the developer says and what users think about the app. Details here.


Updates (January 04)

ShowBox 5.26 has reportedly been released with 100+ new movies and TV shows, but I suggest you should hold off updating now. For reason, read our latest story here.

Updates (January 12)

ShowBox users recently experienced server issues with the service. Well, the team has now warned there may be intermittent server issues in the coming days as well. Check out details here.

Updates (January 20)

ShowBox not working? App developers have shared a workaround that may work for you. Check out details here.

Updates (January 28)

Did you know you can get MovieBoxPro VIP access for free on iOS? Interested in knowing more, check out our latest story.


Update (February 02):

Turns out the glitches and outages are still ongoing as ShowBox may in some regions. The app developers have issued a statement on social media regarding this. You can read more about it here.

Update (November 02, 2019)

Going by reports proliferating across Twitter, Showbox is reportedly not working for some users. Following are some reports and a user shared image of the error that shows up:

My Showbox is not working at all

Is #showbox still not working for some shows?

Is anyone’s showbox working #showbox

While we are looking for an official word on this issue, here’s what ShowBox developers recently said on their Twitter account:

Happy to announce that we have made progress and our shows have been updated! Be sure to check both servers if you can’t watch. Movies are still being worked on bare with us, thank you to all our loyal #ShowBox consumers 🙂

Update (November 03, 2019)

Here’s what the team has now said on this ongoing issue:

Movies have been updates. This means updates should be rolling out on Movies and Shows daily! Be sure to check server B if you get an error message when trying to watch something!! ?

Sorry we do see comments saying the app is not working. We think this is dependant on location, but we should have our servers up everywhere soon! Within the next days!! We apologise our stability is low recently we hope you stay with us <3

Update (November 06, 2019)

We are now seeing unconfirmed reports that Showbox is back, but the service now features major changes. Check out this Reddit thread to know more.

Update (November 07, 2019)

Here’s the latest status update from Showbox’s official Twitter handle:

Thank you for the outstanding support in our downtime for #ShowBox now over 13 thousand followers!!! We will inform the dev team to speed up the fix for the app. We are very pleased to have your patience ?

Update (Nov 10)

Here’s the latest status update on the matter:

Our servers are still down, this set back hit harder than the dev team expected and we just want to let you know they are still working hard to get it fixed for you!

Update (Nov 18)

The team is given a heads up on the matter. Sadly, the update is that a fix is still being worked on. Check out their latest tweet here.

Update (December 07)

After a long delay, the ShowBox team has finally given another update on the matter. Sadly, the situation is discouraging as the team has revealed the service “got targeted by anti-privacy and copyright laws.” Following is the official statement:

NEWS: #ShowBox servers got hit hard due to security issues we had, these have been resolved. But the bad news is ShowBox got hit with big legal issues that cannot be resolved. Due to this we are still working hard to find a way through this but it is going to take a lot of time.

So, for the time being please use alternative you can find. We know they are not as good as our application ? this is why we got targeted by anti-privacy and copyright laws

Update (December 16)

The official Twitter account has now come up with the latest information on the matter telling users they have abandoned the app for the time being. As for how long will this abandonment thing go on, the app’s social media handle says they’ve no idea about it, as they haven’t heard much from the developers as yet.

Here’s their exact statement:

I see the comments on wanting new information on #ShowBox but as you know we have had to abandon our app for the time. This being said we are not getting much information from the dev team either! We know of some ideas of new apps, sites or re branding. Nothing set in stone!

In addition, the social media team is warning the app users not to fall for the fake Showbox Twitter accounts.

Update (December 17)

The app’s social media handle is at least reassuring the users that they aren’t giving up anytime soon. Here’s what they said lately to calm down users:


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