Showbox is officially back, developers explain what happened

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It was November-end when it came to light that after Moviebox (a free media streaming app for iOS devices), Showbox – which is for Android – has also stopped working. While at first it seemed like a small glitch, but then days passed by and situation remained unchanged.

After a Moviebox user claimed they received a response from developers that the app is being shut down, it was widely believed that Showbox developers have also pulled the plug on the app.


Then after a few more days, reports started popping up the app is again working, only to be followed by reports that the service is down again. This flip flop continued for a couple of days and then negative reports started decreasing.

Now it has come to light that Showbox developers had taken to Twitter a couple of weeks back to explain what happened. They said it was due to some due to legal issues their services declined.

We covered in detail about the lawsuits that Showbox developers have been dealing with, but for your reference, I’ll quickly explain all that here.

Back in may this year, a bunch of movie studios – including Dallas Buyers Club, Cobbler Nevada, and Bodyguard Productions – filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against the founder as well distributors of ShowBox, including websites like,, and


While a lot happened in between, the latest development in this case came just in the second half of November when it was reported that ShowBox distributors have settled the lawsuit with movie studios.

Although terms of the settlement remain unknown at the moment, one change is clearly visible: the websites promoting the app/service have started showing a blunt warning that ShowBox isn’t something users can trust when it comes to copyright protected movies/media.


Coming back to Showbox developers, on December 03, they announced the service is back up, but with a caveat: users had to download the app from third parties.

Then on December 06 they announced they’ve resolved all technical and app distribution issues:

While it’s good to see things are back to normal, developers do say problems can be back anytime.

So enjoy Showbox while it lasts.

Update (December 15):

The Showbox app is currently surrounded by several rumors and confusions. We take a look at some of the major ones in our latest coverage here. It’s a must read.

Update (December 17):

Team Showbox has revealed the most watched show ever since the app started working a couple of weeks back. Details here.

For latest news related to ShowBox and MovieBox apps, head here.

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