Update brings ShowBox back - it's working again, users say

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Update (December 17):

Team Showbox has revealed the most watched show ever since the app started working a couple of weeks back. Details here.

Update (December 15):

The Showbox app is currently surrounded by several rumors and confusions. We take a look at some of the major ones in our latest coverage here. It’s a must read.

Update (December 13):

Showbox is officially back, developers explain what happened. Complete story here.

Update (December 06):

Status is more or less the same as yesterday. Number of users for whom ShowBox is working is now increased, but there’s still a significant number of users who are saying the app is not working for them.

Update (December 05):

We are now mix reports about ShowBox. While some say it’s working, for others, the app is still not working. However, those who say the app is working, are complaining that TV shows still don’t work.

Update (December 05):

ShowBox is reportedly down (not working) again. More info here.

Original story follows:

We kept repeating in our ShowBox coverage so far that until there’s an official announcement, don’t conclude that the Android app is dead. Well, looks like that’s indeed the case – ShowBox may not be dead after all.

Reports are pouring in that the app is again back up and working. According to users, a new update arrived for the app recently (we’re not sure, could be version 5.23) and after it got installed, the app started working again.

That’s certainly good news for fans of the app, many of who didn’t like ShowBox alternatives that currently exist. We’ll be sharing these reports with you in this story, but before that we want to make you aware of some important information related to ShowBox.

ShowBox has been on the receiving end of a legal battle between its creators/distributors and movie studios. The battle culminated recently with websites distributing the app agreeing to show a warning that users of the app may face lawsuit if they are found watching copyright protected content through the app.

And just in case you are wondering how would movie studios know who is using the app, the warning effectively says this info is collected by the app and studios have access to it. We’ve covered all this in detail here, so do take a look.

With all that out of the way, here’s a series of tweets made by users who say the app is up and working. Some users have also shared an apk. Be warned that such apk’s may contain viruses and malware, so make sure to test them (here’s how) before installing. In the end, there’s also a video showing the app in action on a TV.






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