[Updated] MovieBox PRO gains popularity in wake of MovieBox shutdown

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It was around November end when MovieBox, a popular movie/TV show streaming application for iOS, started acting glitchy. In fact, user reports indicated the app was no longer working. Then, shortly after that, the app’s developer reportedly confirmed it’s been shut down.

Sorry, but it seems to me that the app will not work anymore. The team decided to close the iOS project. Thank you for your help you have provided these years

Shortly thereafter, even ShowBox – a similar app, but for Android – also stopped working. However, after a period of uncertainty, it started working again.

While we covered ShowBox in detail (you can refer to our continuously updated page for new ShowBox/MovieBox stories), MovieBox failed to remain in news after whatever happened in November.

That’s, however, not to say users weren’t affected. Take a look:


Of course, as days passed by and MovieBox continued not to work, people started looking for alternatives (ShowBox alternatives here). One alternative that has recently got popular is MovieBox Pro.


So what’s MovieBox Pro? Well, here’s how the developers explain:

The best app to watch movies and tv shows on mobile,there are more than 10000 movies and TV shows

As mentioned on its official website, some of the MovieBox Pro features include:

  • Multi-language subtitle switching
  • Multi-audio switching
  • Free to watch
  • Global high-speed CDN network, no waiting
  • No regional restrictions
  • H265 encoding, saving traffic, higher definition
  • All movies and TVs can be downloaded and cached without any restrictions
  • Updated daily

The FAQ section on the website offers some other details. Like, why MovieBox Pro uses Google account for login.

Because the free version of the app often needs to be reinstalled, we need to use the account system to ensure that users’ favs and play history can be saved. Google Accounts will be store on the mobile phone, no need to log in again, so we use the Google account system

When you are using the app for free, video quality will be 360p and there will be ads. However, there’s also a VIP mode that offers HD, FHD, and 360p quality options and is ad free.

Other features you get in this mode include special certificates on iOS. Here’s how the developer explains it:

We will give the VIP member a special certificate issued IOS app, because a few users, so there will be no frequent reinstall. Please do not share this it publicly


Then there’s Apple TV compatibility in VIP mode as well as high speed. Of course, you need to pay to enable the VIP mode, and payments are currently accepted only through PayPal.

The app requires iOS 11.3 and above to to work properly. If this condition is not met, you may get the error “safari can’t open page because URL is invalid.”

Moving on, there’s no limit on the number of devices on which the MovieBox Pro app is used, but the developer says “based on the principle of fairness, we will limit the abuse of resources and account sharing, and block accounts without prior notice.”

The app is not completely compatible with Apple TV 3. Here’s how the developer explains it:

Because we use the latest H265 encoding, Direct to Airplay need Apple TV 4 generation or 4K or later. If you have an Apple TV 3 generation, you need to use the screen mirror function. Please open Screen Mirror in control center before play, and then click to play

There will also be a TV version of the app, which is scheduled to be released in January 2019.

The developer reveals the MovieBox Pro app doesn’t use a P2P protocol like Bittorrent and Webtorrent as that is considered illegal in many regions around the world. The app is available on iOS as well as Android, and can also be used on PC/Laptop.

Is MovieBox Pro from the MovieBox team?

Well, to be honest, we currently don’t have an answer to this question. Like it’s usually the case, there are speculations and rumors, but no concrete proof based on which we can say a yes or no.

Official or not, there’s a twitter account (@MovieBox_HD) which used to give MovieBox related updates, but there has been no mention of the Pro version by them. So things are up in the air as of now.

What users say about MovieBox Pro?

Well, many users are apparently satisfied with the MovieBox Pro app.


But then there are also those who have questions, doubts or apprehensions when it comes to the Pro version.


Have you been using MovieBox Pro? How has your experience been? Let us know in the comments section below. And for those who aren’t using the app, let us know your reason as well.

PS: Don’t forget to read how using ShowBox (and similar apps) can land users in legal trouble.

Update (January 28)

Did you know you can get MovieBoxPro VIP access for free on iOS? Interested in knowing more, check out our latest story.

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