One Piece chapter 970 is finally officially released today with several clarifications in the raw scan’s English translation. The difference in the official translation is probably due to the expression Oda wants to relay that the scanlators fail to comprehend.

Anyway, this chapter is very exciting and intriguing at the same time. The title itself, “Oden VS Kaido” has been greatly anticipated ever since Oden returned to Wano. But an intriguing part has also been hinted in this chapter. That is Kaido had a spy in Oden’s household.

Shinobu’s name is cleared

For a very long time, poor Shinobu has been pegged as the traitor due to some of her actions. That theory was somehow reinforced in the previous chapter when she was seen eavesdropping at Oden and Orochi’s conversation five years ago.

In One Piece chapter 970 however, this theory is debunked. When Oden finally faced Kaido, Oden was surprised that Kaido was prepared for their attack. Kaido then revealed that he has a spy in Oden’s castle. Since Shinobu never lived in Oden’s castle, her name is cleared as the spy.

Some fans thought that the panel where Oden accused Shinobu of being after his life is proof that she is a traitor. But if we will examine that panel carefully, we would understand that Oden was trying to protect her from the pending execution.

Who is the spy then?

This is where things get very difficult and very sad. A spy had been living under Oden’s roof. The saddest part is that spy must be very close to him as his household mostly if not only includes his family and the Nine Red Scabbards.

We have never seen Oden having any servant in his castle. Even Toki labored with the people. So the spy must be either Toki or one of the Nine Red Scabbards. I know this may sound crazy, but let us look into the possibility by looking back and looking into the future.

The Nine Red Scabbards

So let us first examine the Nine Red Scabbards. All of them joined Oden at a time when Orochi was already carrying out his plan to take the shogunate. So the old had was already in action at this time. Let’s take note of that as we go along.

Kinemon and Denjiro were first to join Oden and we have seen the whole thing so we can say they are clean. Soon after, Ashura Doji submitted himself to Oden. Based on his current status in the present time, it is impossible that he was the spy.

We can also say that Inurashi and Nekomamushi are clean as their clan is a sworn brother of the Kozuki family. Additionally, they sacrificed a great deal for Oden and the Kozuki family, even the safety of their country.

Kawamatsu’s story is tragic and sad. However, I find it odd that he never visited the grave of his mother once. Why in the first place would he and his mother leave Fishman island? Also, one of Kaido’s commanders, Jack, is a Fishman so there might be a connection. However, I do not want to believe he would be a spy.

Next are Kanjuro and Raizo. The only things we know about them are limited. Kanjuro is an artist who steals dead bodies’ hair, fashions them like a paintbrush, and sells them for money. While Raizo was a member of the Kozuki’s Ninja Legion who left because he could not find love. Now that sounds a bit suspicious, but there is also no evidence a=or indication yet that he was the spy.

Next, we have Izo and Kikunojo. Oden saved them from starving to death so I don’t think they would ever think of betraying him. Also, Orochi and Kaido have no leverage whatsoever for the scabbards to betray Oden. That’s their strongest alibi.

Lady Toki

Nobody would like to think Toki would be a spy, but we have to investigate her too for fairness’ sake. As we do so, we may even find something interesting. Actually, I think Toki should be the main suspect, but it’s not something that she would do for selfish reasons. Here’s why.

Before Oden returned to Wano, Toki was hit by an arrow protecting their children. This was a wake-up call for Toki that the enemy is trying to eliminate her children, being the legitimate heir to the shogunate. Then when Oden decided to avenge her, Toki stopped him saying things could get worse if he did so.

It was not a threat, but Toki just wants to keep her children and family safe. That’s what mothers do. This could be Orochi and Kaido’s leverage. Another thing that’s been bothering me a long time, is why Toki would only send Momo and the other scabbards into the future? Why not include Hiyori who is a fragile young girl?

And after Momo and the others were sent to the future, Hiyori was left in Kawamatsu’s care. Also, why would Hiyori confine herself in Ringo, while his brother and the rest are preparing to face Kaido and Orochi in the present time? Could it be that Toki gave Hiyori some final instructions before she died? Maybe some secret final strategy of some kind to win the long-fought war?

Only time and Oda can tell us. But one thing is for sure, all that Toki and Hiyori did, has some good reason behind it. Let’s just wait and find out as the story of Wano country arc progress.

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