One Piece 970 spoilers on Reddit reveals how Kaido defeated Oden

This One Piece article is based on spoilers. Only those interested in spoilers should take a read.

A few days before the official release of One Piece 970 and spoilers are coming in hot. As we all have seen in the previous chapter, Oden finally breaks and finally decided to attack Kaido and Orochi. With the full support of his retainers, Oden marched towards Orochi’s castle where their foes await.

According to spoilers, Oden Faced Kaido alone while the Nine Red Scabbards battle against the rest of Orochi and Kaido’s army. Due to the battle against Moria, Kaido lost the majority of his forces. This was somehow an advantage for Oden and his allies were it not for Kaido’s commanders.

Oden VS Kaido

Orochi and Kaido’s army were small fry for the Nine Red Scabbards. The real challenge were Kaido’s commanders, King, Queen, and Jack. The commanders overwhelmed the scabbards and Ashura even got stabbed in the back. I wonder whether we would see how Denjiro would fight.

Finally, we will see the most anticipated battle of Wano country arc act three. And it seems like Oda-sensei will be generous enough to show it to us. However, this battle might be short-lived due to Orochi’s treachery.

According to spoilers, Oden and Kaido are evenly matched. Does this mean all the rumors saying “if it’s a one-on-one, Kaido would win” a hoax? I mean yes, Kaido is super strong, but it doesn’t mean he is inevitable. The big scars Oden gave him is a piece of evidence, especially now that we learned that Oden faced kaido alone.

How Kaido defeated Oden

During the battle, Oden was probably overpowering Kaido at some point. This was a cue for Orochi to step in and do some tricks. One Piece 970 spoilers reveal that the old hag, Kurozumi Higurashi transformed to look like Momonosuke. One of Kaido’s underling then came with the fake Momonosuke as acting as if to kill Oden’s son.

Naturally, this distracted Oden and he tried to save Momonosuke as he believed it was really him. Because of this, he let his guard down leaving him open for Kaido’s full-blown attack. This leaves Oden catatonic. Kaid then reveals to Oden that if he attacked them five years ago, Oden would have won.

Orochi and Kaido knew they would be defeated by Oden five years ago, so they devised a plan to trick Oden into submission. A huge part of that trick must have been the poisoned arrows shot towards the residents of the flower capital during Oden and Orochi’s meeting.

One Piece 970 sad news

This upcoming chapter brings us a lot of sad news. First is that Oden could have won had he not been tricked by Orochi. Next, we learned that Oden could have won five years ago.

Also, after their upcoming battle, Oden and the Scabbards will be defeated and Oden will be captured. He will be executed in three days. His sentence is death by boiling alive. Who does that? Orochi and Kaido probably want to extract information from Oden that’s why they would prolong his agony.

The saddest news of all is that there will be a break next week. More One Piece 970 spoilers are expected to come soon. The raw scans may even be available today or tomorrow. The official release of One Piece chapter 970 will be on February 3, 2020. Stay updated by following

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