One Piece 969 spoilers release date and Predictions - Moria appears?

This One Piece article is based on spoilers. Only those interested in spoilers should take a read.

The upcoming new chapter is just around the corner and One Piece 969 spoilers are much anticipated. The last three chapters were released so far apart from each other that the upcoming chapter is just too exciting to think about.

Aside from a series of explosive revelations and hints, the backstory of Oden and Wano country is also approaching its conclusion. We are all excited to return to the present timeline, but the next chapter just might give us as much thrill.

Oden VS Kaido

This has been long overdue. Since we learned that Kaido’s iconic scars were caused by Oden and his swords, their epic battle made it to the list of One Piece battles fans are dying to see. Let us hope that Oda-sensei will be so kind as to show their full battle this time. I’m sure fans wouldn’t mind reading a whole chapter for this.

It feels like this would be happening sooner than later, especially when Orochi mentioned Kaido’s name in the previous chapter. Kaido and Orochi’s alliance was freshly forged, and surely Kaido will not sit around while his confidant gets beaten up, especially by a potential threat.

Many theories arise as to what happened to Oden in the five years between his raged attack at the Flower capital and the day of his execution. There are several things that I want to talk about, but I guess the most plausible answer is obvious.

Oden imprisoned

We don’t know when Kaido started to hate the marines so much. But he has been gathering strength in several ways for a long time. Aside from creating an army of devil fruit users, he is also known for turning opponents to allies by breaking their spirits.

Such is the case with Kid and Luffy. However obvious it is to Kaido that the two will probably not yield, he kept them alive in prison. So I am guessing, as many others may have, that after Oden’s fight with Kaido, he is taken prisoner in Udon.

It may also be possible that when Oden was first defeated, he realized he is no match for him and his family’s safety is threatened. This could keep him at bay for a time until he decided to attack again. However, I don’t think Oden is the type to just sit idly around while his country suffers. Likewise, I don’t think Kaido will just let him walk freely around Kuri for five years.

Orochi’s ultimate stratagem

So there you have it. I stand by the possibility that Oden was imprisoned for five years. However, the walking around free theory is also possible and here is the reason why.

Orohi took the title of Shogun by stratagem and a great number of the citizens are not happy with it. So to gain the people’s favor, he devised a plot to turn the people against Oden. Oden’s association with pirates will be Orochi’s bullet against him.

Oden already decided to open the country to the world. It is possible that during the five years he advocated the idea to his people. Naturally, the citizens of Kuri may agree to him as he and his family are beloved by them.

Moria’s appearance will prompt the execution of Oden

Along the way, Orochi may have lured Moria to the country to steal Ryuma’s body and katana. Since he is known as a legend, this would enrage the people and Orochi can easily point the finger of blame to Oden.

This way, Orochi can set a stage where he becomes the hero who saved the country by executing the man who brought about the misfortune. After this, the remaining thing to do is erase Oden’s bloodline and that’s where we see Kaido burning Oden’s castle.

The possibilities are endless. To be sure, we will just have to wait for spoilers and the official release. One Piece chapter 969 is scheduled to be officially released on January 26, 2019. Spoilers are expected two to three days prior.

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