New PewDiePie video is titled 'What is Tik Tok and is it Safe?,' but it lacks safety talk

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Update (January 30):

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Update (January 08):

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Original story follows:

There’s never a dull day for PewDiePie followers as the Youtuber churns out new videos every day. Today, Pewds came up with a video focused on the Tik Tok app – users of which have created a viral ‘hit or miss’ (#tiktoktest) trend.

For those who aren’t aware, Tik Tok – which has close to a billion users worldwide – lets you use songs or audio from any other video as the track for your video. Depending on how cleverly you weave everything, the result – a 15 second clip – can be pretty hilarious.

Here’s an example:

Here’s another one:

PewDiePie’s video is titled What is Tik Tok and is it Safe?. The Swedish YouTuber starts the video by saying he’s trying to address parents’ concerns about the Tik Tok app.

Now, why do parents have concerns about the app? Well, the short answer is the app is primarily being used by teenagers, and as you may agree, anything that attracts kids like a magnet, gets parents worried about its impact on their children.

Of course, several concerns have already been raised over the app, but sadly, PewDiePie’s video only talks about the ‘What is Tik Tok’ part. In fact, all you can see in the video is a bunch of Tik Tok videos being enjoyed by the YouTuber.

The general tone of PewDiePie’s narrative suggests it’s a harmless app. Although he did touch upon a couple of media headlines (including the one that highlighted neo Nazi and white supremacist content on the app), those mentions were seemingly to make a point that media tries to defame any and everything that’s gaining popularity.

Now, I understand the basis of these jokes about media, as I agree a section of media has apparently been unfair to PewDiePie. But my point is if a video title suggests you are talking about safety, then the topic should have been more explicitly and seriously discussed in the video. Much like how Pewds discussed the YouTube Copyright strike/claim policy in one his recent videos.

Anyway, PewDiePie ends the Tik Tok episode by saying “Tik Tok is a Nazi” and terming the app as “blessing in disguise.” To conclude, the video is only a funny take on Tik Tok and how a part of media has been covering the app. So don’t expect any serious talk, especially when it comes to the safety aspect.

Moving on, the video also features Felix giving a friendly shout out to popular makeup artist James Charles, asking followers to tweet the video to Charles. And apparently, many fans did that. Charles even responded to this both on YouTube and Twitter, but for reasons unknown, deleted those comments.

Here’s PewDiePie’s video we talked about in this story:

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